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Can i get any side effects later?

March 19, 2017


Rep: +1,816
Posted March 19, 2017

this is a beef protein so the only side effects you may experience would be maybe some bloating and gas.
Rep: +5,348
Posted March 19, 2017

Potential side effects could include foul taste, but really make sure you drink plenty of water and follow the directions indicated on the label.
Rep: +1,388
Posted March 19, 2017

No side effects to worry about other then potential gas or bloating as mentioned already. Any reason for choosing a beef protein?
Rep: +2,420
Posted March 19, 2017

As Kalans said the biggest side effect with Carnivore is the taste.
Rep: +1,742
Posted March 20, 2017

What kind of side effects are you worried about? This is a protein supplement, which is using beef instead of whey. Although I agree with the above comments as the taste isn't the best.
Rep: +321
Posted March 20, 2017

I wouldn't think so unless you are sensitive to a certain ingredient
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