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Amino Acids > BCAA/EAA

Amino Decanate is a BCAA manufactured by MuscleMeds. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

See all 123 products in:
Amino Acids > BCAA/EAA


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +17
Trust: 17%
  August 24, 2012

Taste: (10/10)
Taste was awesome. I got the watermelon and it was the best tasting supplement I have ever had. I could drink this stuff religously every day.
Effectiveness: (7/10)
Effectiveness was okay. I used USPLabs Modern BCAAs and that worked a little bit better. Amino Decanate was good enough. I was squatting mad heavy yesterday, and today I definately notice less soreness on my legs. But with Modern BCAAs, it was more noticeable.
Value: (6/10)
It cost me 30 bucks at my local Vitamin Shoppe. I only use this stuff like once a week cause of squatting. I use 2 scoops, cause one doesn't really work for me. Value is okay, I guess, but if I was using it 3 or 4 times a week, I'd get something bigger for the same price (Modern BCAAs).
Overall (7/10):
This stuff is good enough, but like I said try to get something bigger for around the same price cause it's definately possible. If you plan on using this stuff everyday, then get 2 or 3 tubs (pricey) or something cheaper.
  • Anti-catabolic
  • Great Taste
  • More Servings!
Rep: +89
Trust: 100%
  December 13, 2011

I ADORE this product. Got a few samples in and started with the watermelon. That was horrible, but the lemon lime is GREAT. I've reccomended it to many people and now see multiple people in my gym rockin' it.

Overall: I will absolutely continue taking this product.

Effectiveness: I felt a pretty good energy throughout my workout with it and felt a lot more "solid" after my first container

Value: Kind of pricey, (over $1 at my store) but if you get it a little cheaper very worth it
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Anti-catabolic
  • Would Like A Bigger Container
Rep: +15
Trust: 22%
  August 19, 2011

Working as a sales associate for GNC I am able to get first hand insight on every supplement that goes thru our inventory, and over the past year, the Amino Acid category has been booming- and for good reason. Aminos are proven effective and should be used by any and everyone regardless of goals and experience. They are anti-catabolic, they help reduce DOMS from strenuous training, and maintain proper Ph levels in the muscle cell. Of the 20 total Aminos, The most important are BCAA's (leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)for maintaining anabolic state, L-Glutamine to repair damaged muscle fibers, and L-Arginine for vasodilation- this product offers a great ratio of 10:1:1 (5000gr BCAA/5000gr Glut) and they are in a micronized form for advanced absorbsion. Retail price is 39.99 but pick up during Gold Card plus BOGO 50% off and its a good deal... I tried the Watermelon and found that it was easily drinkable, and this can also be added to several other powder mixes- Example on heavy leg day I mixed 1 scoop of Amino Decanate w/ 2 scoops C4 preworkout, and threw another scoop and half in with a large Gatorade for fast carbs during 90 min workout(Carbs from G2 also helps Drive the BCAA's into the cell by Boosting IGF-1)Back squatted up to 535lb X5 and fronts up to 405X6- next day i was sore but still able to walk so its apparent that my recovery was phenomanol.! overall i was very pleased w this product and recommend this and Xtend as top Amino products. There are 5 critical times one can use BCAA products; Immed upon waking, Pre, During, Post-workout and before bed.. If strictly dieting can be used btwn small meals to avoid catabolism (muscle wasting) at any time. Thanks for reading!
  • Builds Muscle
  • Anti-catabolic
    Rep: +1,106
    Trust: 100%
      June 23, 2011

    hey everyone another muscle meds review. I really like this company (mhp's sister). I have taken 4 other products and have enjoyed them all. even their test booster is my favorite. so far Xtend has been the best intra workout supplement so far. so lets see how this ranks.

    price=9 this was pretty good, i got this for 20 bucks at their warehouse but it goes for like 25 online which is average. but like most it didnt last me a whole month.

    profile=9 everything looks good here. im not crazy about the 10:1:1 ratio but it has 5g of bcaas, 5g of glutamine and 500mg of assorted Aminos which arginine tops. the only reason this didnt get a ten was the lack of citrilane malate. but with no prob blend and only 1.5g of filler per serving is great.

    taste=6 this really needed some getting used to. i had the watermelon flavor and it was really chalky and very foamy. you really had to play around with the water to get the right taste.

    effective=10 no matter what my complaints are, this worked. i almost didnt have any soreness but you still felt your muscles tightend the day after you worked them.

    mixability=7 again this got foamy, i needed to use my 25oz cup of water so this could mix correctly.

    I would recommend this. even though i still think Xtend is better its only by a slim margin. once you get past the taste and the mixing you have a really good product that works.
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Bad Taste

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