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ZMA Max Reviews

By: Muscle Pharm

  March 18, 2013

    • Not Effective
    I haven't reviewed anything in a while due to trying out new products to review for the site. Today, I'm starting with Muscle Pharm's ZMA Max.

    I'm going to keep this one simple, no need for a rating system. ZMA is often used as a sleep aid to help promote a more restful state of sleep and other benefits. This was the first ZMA product I used and I honestly believe ZMA supplements are a waste of money.

    This product got me to sleep...because I was tired. At no point did I think this product made me sleep more. I was still up in the night and woke up no problems the next day.

    At first, I thought the product was "working" but that was placebo. Towards the end of the bottle, I was just getting annoyed that I bought the product. Another downside is that when I upped the dosing to two caps, that made my restfullness worse. I found myself waking up alot in the night and sleeping very awkwardly.

    Don't waste your money on ZMA guys. No one should be defficient in zinc or magnesium, two of the main ingredients. I believe ZMA to be a gimmick. Maybe it's just me, you can see for your self.


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