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Mass4 is a Prohormone manufactured by Muscle1, Inc.. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Muscle1, Inc. for sending it out!
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  September 23, 2017

  • Heightened Libido
  • Pumps
  • Prevents Lethargy
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Far Too Expensive
  • Not Widely Available


Another special thanks to Muscle1 for their support here on Also, an apology for the tardiness of this and the one other review that is pending. Mass4 is a prohormone designed to help increase muscle gains while also helping to maintain libido and alpha drive either using it solo or as part of a suppressive ph cycle along another compound. When we use most prohormones or aas gear, test production becomes suppressed, leaving libido shot and the body gripped with lethargy. That's when we utilize either testosterone itself or a compound that converts into testosterone (or DHT) once in the body.

I used Mass4 as a test base during my cycle with Muscle1's Strength1, combined with P-Cycle 7. So let's see how well it worked.

Ingredient Profile

The main ingredient is 4-andro (4-dhea) dosed at 100mg per capsule. 4-Andro is an anabolic compound that converts into testosterone through a two step conversion process once ingested. Being non-methylated it is safer on the liver and its side effects are relatively low in comparison to other products provided good general cycle support is used. The conversion into testerone helps keep libido and energy up while natural test production is suppressed. This can potentially also compliment gains as well since the testosterone will help keep the environment in an anabolic state.

One drawback with 4-andro is that it is vulnerable to aromatization once it converts into testosterone since test itself is aromatizable. If precautions are not taken, this can cause estrogen related side effects including bloating and Gyno development. it is for this reason why an aromatase inhibitor is strongly advised.

The dosage range orally is roughly 300-500mg.

The second half of the profile is once again, Muscle1's Elite Peak Intake Complex. In Mass4, it is dosed at 600mg per capsule and contains the ingredients I mentioned in my P-Cycle7 review; Grapefruit extract, DHB, and piperine. As discussed before these ingredients improve absorption and bioavailability.


Muscle1 was kind enough to send me an additional bottle of both Mass4 and Strength1 after realizing my cycle layout, giving me an ample amount for a high dose cycle. I took 4 caps a day spread roughly 4 hours apart with meals, coupled with a capsule dose of P-Cylce7 and Strength1. Since I only took 3 caps of P-Cycle7, the 4th and final dose was coupled only with a dose of Strength1. 4-andro's half life is on the lower side so spreading dosages is strongly advised.


As I mentioned in the intro, I used Mass4 primarily as a test base to help keep my libido and energy levels up since Strength1's 1-andro is known to have some degree of suppression and cause libdio loss and lethargy.

Mass4 did a superb job in both areas. My libido was kept high and the alpha gears were kept in grinding mode. I had no difficulties getting Mr. Johnson to clock in on the job anytime he was called into "work".

I had very little to no lethargy and my energy levels were well maintained. I never had any run down or boggy feeling nor did I have difficulties getting through my workouts.

Mass4 also helped compliment some additional strength and mass gains that were accompanied by the anabolic action of Stregnth1. My physique felt fuller and I had some great pumps and vascularity going on. While Mass4 is typically considered "wet", thanks to the Strength1 and P-Cycle7, the gains were kept dry for the most part with very little wetness or bloating.


This is where the cons bomb explodes. A bottle of Mass4 will set you back 90 big ones. If you run it at a higher dose like I did (400mg+) you'll need two bottles for a full for week cycle. That will cost 180 dollars, not including shipping if any......Yikes!!! In contrast, if you are contempt with a lower dose of two caps, the bottle will last for a full month. Still, at 90 dollars bottle, this will prove to be a very expensive investment. Mass4 is effective, but it's value at that price is simply unfavorable.

Side Effects

Again, you'll need estrogen blocking support with this compound in order to avoid related side effects. Other than that, the only side effect I had was an occasional acne flare, but nothing good hygiene didn't fix.


Mass4 is a great and effective prohormone to help heighten your libido, prevent lethargy, increase energy, and give additional mass and strength gains with intensive training and diet. Be sure to use an AI and try to catch a sale on Muscle1's website for this product, because at the current price, the value is going to be a wallet destroyer.





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