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Arnold Iron CRE3 has been reported as discontinued.

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Arnold Iron CRE3 Reviews

By: Muscle Pharm

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Arnold Iron CRE3 is a Creatine Blend manufactured by Muscle Pharm. It features multiple forms of creatines to take advantage of the various features of the different creatines. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

Arnold Iron CRE3 has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Creatine > Blends


Only 2 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  May 20, 2014

  • Good Taste
  • Good Value
  • Filmy Texture
The week leading up to this year's Arnold Classic MusclePharm was doing contests on their face book page to win different products in the new Arnold series. I was fortunate enough to win one of their products. I was rather shocked when I won this because of how many people entered these contests they do. They told me it would take about 4 weeks to get this and that is about how long it took before I got it. I want to give a big shout out to MusclePharm for letting me try this product. Been interested in wanting to try this new product line but after seeing the ingredient profile for most of their products I was a bit disappointed with how they looked. This product did surprise me a bit at how it worked.

Calories 5
Total Carbohydrate 1g
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 500mg
Calcium (as Calcium Silicate) 18mg
Creatine Nitrate 1000mg
Vitamin E Blend 500IU
HydraFuel Matrix 800mg
Proprietary Blends
Vitamin E Blend
(as dl Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, mixed tocopherols including gamma, delta, beta tocopherols)
HydraFuel Matrix
Taurine, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Water Powder, L-Glutamine

Other Ingredients:
Natural & Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Natural Blue Colors (Fruit Juice Concentrate, Gum Arabic Citric Acid, Tricalcium Phosphate), Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium.

The approach to this creatine product is a bit different compared to most creatine products. This has creatine Nitrates in here along with a few other added goodies which I liked. The ingredient profile I did not think was to bad in this product. Seemed to be dosed all right but maybe could add just a little more in some ingredients to make it a little better.

Iron CRE3 is a super creatine nitrate formula designed for maximum creatine uptake into muscle tissue, yielding incredible gains in strength and size. This cutting-edge breakthrough in creatine delivery promotes rapid absorption and require no creatine loading.

Most sites are selling this in the low $20-$25 range I have noticed. The label says to take one scoop before workout and after. I only did one scoop before workout since I was getting other creatine in my other products I was taking. If you can get by with only one scoop than the value of this is not to bad. If you are doing a scoop before and after than the value of this really drops for me. I would say if your having to take two scoops each workout than they should be making a larger size container with at least 60 servings. I do think there are some better options on other creatine out there that I think are better and better value wise also.

I was sent the Blue Razz flavor. I enjoyed this flavor. It had no real sweet or tart taste to it which was nice. I did notice it had a little bit of a chemical after taste to it but it was nothing real bad. I also notice it left kind of a filmy texture in your month after you drank it. The taste of this at first was kind of different but after awhile I started to like it a lot more.

For the most part this seemed to mix up pretty well. When mixed it had a light blue color to it and looked very cloudy like dirty water. After I drank it I noticed there was a slight filmy texture on the sides of my shaker cup. Just add a little more water and swish it around and slam it and you would be fine.

Like I said in the value part it says to take one scoop before and after your workout. I only did one scoop 45 mins before my workout. I had no real need to take another scoop after workout since I was all ready getting some extra creatine from my pre-workout and some in my protein. Once scoop is 1 gram of nitrates and for some people you may need a second scoop if 1 gram is not enough or your not responding well to it.

I have tried a few different kinds of creatine products before and was looking forward to seeing how this kind of creatine would work for me. This was kind of hard for me to judge just how well it worked compared to other types of creatine I have tried. I think for the most part it worked decently maybe not as good as some other types of creatine but I did enjoy it. I will say that if you respond well to creatine nitrates this will work pretty good for you.

I did notice some strength gains in my lifts maybe not as much as I have with other types of creatine but there were noticeable. I was surprised but this did help a little in my over all endurance by getting into the blood steam a little quicker which was nice. I did notice some retaining of water weight and got some bloating from this. I like that this is flavored but the extra water I have to drink while taking this a long with all my other supplements does not help. That is one thing about creatine I don't like is the bloating I get. The bloating did not seem as bad as it has when I take straight creatine mono.

I would say that people who are more hardcore lifters this would not be the kind of creatine I would recommend. I would say this kind of creatine would be better for people who do more endurance type workouts like crossfit. I like the whole idea behind creatine nitrates but I just think there are better options out there.

I was not really sure what to expect from this product. It was something I did enjoy trying. I would be up for trying this again something if I can find a good deal on it. I would recommend trying this if you are someone that does not respond well to most creatine and have not tried this type of creatine before. I am not going to say this was a bad product it just depends on how well it works for you. If your one who responds well to creatine nitrates this will work really good for you. So far this product is looking to be one of their better products in this new Arnold Series.

  March 13, 2014

  • Good Taste
  • Good Value
  • Filmy Texture
  • Not Effective
Hello! This is my first review and I chose to do it on this product. Arnold Iron CR3, Watermelon flavor. First and foremost, I finished the product completely and followed instructions as recommended on the label. Secondly, I am no way affiliated with this company or given anything to review this product. The reason I decided to write this review is because I was underwhelmed by the results! I bought Iron CR3 from Muscle & Strength when they offered a free t-shirt to go along with it.

Serving Size: 4.2g
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving % DV *
Calories 5
Total Carbohydrate 1g 1%
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 500mg 833%
Vitamin E Blend (as dl Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Mixed Tocopherols including Gamma, Delta, Beta Tocopherols) 500IU 1,667%
Calcium (as Calcium Silicate) 18mg 2%
Creatine Nitrate 1,000mg **

HydraFuel Matrix 800mg **
Taurine, Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Water Powder, L-Glutamine

Effectiveness: 4/10
I think rating this product a 4/10 is pretty generous. I have used creatine products such as Cell-Tech and Dymatize Creatine Mono in the past and noticed a huge amount of gains even though it was all water! Again, I felt cheated and underwhelmed by this product. More importantly, I can't believe that Arnold would stand by it!

Mixability & Taste: 6/10
I don't really care much for taste if the product works. Like I mentioned before, I felt seriously underwhelmed by this product. Iron CR3 mixed extremely easy and the watermelon flavor was smooth, however, it did leave a filmy texture in the mouth when consuming it.

Value: 6/10
I got this product for around $23-25 which is $0.76 - $0.86 per serving. The only reason this product received a 6/10 is because of the free Arnold t-shirt. Other than that, I would buy creatine elsewhere for cheap with more servings.

Overall: 5/10
I purchased the product under the impression that I would be able to notice significant gains and maybe get the same amount of results as when I have used Cell-Tech in the past. I would recommend trying the product because every person's body works differently. What may not work for me, may work for you! This is only my honest opinion. Thanks!

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