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Armor V is a Multi-Vitamin manufactured by Muscle Pharm. It is designed to help provide the body with a wide array of micro nutrients that are vital for optimal health. It could be described as an 'insurance policy' to ensure that you're getting all of your vitamins and minerals but it is still crucial to eat a balanced diet.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +27
Trust: 39%
  May 2, 2013

Alright SR guys and gals Armor-V review READY,SET,GO!

I love this multi up one side and down the other. MP really outdid the multi game with this one. The first notable thing is that this is a lifter/athlete formulated mv that is in capsules, thats right capsules not tablets! Now onto the full review

This multi has all your basics "A to Z" if you will. But the special thing about Armor-V is the extra greens, phytonutrients, omega fatty acids, and probiotics in the mv. They added everything from chlorella, to barley, to saw palmetto just to get a good well rounded herbal blend to add to your body that gets depleted with constant exercise. Also helps out with natural immune system with added echinacea, astaxanthin, and trans-resveratrol. All kinds of anti-oxidants to help fight extra fatigue and "free-radical" damage to your system

Dosage form:10/10 capsules,capsules,capsules. Peoples bodies have so much trouble breaking down tablet multivitamins especially the fewer tablet per dose ones (centrum, one-a-day) think of it this way they try to throw ALL kinds of vitamins and minerals into one medium sized tablet what do they have to do? Compress the heck out of everything they put in there... which means added stress on your body to try to break it down(if it even does) and by the time it may get broken down there isnt enough for your body to really even use it. This vitamin has the best of both worlds easy to digest capsules with a 6 per day serving size ( I always took 2 doses of 3 caps, seemed to work VERY well for me).

This is the kicker for armor-v... its pretty dang expensive for a multi. But oh wow is it worth the extra money out of your pocket for the added benefits. I really suggest to all the people out there that still swear by their one-a-days to try this for 1 month and just see the differences in how well it works, and how you feel.

I had to give this a 10/10 even with the price just because of how good the product is. I have used 3 bottles of this and always stock up whenever theres a good sale on it. The best thing about this is how you can spread out the dose through the day, I dont know if it scientifically made a difference in my body but I felt it did so I'm sticking to it. People out there on the fence about this product take the leap and give it a shot, you wont be sorry.
  • Increased Energy
  • Helps With General Wellbeing
  • More Regular Bowel Movement
  • Easy To Take
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +2,429
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5

  October 23, 2012

I found Armor-V in a deal on that was too good not to pass up and so not only did I finish a full container, I finished 3 consecutive containers.

Effectiveness: 6
Throughout my duration of use on this multi-vitamin, I consistently felt more run-down than usual, and my immune system had more gaps than usual.
With my beloved Animal Pak, I just flat out DONT GET SICK.
With Armor-V, I got several small colds and one colossal head cold that I infected my whole family with! As I finished up my last bottle of Armor-V, I frantically switched back to Animal Pak and starting the very next day I was feeling better and after one week of animal pak, my 1 month duration of this horrible head cold was no more.
So needless to say, this multi-vitamin has some gaps in the effectiveness category.

Profile: 5
They tried to make it work but failed by half assing it.
Why is there an omega complex in this multi-vitamin with less than 1g of any kind of omega 3-6-9?
The inclusion of a "greens and vegetable blend" is insulting and makes me think this is a multi-vitamin for adults who eat like kids. They LITERALLY dehydrated and chopped up about 50 different vegetables and fruit to make this nearly 1g proprietary complex.
The anti-oxidant complex is weak and underdosed and the pro-biotic/ *Immune enhancer* failed miserably for me.
They also include and "Armor Blend" consisting of Tumeric, Quercetin, Ginseng, Inositol, Hesperidin, Rutin, and Betain.
Then there is the slap in the face which is called the Detoxifying matrix which includes milk thistle, saw palmetto, uva ursi, and Digeseb totaling out at 81mg for the whole complex. At those doses, why even include them at all??

Value: 8
It was buy 2 get one free for me so I got 3 months worth of multi-vitamins for $60, a little bit better than what I would have paid for animal pak.
Its 6 capsules a day so in a 180 capsule bottle, it lasts a month or 30 days.
The 6 capsules are one of the easier multi-vitamins to swallow.

Overall: 6
I dont know whether to chalk this one up to "They tried there best and failed" or just give them a 3 overall for shoving an inferior product at stupid consumers *like me*.
I have yet to find a good multi-vitamin that even comes close to animal pak in terms of well dosed ingredients and positive personal experience.
  • Easy To Take
  • Under-dosed Ingredients
  • Stupid Proprietary Blends
Rep: +4,007
Trust: 100%

  July 7, 2012

Multi Vitamins should be a staple in everyone's regimen, rather you are an athlete or not. Armor-V takes a path a bit off the beaten road with it's ingredient profile. I ran two bottles of this product. Shall we?

Profile: Armor-V has alot of good stuff in here. The problem is it's a bit under-dosed. You get a wide spectrum of fat and water soluble vitamins along with some minerals, omega 3,6,9s, Fruit and veggie nutrients, Antioxident support, Probiotics, etc. My biggest gripe is the lack of some of the key vitamins/minerals such as Vitamin D, Calcium, and magnesium.

On the plus side, This vitamin yields 3 billion CFUs of Probiotics (Probiotics are bacteria in your intestines that support digestive health. These bacteria are the good guys!) Not a bad amount to have when you already take another probiotic supplement.

Dosing: I used this during a recomp that went into an all out caloric deficit diet. I ran the full 6 caps daily (3 in the a.m. and 3 in the p.m.) Pretty simple dosing protocol and the pills are small, convenient, and easy to swallow. Each bottle lasted a month.

Effectiveness: 7/10
Well you can't always feel a multi vitamin working. With some it's common to get a boost of well being and natural energy throughout the day. With this multi, I actually noticed I was more regular due to the probiotics. I did notice a slight boost in natural energy as well. This wasn't the most effective multi I've taken and the profile isn't award-winning but I noticed it doing some work in my body.

Value: 5/10
This is where the product takes a bit of a dive. I paid around 35 bucks for it at work (GNC). This is a bit over priced IMO and you will usually pay at least 30+ dollars where ever you find it. Over a dollar a day isn't really welcomed for a multi vitamin for me. If the profile wasn't under-dosed I'd be fine paying that.

Overall: 7/10
Armor-V isn't a bad multi by any standards. I say it's worth 1 try at least but at a caloric deficit in particular, it's hard to get enough nutrients in the diet to make this worth it. You'll find that you will need to supplement a few extras on the side (specially with all the new research on higher doses of D3 out right now for hormone and metabolism support.)

Worth a try but not highly recommended by Mani.

~ Stay big
  • More Regular Bowel Movement
  • Increased Well-being And Natural Energy
  • Easy To Take
  • A Bit Over Priced
  • Under-dosed Ingredients
Rep: +1,615
Trust: 100%
  June 13, 2012

Armor-V, Muscle Pharms take on a Multi. A fairly newer product that has gotten some mixed reviews. Some may say a Multi isn't necessary, but I personally like to have one.

Ingredient Profile: 7/10- I think for a Multi Vitamin, Armor-v May have one of the more detailed ingredient profiles. They incorporate everything from an Omega Complex, to a Probiotic, to a veggie and fruit complex. All of which I like, but heres the thing. I think at the one serving dose, its underdosed. The omega complex is 963mg. On average a weightlifter is looking for upwards of 5+ grams a day. I think its cool they added it in here, but I think at that dosage it almost seems pointless. The probiotic I did like very much, and I love seeing companies adding them in their products. As far as Vitamins and Minerals are concerned, I'll be honest I've seen other multis offer more at a less dose or same dose at a much more efficient price.

Dosing/Taste:10/10- Its pretty simple dosing. 6 caps in the morning or whenever you take your multi. Taste is N/A, Its pills so its pretty hard to judge that.

Effectiveness:7/10- I really wanted to give this a good shot. I've been a long time Animal Pak, and Orange Triad user. Both of which I've loved, and have overall always felt better while taking them. But I never really had that feeling with Armor V. Though I did like some of its effects. I never once got sick. Working in a freezer Tends to mess with your body, so getting sick is pretty easy for me. While taking this the whole month I never had sinus, cold, anything of that nature. The other factor that really shined for me was the probiotic. It really helped to clean me out. It was on a perfect schedule too, where I timed it perfectly every day. Made my life so much easier. It really does some work on your system too. I tend to eat a pound or more of red meat a day, specifically because I know Islandvegheads hate it, and if you know anything about red meat its pretty hard on your digestive system. This product worked perfectly with keeping my bowels regular and no back up. I never really felt any different while using this multi. Again no increased energy or endurance. I think Multi Vitamins tend to work more behind the scenes unlike other supplements we're used too. Kind of filling in all the gaps we may have. So for that reason alone I feel like Armor V was successful.

Value:7/10- Here is probably where my biggest issue lies. I paid 21.99 for a 30 supply. Two of what IMO I feel are better multis, I can get around the same price, with better effectivenss, and also get an extra 15 days. I feel like to get the most out of this multi for the greens complex and omegas and other things in it you have to take two doses. Which would put you at 40 roughly for a months supply. Already its 1.50 a day just for one bottle if you get two bottles your jacking that up to 3 dollars a day. I'm sorry but I feel like there are less expensive alternatives, that produce far better results.

Overall: 7/10- Would I recommend it? Sure, the least you can do is give it a shot. I feel like its a basic multi at best and will get the job done. But if your switching from something like Animal Pak or OT you may feel similar to me. Again I just feel there are better options out there for the price. Rock on fellas.
  • Helps With General Wellbeing
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +69
Trust: 72%
  February 27, 2012

3rd review here


Personally, the multi-vitamin market, regardless if they are targeting the average person or the fitness junkie, ive found is to be a disputable supplement in terms of being a necessity or not. IN MY HONEST OPINION, they aren't necessary because you can find most of your vitamins and nutrients in whole and healthy foods assuming you are eating these. But of course there are those that would argue otherwise and i completely respect that since it would of course work for there lifestyle.

In easier terms within the fitness world, they are used to provide the body with nutrients and minerals which can be essential for muscle growth as well as to cover the vitamins and minerals one can find lacking in some cases and overall increase ones physical and mental well being. In my opinion of course. In terms of multi-vitamins ive taken the standard Animal Pak, Opti-men & Orange Triad.

Ive found personally that MusclePharm product profiles to be of a high standard and can highly recommend them as your basics. I have used 1 bottle, 6 Capsules Per Day as a serving with 30 Serves of Armor V and found these results:

--------Basic Beginnings------

Dosage: 10/10
Standard serving is 6 pills in the morning, otherwise as stated on the product, if you are all for intense training sessions then 6 pills in the morning and 6 in the afternoon with of course PLENTY of water. Personally 6 standard sized pills arent much of an issue to take for me, ive found if you coat the pill in saliva its A LOT easier to take - for those who have issues with tablet/pill taking.

Taste: NA/10
They are pills, they don't have a taste. But they do have a burp taste as some pills can, i can describe it to be of a bittery-herby taste but its nothing too insanely off putting.

Price: 5/10
I'm not much to complain about pricing but this costed me around $30 online so it came to $1 a serving which IMO is a tad expensive.

------Serious Stuff------

Ingredient Profile:8.2/10
Hmmmmm as i am only applying my personal opinion i actually thought that Armor-V had a fairly impressive ingredient profile. What stood out to me was the addition of this 'green complex' + 26 fruit and vegetable concentrate blends. There are numbers of multi vitamins that do not include joint support factors and Armor-V doesn't which is a little bit of a short falling to me. There is also a Detox & antioxidant blend and an OMEGA 3-6-9 blend as essential fatty acids. Overall, i would say that it does a good job of filling the vitamins and minerals for daily usage.

Effects: 7.5/10
So of course to all the Multi-Vitamin takers there will be the standard neon yellow colored urine. Not to mention the odd smell. I personally like to look this optimistically assuming there are enough B Vitamins. If it doesn't look like a yellow lightsaber activating then maybe you picked up the wrong bottle.

Energy wise, i did notice an increase in energy throughout the day and i found that energy to have that 'clean' feeling as well as not having that 3pm crash, it also added to my overall well-being, although in saying that it is difficult to measure the overall effectiveness of multi-vitamins.

Furthermore, it would be wrong to assess and state that it gives incredible amounts of strength and muscle gain but as multi-vitamins are used to ideally allow your muscles to perform at the best of their ability it can maybe contribute to FUTURE results.

Value & Overall: 7/10
I'd say the effects to dollar ratio would be a little unbalanced as the pricing is a bit expensive into what you expect to benefit from these. Regardless of that i would still recommend this Multi-Vitamin, not to the utmost essentials though, but if one needed to fill the gaps with their daily vitamins and nutrients as well as that little energy boost and feeling of general well-being furthermore if it was an option to what is available in front of you at the present time.

---------So whats the catch?--------

Side Effects: NA/10
With the reviews i have posted i do want to include the possible side effects to imply the possible risks in taking supplements. In terms of side effects with multi-vitamins there really aren't any i have experienced besides deep color in urine and smell, but there have been some cases of slight headaches. With Armor-V and most multi-vitamins, in most cases it is most likely because your water intake is not enough although there some cases that could be pointed toward a minorly noticeably level of daily source percentages although i personally would not solely base this side effect on this factor of source percentages.

-----------Yay or Nay?------------

So in my books 7.5/10. You decide if the ratings good enough for your own personal standards. But for me its more of a ''Yeah, this will be fine for me''

Mr. X

  • Increased Energy
  • Dosage Isn't Too Bad
  • Helps With General Wellbeing
  • Too Expensive
  • Odd Smelling Urine
Rep: +1,015
Trust: 100%
  September 4, 2011

It was time to replenish the multi-vitamins, and usually I would go straight for the best deal on GNC, Orange Triad,or Animal Pak, but I received an promotional e-mail introducing Armor-V from Muscle Pharm and the profile looked pretty good, with a few things setting it apart from the others, so I gave it shot.

VALUE-(7/10) This is one thing that is hard to rate with this product. I paid $30 for a 30 serving bottle($1/day). Already, this is more expensive than most multi's out there, but as I said, it does have ingredients that set it apart from most. There are two dosing options. The standard, 6 pills, once a day. And, the intense training dose, 6 pills, two times a day($2/day.Yikes!) I must admit, I had a little buyer's remorse. Not because of the quality of product, but at $1-$2 a day, this was not gonna be a long term option for me. If Armor-V fit my personal budget for a multi, I could rate it 9 or 10 in value.

INGREDIENTS- The ingredient profile was impressive. All major vitamins and minerals are included, however, I noticed to be comparable to other quality multis the "intense training" dose would be reqired. There is an Omega 3-6-9 Complex including ALA and Fish Oil. There is an antioxidant blend that includes trans-resveratrol,lutein, and lycopene. A detox blend with Milk Thistle seed and saw palmetto berries is also in there. A pro-biotic and immune enhancer is also part of the profile. Armor-V did fall short IMO, by not including a joint complex. There is no glucosamine or chondroitin, which really would have made this product complete. Alot of multi's don't have joint support, but I feel it would have made this the most well rounded multi out there. The main components that set this apart from other multi's is that it has a green complex and a fruit and vegitable blend. The list of ingredients is too extensive to list, but I feel they are very important, and do very well in filling gaps in your daily nutrition.

EFFECTIVENESS-(9/10) It is hard to determine the effectiveness of a multi vitamin. I did not notice any dramatic increase in energy or overall well being, but I didn't really expect to. However, there were days when I would take a second, 6 pill dose in the afternoon, and it did seem to help with that mid afternoon lethargy that is sometimes common.

TASTE- (10/10) Not usually that relevant in vitamins, but they are small capsules, so they are easily swallowed, and do not cause the "herbal" tasting burbs that some others do.

OVERALL-(8/10) If is wasn't for the price, and lack of joint support, I would have given Armor-V a 10. I think it is a great product, and if it fits your budget, I would definitely recommend it. At the current price point, it is too expensive for me, but if I find a BOGO or other good sale, I will jump on it.
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive

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