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Assault is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Muscle Pharm. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +71
Trust: 80%
  February 25, 2016


Hey guys I am still fairly new at this so feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! Please, if you feel its necessary to hit the thumbs down
button, please, leave a comment as to why, so I can remedy the issue.

With that being said, let's get into the review. I hope this provides a little different insight from other reviewers. Overall the product was pretty bad. I was met with sub-par taste, lack of effectiveness, and some glaring side-effects. Read on for the full details.

Ingredient Profile

The absolute best thing about the ingredient profile here is that they actually tell you how much of (mostly) everything you're getting in your PWO. So, kudos to the guys at MP on the label. Most companies forego this practice all together and it is the most frustrating thing in the world to the point that I won't buy a lot of supplements if I don't have some amounts recorded.

Now, specifics on the ingredient profile. You're going to get your normal dose of the basics Vitamins, B and C, Calcium, Potassium, etc.

One interesting addition to this PWO is the use of Cinnulin PF (Copyright) which is normally used in diabetic patients to help control their insulin levels. It is actually extracted from the bark of a tree that we get cinnamon from. It's part of the "Cellular Transport & Insulin Activator" Complex which also has dextrose, glycine, and ribose.

The next complex they add is their "Athlete Performance Blend" which is kind of questionable. The biggest red flag I saw was the BCAA Nitrate complex that has a 3:1:2 ratio. I'm not sure what the deal is with this ratio. Normally you will see a 2:1:1 (which is what I Dr. Stoppani suggests in a article) or a 4:1:1 ratio. (The ratio is L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine) Take it for what it's worth but it seems a little suspicious for me.

I do have to say the Hydration Complex was pretty impressive with the glutamine and taurine additions. This should help with cellular and body hydration as well as, both are key components of Protein Synthesis.

The last head scratcher is all of the extra additives that are unnecessary. I don't need artificial flavors. I certainly don't need Red Beet Juice Powder (for color)... I mean...what?! Why would I care what color my powder is. That's just something else to take away from my desired effect. Finally they have some other artificial sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium.)


The taste was ok. I mean it definitely was not the worst PWO I have ever tasted but it is also not the best. It kind of had a lingering aftertaste and tasted like there was a lot of artificial sweeteners in an attempt to mask the other tastes. Take it for what it's worth because I have read other reviews on here where people said it was the best tasting drink they have ever had. Taste buds are all different but it did not match up to mine.


The effectiveness just was. not. there. I can usually deal with taste not being great and I can even deal with some minor side effects like having to go to the restroom SOMETIMES or the tingling sensation, but if the effectiveness is not present it is obviously not worth it!

When I say that the effectiveness was not there I mean that I had no energy what-so-ever. I was still yawning during my lifts. I had no pump during or after my workouts. I was not able to focus any better than normal. There were even some days that I still get very weak. Now, I understand that you're not going to enter the gym and feel like the Hulk everyday, but that is part of the function of the PWO is to help pick you up on those "off" days.

The label is a complete lie. It actually says:
Explosive Energy - The only exploding energy I had was coming out of my backside about 45 minutes after my lifts
Enhances: Focus, Power, & Pumps - This couldn't be further from the truth. I had no focus, power, or pump
Free of fillers & Artificial Dyes - It may be free of artificial DYES but not of artificial SWEETENERS which I would consider a filler


Hands down this is the best and possibly only positive of this product. I assume now because everybody seems to be trying to get rid of the stuff, but everywhere I've looked now is coming in at $14-$20 which is around $0.60/serving. For a pre-workout that's phenomenal, but it also depends on if you're basing this off of purely how many servings you get or how many quality servings you get. If you're going for quality - it's just not here.

Side Effects

As everybody else has stated below this stuff wreaks havoc on your insides. When I started taking it I had to go to the bathroom a few times after my workout which was not a huge deal because normally this is when my body is adjusting to the new stimulant I am putting into it. However, after a couple of weeks of being on this stuff I was quickly finding out that it wasn't just a body adjustment. Everyday like clockwork I would have to get up and leave class about 10-15 minutes into starting. This equated to about 45 minutes after my workout had ended. It got so bad I was called out for leaving so much. I finally ended up biting the bullet and taking the stuff back. I have only done that twice and the other was with GAT nitraflex which made my heart feel like it was going to explode, but we'll save that for another review.

Other than the regular intestine clean out I would sometimes get head aches while on the Assault.


In conclusion, I would not recommend this product to anybody. In fact, I would advise everybody to stay as far away as possible. I hate writing such negative reviews but this warrants every word.

  • Good Value
  • Weak Energy
  • Upset Stomach
  • Had Me Running To The Restrooms
  • Not Enough Pump
Rep: +59
Trust: 10%
  September 10, 2015

*Introduction ----
What's up SR, I'm back with another review. I've been training off and on for ten plus years. While taking this prodcut my goal was to bulk or to add lean mass. This product was given to me by a friend so I gave it a try. For me, this product did not do much with just one scoop. I had to up the dose to get any effect, and when I did the side effects were so strong that it nullified the good effects.
*Ingredient Profile
A few thing stood out to me here. I liked that it has 2000 mg of Carnosyn beta-alanine. But I must say it didn't feel like it until I upped the dose. I also liked that it had creatine nitrate and BCAA's.Taking this product on an empty stomach probably did not help with the stomach problems that I had from this. Creatine can do this if taken on an empty stomach. The ingredient profile actually looks good on paper, but I just did not feel the effects that i would if I were on another product with a similar profile.
I took anywhere from 1-3 scoops with water 30 minutes before workout. I ate usually ate somehing one or more hours before taking this product. I do not reccommend taking more than 1.5 scoops though, I will explain why in the next section. Also, the taste was pretty bad. Must have had something to do with the bark extract. I used the watermelon flavor.
*Effectiveness/Side Effects

I did one scoop the first few times I used this product and felt virtually nothing. I eventually upped my dose to one and a half scoops and felt a small effect. I felt slightly more focused and had a slight tingly feeling from the beta-alanine but still nothing special. I eventually used two scoops and I definitely noticed some effects. I was hyper-stimulated. I had a big wave of energy running through my body. I also felt a mild pump. The problem was that I was also feeling very bloated which made me feel sluggish. Mentally I was stimulated and had energy but physically my stomach was upset. I also felt the beta-alanine too strongly. I felt really hot and itchy. It almost felt like I had a rash. Also, I was so stimulated I was anxious and almost paranoid. With all this combined, the negative side-effects outwieghed the good. These side-effects plagued me and made it difficult to perform at my peak level.
25$ for 30 servings isn't bad. But if you have to up the dose like I did the value drops.
When I took too little there was no effect. When I took an effective dose the side effects outweighed the benefits. Based on my experience, I do not recommend this product. Get something that is cleaner and doesn't taste bad.
  • Ingredients
  • Good Energy When Does Is Increased
  • Upset Stomach
  • Not Enough Pump
  • Bad Taste
  • Underdosed
  • Doesn't Live Up To Claims
  • Watermelon: 4/10
Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  September 24, 2014

I run through some pre-workouts since i started training to be fireman, three years ago. I loved HemoRage (the old one), then i tried grenade (c50), crazy, 1m.r., animal rage, nano vapor, neurocore, and two or three more. This last year i found assault, i finished two containers. I used pre workouts early in the morning (7:30am) after breakfast (7am), training 8 am, first part of the training was aerobic, second, strength, five days a week.

Comparing Assault with (i thing in this type of products it is necessary a comparison in order to understand why this or that, each body is a world so this can be applied to my experience only, which i want to share):

- Grenade: more material to mix, bad taste, not nice digestion, crush after the effect disappear. In order to sustain lactic training like 6x400m/3´, Grenade wins. Not for the other things. (finish the bag)

- Crazy: i found better effects with crazy but, i sweat more, more thirsty, cramps after running -it made run faster than ever-, sometimes i feel i was going to faint before training begins. I didn´t feel healthy the days I use it. So Assault wins on healthiness feeling. (didn´t finish a container).

- 1mr: less stuff to mix, good effects, lot of energy to finish the trainings, but i crush after the effects disappear. I felt angry during training after a week using it. With assault i feel in a good mood and not crush. (finish the container).

- Animal rage: it only stings my head. (didn´t last a week).

- Nano vapor: need to much stuff to feel the effect, more than with assault. In order to go to the gym it was ok, but not for aerobic training. (didn´t finish the container)

- Neurocore: bad taste, bad digestion, feel nothing during training (didn´t last a week).

In resume, with Assault had energy for the intense aerobic training and to continue with the strength training after the running sets. Didn´t crush and able to study after training, do not need a nap.

I think it is not a top ten, but fits ok for every kind of training even if you have to mix different kind of works in a season. If i do not find anything better this is going to be my safe bet again.

Hopping to be helpful.
Rep: +39
Trust: 62%
  February 2, 2014

I use to use MP's old Assault as my primary preworkout around first half of 2012. I picked up a bunch from the Olympia show, they were doing cash deals for $20 each! Well it was $25, but I negotiated for a volume deal ha. Now on to the actual performance.

Old Assault, I took the half scoop, never full. The old assault, they stated on the label exactly what you're getting with a dose. 4g of beta alanine, 5g creatine, etc. New Assault, you have no idea...

Regarding pump, endurance and jitters, I loved that you got the energy boost and extra set in that you expect off a pre-workout, without the crazy jitters a lot of pres have. I could easily push weight for an hour no problemo.

New Assault, I get a slight flush even at half the dosage. I've read other people's review that it may have something do with the niacin. I also read that MP was actually losing money despite being one of the fastest growing supp companies in America. You'll notice that they removed Con-cret, rhodiola rosea(cheaper beet substitute), AstraGin and few other ingredients with the new formula, which I assume was a cost cutting move. If you bring the old Assault back MP, I'm with you 100%.
  • Good Value
  • Not Enough Pump
  • Flushing
Rep: +62
Trust: 74%
  November 16, 2013

This pre-workout is one of the better known ones. Muscle Pharm is a well-known company. It is usually comparable to C4, Jack3d, and a few others.

Price: 8/10
It is usually around $1 per serving. There are different size bottles and the more servings you get the less you pay per serving. Fairly inexpensive PWO. Can't really complain about the price too much.

Mixability: 8/10
It mixed fairly well. There was no grainy taste at the bottom or anything left over. I will say that the scoops are huge though. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's a lot of powder.

Taste: 7/10
The taste was pretty decent. I had the Blue Raspberry. It tasted like what one would expect from a Blue Raspberry PWO. Nothing excitingly tasty, but enjoyable.

Energy: 6/10
This is where it lost me. The energy didn't really do it for me. It was a clean increase in energy, but the energy was only slight. I guess you could say it got me off the couch to go, but didn't give me the powerful energy that most are looking for. It felt like it was missing something. I felt the energy from the caffeine, but didn't feel a strength or focus increase. It was almost if I had drank a cup of coffee and nothing else. I could somehow tell that I was getting the energy primarily from caffeine.

Ingredient profile: 7/10
Caffeine is listed at 150mg, which is slightly above average for one scoop of a PWO. It does have a good amount of B vitamins, vitamin C, and calcium, which I think is a plus. It does have creatine, which I also like. Beta-alinine is listed in 'ATP Amplifier' and is another well-liked ingredient.

Value: 8/10
The value is pretty good. You can probably get away with using one scoop, especially if you aren't stim-tolerant. At $1 per scoop it is pretty good.

Overall: 6.5/10
This is another average, middle-of-the-road, pre-workout. There is nothing overly great about it. I may recommend it to someone that is just getting into PWOs, but for the advanced stim junkie I would stay away.
  • Great Taste
  • Good Value
  • Great Endurance
  • Weak Energy
  • Not Enough Pump
Rep: +21
Trust: 4%
  October 21, 2013

This may be my first review, but I've tried my fair share of pre-workouts (Jack3D, Mesomorph, GreenMag, 1M.R, NO-Xplode, Alphamine .. etc) - and I have 6 years of training under my belt including regional powerlifting competitions.

Now then let's move onto the review.

Assault is THE most overhyped supplement I've ever seen/tried...and that's saying a lot. The ingredient profile looked great. Everybody was worshipping it. MusclePharm was even voted BRAND OF THE YEAR by So I was thinking: wow I could be onto a winner here. So I bought a tub off of

What a mistake.

==TASTE: 6/10 - Rasberry Lemonade==
Not too bad, a bit too sweet for my taste buds. But adding enough water sorts that out. Definitely not the worst tasting preWorkout I've tried.

==MIXABILITY: 7/10==
A bit of residue. Acceptable overall.

The only thing you will be ASSAULTing after taking this, is the nearest toilet. Guaranteed within 5-10mins, you will empty your intestine. In summary, it offered absolutely no benefit at all! I was very disappointed by this product.
--->Energy: 0/10 - No Effect
--->Pump: 0/10 - No Effect
--->Endurance: 0/10 - No Effect
--->Strength: 0/10 - No Effect
--->*Bonus* = You will have an empty intestine.
Honestly, I have NO IDEA how people were getting all these amazing effects 'builds muscle', 'nice pump'..etc. Despite the ingredient profile, this was an absolutely useless - in every single way. Just a nice tasting, fast acting laxative.

==VALUE: 0/10==
Money flushed down the toilet. Literally.

In summary, MusclePharm have lost a lot of credibility in my eyes.
    • Too Expensive
    • Upset Stomach
    • Had Me Running To The Restrooms
    • Lots Of Artificial Sweeteners
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      September 13, 2013

    The only reason why I bought Assault, was actually because it was on sale. Not that it means anything, but in the end I was just curious and thought "what the hell, why not"

    What is it?
    Assault is a pre-workout mix, designed to give you an extra boost/pump during your training. Like many pre-workouts, it contains creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA's & citruline malate.

    Directions are to mix 1/2 scoop (23 gr) with 12-14 oz. of water. Well, the "scoop" is the size of a protein scoop, and looks out of proportion with the tub! After reading some comments about the product, quite a few people actually only use half a scoop, and that sounds like some good advice. Just don't understand why a company puts 1/2 a scoop as a serving size on a label anyway.
    Take it 20-30 mins. before your workout.

    The test

    Flavor: Since it was a sale, only 1 flavor as available; Raspberry Lemonade. It tastes like raspberry, but holy ***, this stuff is sweet!
    To start off, I mixed half the scoop with about 12oz. (as directed) and it was like being punched in the face with raspberry candy, as if this whole page was crammed into your shaker bottle.

    Mixing: It mixes very easily, just in a shaker bottle, no lumps, etc.


    The first time the effect was perhaps comprimised, because shortly before I had a Quest bar and a boiled egg. Did however feel a bit more focused as usual, but this could also have been a placebo effect.
    No tingling from the beta-alanine, but could be because the dosage of beta-alanine is cut in half of course.

    Second time I decided not to eat anything before and just have Assault. I actually used the scoop from their other product, Amino 1, which is 14 grams. Mixed it with more water, about 20oz. Still crazy sweet, but that could be personal. Again no tingles, and the same feeling as before, focused and good energy.

    Since I didn't want to leave it at that, third time was a full (!) scoop (so 46gr), mixed with 20oz. of water. First of all, getting the 20oz in before training was a huge job, there was no way I could chug down the the whole mix 20-30 mins before the workout, so I started about 1-1,5hrs. before. Again, not a real noticeable effect, had good energy and consistency throughout. Also, no tingles. Perhaps the mix was too diluted and dispersed over too much time.

    Ok, fourth and last test. This time, the full scoop, mixed in 12oz. of water.... Since the mix was very concentrated, it kinda looked like Pepto-Bismol (or a very bad Cosmopolitan). Chugged it down about 30 mins before the workout like a badass, but it wasn't easy.
    Sure, I was focused and ready to go, but honestly, I'm always focused and ready to go with my workouts. And still, no tingles from the beta-alanine. Not that I wanted them, but was expecting them at least.

    To conclude
    Honestly, I'm still not sure, but I didn't want to ramble on for many more tests. It was a tough week.
    The thing that I find most difficult, is figuring out what you really get per scoop, whether is half or whole. Plus, listing the ingredients as a blend, kind of throws a veil over how much is in it of what.
    The effects were a bit disappointing. Sure, everyone is different, but after reading the reviews, I was expecting to bike to my gym in like 7 seconds and do 3 WOD's in a row. Ok, not really, but you get the point.
    It couldn't have been because of my size, since I'm a 5'11", 140lb female.
    On top of it all, this stuff is just way too sweet for my taste, they would do me a favor in cutting down the sucralose here. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

    • Ingredients
    • Too Sweet
    • Not A Noticeable Difference
    Rep: +68
    Trust: 62%
      August 25, 2013

    Disclaimer: This review is on the Assault with the 23g serving size. They have since reformulated into a new serving size of 14.5g and made several ingredient changes.

    Hi guys. If you look at my reviews, my first review was on Complete Nutrition Buzzerk Raspberry Lemonade. That product was fairly solid but nothing really stood out in the performance category. But afterwards, I went on a search for a different preworkout "matrix," one that combines your typical preworkout, BCAAs, and some carbs and electrolytes to fuel your workout. That brought me to MusclePharm Assault. Also Complete Nutrition is expensive as balls, and Assault was on sale for 50 bucks, 120 servings. How could a guy say no?

    This product was overall very effective. I had no problems experiencing solid pumps and energy. The energy lasted a bit too long in the evening, however, and sometimes would affect my sleep. Nothing against the product, more like a testament to its potency. Now I realized what I was missing with Buzzerk.

    So why the 6 stars if effectiveness and value are both 8s? I docked one point off for the taste. It is neither raspberry nor lemonade. It tastes sorta cough syrupy, and the "lemonade" flavor is strictly just sourness. As weak as my Buzzerk was, the taste was pretty damn good. Usually I'm not a huge stickler for taste, but if you're going to make a 23g serving and throw it in a 3lb tub, I'd expect for it to be more palatable.

    The second point I took off was because of its "proprietary blend." The ingredients are listed, and nothing else about them is mentioned. I'd at least like to know how much creatine and caffeine is in what I'm taking. The product was nonetheless effective, but I'm a supporter of transparency. Other reviewers below have also questioned how much of the creatine blend is actually Con-Cret, and so on and so forth. The new formula does a much better job on the label, so I would not hold it against them now.

    All in all, a highly effective preworkout! Unfortunately I could not wait to get through it for the reasons of taste.
    • Nice Pump
    • Good Value
    • Artificial Taste
    Rep: +13
    Trust: 0%
      August 15, 2013

    This is my first review, so sorry if it is a bad read/incoherent.
    The first PWO I tried was Dymatize Xpand about 8 years ago. Now, after a 2 year injury lay-off (rugby) I had to make up for lost time and gain strength, mass and weight in a shorter time than usual. So I figured why not let a PWO direct me in the right way. I browsed the net, saw some Top-10 lists and bought MP Assault. I bought it for about €35,-- (approx $50,--).

    TASTE: 9/10. It actually tasted very good, so good that I would almost drink it as a normal beverage. It mixed well, only a slight residue at the bottom sometimes. But actually I don't really care about the taste, if it works well the taste is nog important imo.

    PUMP: 7/10
    ENERGY/FOCUS: 9/10

    Pump, well, I train to get stronger and gain mass. So pump doesn't bother me too much. I train at home as well so nobody to show off to (apart from my missus and cats). I feel that if I train hard I will get a pump irrespective if I use a PWO. I train harder with Assault so might get a bigger pump, hence the 7/10.

    Effectiveness was awesome! The first time I took half a scoop about 20/25 minutes before training and after 10 minutes I started to feel energized, slight tingles en I started to move on the couch. I really had to hold myself back to sit out the 20/25 minutes. When I went to my 'gym' I really felt like assaulting the sh** out of my iron! I trained better than I could have dreamed off. I had loads of energy througout my 65 mins of weightlifting and after that did a 10 mins heavy core session. Everytime when I thought 'I cant go anymore' my body just kept going.

    VALUE: 8/10. Sometimes I read people rate a product less because it cost them a dollar a day. Well, if you train like a beast because of that supp, a dollar a day is a bargain I reckon. So 35 Euro's was money well spent!

    OVERALL: 9/10. I just loved it! Two small downsides; the first 3 or 4 times I had to crap after about 10/15 minutes I hardly drink coffee...) and the other 'downside' is that I think I am going to have a hard time finding a better product. I love shopping around and try new products, but I'd be selling myself short I feel. Anyways, I am halfway through a tub of Hemo Rage, which is quit stimulating as well!

    Final notes: it lives up to its name, I gained about 4 kgs of musclemass in 6 weeks. I actually shed some fat as well so might be more muscle than that.
    Could lift heavier weights and no crash afterwards.

    Try it!
    • Great Taste
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Great Endurance
    • Tunnel Vision
    • Had Me Running To The Restrooms
    Rep: +96
    Trust: 100%
      July 27, 2013

    I have friends who think this product is incredible, but for me? Almost completely ineffective. I bought this product after really enjoying my first two weeks of MusclePharm's Combat Powder, and for me it was a waste of money. I tried 1/2-2 scoops pre-WO and 1 scoop pre-WO with 1 scoop intra-WO. I tried both of those fasted and non-fasted. Went through a 60 serving tub during about three months.

    Taste: B
    I bought the Raspberry Lemonade flavor and I have no idea how to describe it. It was more of a chemical taste than a Raspberry Lemonade taste. Not terribly unpleasant, but not really enjoyable either.

    Mix: B
    Mixed reasonably well but required a lot of water, for me, more than the recommended amount, and it left a weird powder at the bottom of the bottle.

    Effectiveness: F/B/C
    Pump - I didn't get any kind of pump from this product.

    Energy - I felt very little of an energy rush, but when used intra-WO I had slight higher endurance than without this product.

    Focus - Very little extra focus, though I guess higher endurance meant I could focus more.

    Price: B
    I bought the 60 serving tub for $49.99. Steep for a college kid, but reasonable compared to C4 and Jack3d.

    Sides: C
    Sometimes this product made me nauseous, and even though I felt little extra energy from this product I became badly addicted and had little energy on days I didn't take Assault.

    Overall: D
    I won't touch Assault again. I just might try the new formula, but I don't plan on really touching Assault again. I guess this just wasn't my kick.

    This is my second review, so I appreciate comments and tips.
      • Addicticing
      • Weak Energy
      • Upset Stomach
      • Not Enough Pump

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