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In: Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

Methyl Arimatest is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by MuscleMeds. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +254
Trust: 100%
  February 9, 2013

So I did one cycle of this product at the end of October 2012 through the first week of December. I had used other Muclemeds products in the past (creatine, bcaa's, glutamine, carnivore) and wanted to try something that had a lot of potential. My weight had been about 217 @ 14% when I started using this product- I had been right around that weight for about a month or two. During the cycle I was consuming about 4000k per day with 250 grams of protein. My main source of protein (other than food) at the time was either Musclemeds Carnivore or Pure Protein's 35 gram can (due to convenience.) I also just started taking MHP's Dark Matter post workout.

By the first week of December I weighed 232lbs. I was probably still about 14% body fat, as I clearly gained both good and bad mass during thanksgiving week. I won't put all the weight gain on this product, but I am sure it contributed to it. Perhaps stacking it with the Dark Matter really helped bring out the best in both products - this may be a stack worth investing in.

During the bulking cycle I was using a 10 second rep technique, which really doesn't allow me to measure strength gains, but I felt stronger when I came off of it. The area where I notice most of my gains was in my legs- which I have had trouble making gains on in the past.

After my cycle ended, I found it hard to stay at 232lbs. I quickly lost weight- some of based upon diet- I dropped down to about 2500-3000k per day. I currently reside around 212-214lbs (My BF has dropped to 12%.) I am looking at staying a little leaner these days and may have gained some water weight during the use of this product.

I would recommend this product, but with all "natural" hormonal affecting products, this may work well for some and not at all for others. Our bodies all have a different chemistry that may react well with one supplement and not at all with another. I say if you have an extra $50 bucks lying around and want to try something new- give MA a chance.
  • Builds Strength
  • Builds Muscle
  • Easy Dosage
  • A Little Pricey
Rep: +21
Trust: 7%
  May 4, 2011

What to say about this product? Well unfortunately I broke my number one rule when it comes to supplements. Research, research, research. And when you're tired of more. I initially was looking for a natural test booster to come make my comeback a little bit easier from an injury and hopefully gain my old numbers back. I got this with my employee discount for about 42 if I remember correctly? So it was on of the cheaper alternatives. I ruled this out over Cellucor's P6 (which I have done in the past), Gaspari's Viridex, and Universal's Animal Stack. Now I know being 21 I'm not going to see as great results from a test booster as someone older in years, which is why the only test boosters I REALLY look for are the ones that cancel out arimatase and DHT. Which as we all know are two nasty components of testosterone usage. I'm not really a huge fan of DHEA, so the B-Sitosterols and DIM appeal to me. Stak lists Saw Palmetto as a DHT blocker, but thats a discussion for another day. ANYWAY to the review.

First this was my stack / workout for the usages.

SciVation Whey
White Flood/M5
Matrix 5.0
Animal Pak
Fish Oil
Dark Matter

Dosage: 2 pills/tabs AM. 2 pills/tabs PM

Diet: high complex carbs and protein for breakfast, 6 meals a day, low sodium, high carbs only pre/post workout and night time shake. Basic proteins of chicken, turkey, tilapia, tuna, and beef. LOTS of veggies. LOTS of fruit and fiber. Very high grocery bills :)

So first off let's look at the compounds of Arimatest, and I think for those this will be a dead give away and hopefully keep you from making the same mistake I did.

First off is the "DiHydrotase" which is a name MuscleMeds came up with because of the little "TM" in the corner. This contains: Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis, Saw Palmetto berry lipid extract from Serenoa repens. Now Astaxanthin is an anti-oxident, which always has positive effects. NOT a confirmed DHT/Arimatase blocker or test booster. Lets keep going. Saw Palmetto is interesting however. Saw Palmetto is mostly used for prostate health and is in sexual perfomance enhancing substances, it is also a suggested test booster or possibly DHT blocker. But why not use something better than Saw Palmetto if it IS a booster???

Next are the Sublingual tablets. The only thing I really enjoyed is the taste of these. Kinda like sweet tarts lol. So not too shabby. The brand name of these is 7-Arimatase Methylated Flavone. Another "TM" name by MuscleMeds. This basically is 7-Methoxyflavone. This is what might appear to the average joe as a test booster. HOWEVER according to and several other sources methoxyhflavone is basically what makes Yep. Its not really researched whether or not it has a test boosting property or an Arimatase/DHT blocker. Correct me if Im wrong please if you read this. No one is abbove correct or learning :) However the 7 in front implies that its altered somehow? So maybe THIS is the key. Who knows?

Well on to the usage. I dosed it two in the morning and two before bed (both supps). At first I was excited to use this product and I felt I had the best workouts ever. Possibly the placebo effect mentioned above? After i researched this product and REALLY learned what it REALLY is...that quickly went away. I did not notice ANY if at all increase in aggression, recovery, or size on this. I very reluctantly finished out this product to see if my results of no effects were consistant. They were. Like i mentioned earlier I had cycled P6 by Cellucor and used that as a comparison. Nothing alike sadly. I enjoyed P6 very much and it has proven Test Boosters and Blockers. Very solid product. With Arimatest I did not get the same aggression or hardness or even strength gains as I did with P6. The only this I probably got was an increase in sugar for my diet...

I can't really say I'd recommend this product. If you're looking for a natural test booster, this probably isnt it. Stick to what you know and what's been proven. I'm not going to say other people don't experience good results because everyone's chemistry is different and reacts differently. I just didn't see anything.

Feel free to comment or post questions or corrections.

God bless and good lifting.
  • Placebo Effect
  • Sublingual Tablets Tasted Like Sweet Tarts
  • A Little Pricey
  • To Expensive
  • Compounds Do Not Really Boost Test
  • Placebo Effect
Rep: +74
Trust: 100%
  February 1, 2011

i finished this test booster awhile back and is my third test booster ive tried along with the Original Arimatest and also Pink Magic
i had good results from the Arimatest so wanted to try this

within the first week of taking it i noticed more aggression in the gym and out of the gym as also my sex Drive went up, couldnt get enough lol
at the gym i was always trying to lift as much as i could and and felt alot more stronger(was also taking N.O explode at the time to though)
my bench went up 20 pounds from 185 to 205 for 7 reps and dead lift went from 200 to 230(like i said i mostly seemed more agressive so that parts a factor)and was also supplementing whey protien,multi vit and PWO

dosage wise only have to take four pills a day with two dissolve tabs a day which i like so it aint alot of pills like animal stack or Pink Magic

price though was like 70 dollars which is really to high for me for a test booster

muscle wise i really didnt gain alot but that mostly has to do with diet and i should have been taking in more protien then i was
i weighd at 176 and was taking in about 120 grams of protien

my personal opinion of this is thats its not going to boost test levels by 10,000 like they clame but its a decent product ,while Pink Magic gave good results to but the methyl Arimatest gave me a better feeling and motivation and didnt make me feel down after the cycle like Pink Magic did me(not sure why pm did that)
  • Builds Strength
  • Good Sex Drive
  • Aggression
  • Easy Dosage
  • To Expensive
  • False Advertised(as In Boosting Test 10
Rep: +1,106
Trust: 100%
  December 3, 2010

hey everyone this is going to be my first review of a test booster so please bare with me. ok first off i like this product, i choose this one over other test boosters as my first because it was a duel formula which sounded pretty cool. but the price wasnt that great.

doseage=7 i put this hear because of the odd way u have to take these. u have to take 2 pills followed buy one of the disolve tablets and u cant drink anything again for 15 min twice a day.

strengh=7 i got a little more strength with this around 10lbs overall average.

cut/fullness=10 ok wow my muscles have felt like there pumped all the time within the last 2 weeks of taking this.

sideeffects=8 ok again i have never taken a test booster but damn starting week 3 i got horny all the time, im getting hair in places i have never had before, and my chest broke out in pimples like never before. i feel like im going through a second puberity.

price=7 this was a little expensive, i got it for 60 bucks on sale and other products are a little cheaper but i wanted to try somthing strong first.

overall i would recommend this product, the doseage is a little annoying and price is high, but i havent felt a change like this in awhile. again this could be all do to the fact that this is my first tbooster.
  • Builds Strength
  • Builds Muscle
  • A Little Pricey
Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  December 7, 2009

Usually during my cutting cycle I lose strength along with my calorie reduction. I started my cutting cycle about 20 days ago and began it using Methyl Arimatest. My strength has been maintained while I have been losing fat. If I wasn't cutting, I believe that I would be experiencing a mass and strength gain. At age 43 you tend to notice fairly quickly if your test is up or down, and I can honestly say my test is way up right now. This is the only estrogen blocker / test booster that I am taking.
  • Builds Strength
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Not Readily Available In Stores

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