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Protein Coffee Drink Mix Reviews

By: Muscle Nutrition

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  November 16, 2018

  • Taste Great
  • Good Mixability
  • Convenient
  • Benefits Of Whey Protein And A Cup Of Joe
  • Increased Energy
  • Needs More Servings
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

Muscle Nutrition Protein Coffee Drink Mix gives you a good helping of high quality whey, while also supplementing you with plenty of essential other nutrients. The added caffeine is a great bous to help give you a good energy boost when you need. The price though is something that is not a welcome sight.


A special thanks to Muscle Nutrition for their participation here on Also, an apology for the tardiness of the review. Today, I discuss Protein Coffee Drink Mix. As the supplement industry's most dominant and widely used category of products, protein supplements have made their way into every fitness buff's regimen at one point or another. It's a great way to help keep your macros in check and support all goals. Every now and then, there comes a product with some nice added bonuses. Such bonuses may include the addition of caffeine, multiple protein sources, or some added digestive enzymes. Truth be told, good 'ol classic whey will always be around.

In the meantime, let's see how Protein Coffee Drink Mix stands up....

Ingredient Profile

Each single scoop serving provides the following:

Firstly, each serving clocks in at 130 calories. In addition, we have 2.5g of total fat, 7g of carbs, and 3g of sugar. You also get a good amount of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Second, each serving provides 120mg of caffeine.

Lastly, the total protein serving is 20g in the form of whey protein.

In summary, we have a special protein supplement with some nice extras and doesn't have any unnecessary fats, sugars, unfavorable carbs, or sodium.


This has one flavor, which is a classic iced coffee flavor with a pleasant mocha-like added aroma. I found it to be very good in water, but it was especially good in milk and almond milk. I mixed it with chocolate whole milk at one instance and it was a true preparation of deliciousness.

It mixed fully and thoroughly in all liquids and methods without clumps or any other problems.

Being that this had caffeine, I had to be more prudent and flexible on when I used a serving since I didn't want to overdo my stim intake as added from other sources such as coffee or pre workouts. Also, I want to note that I did not take this every consecutive day during my duration of using the product. Therefore, it lasted me close to three weeks as opposed to two weeks given the 14 servings in each tub. Still, I wanted to take full advantage of the caffeine kick. On weekdays, I would take a serving in the morning mixed with either water, milk, or almond milk before my workshifts. I did not take it on weekends since I have weekends off. With the exception of one day where I had to work an overnight shift, I had to make sure not to take this too close to bedtime since the caffeine would interrupt my sleep.


First I will discuss the energy aspect. The "pick me up" I got from the caffeine was a much welcomed benefits as it helped me get through my workshifts more efficiently. In addition, the energy also helped me feel more "primed" for my training sessions later in the day.

Second I will discuss the general protein aspect. As I would want from protein supplements, Protein Coffee Drink Mix helped reduce the morning DOMS and lethargy I would experience in the mornings following previous day intense training sessions. It also helped prolong my satiety through the day, helping my energy stay consistent an reducing my likelihood of unnecessary snacking if the pangs did hit. This I especially liked because when working in Healthcare, these hunger pangs are not only bothersome, but are also unpredictable since you don't focus on such a thing.


This is where the product takes a significant hit. Firstly, when I was researching the value, I noticed when clicking on the link that connects to Muscle Nutrition's direct page to Protein Coffee Drink Mix, the product was not listed. So whether the retail price of 29.99 stands or not is unknown.

Regardless, I did find it on Amazon and it is in fact 29.99. However, there is a 15.99 shipping charge. That alone is unacceptable. Not considering that though, even if the shipping were free and 30 dollars was the set price, that is still not the best of values. For starters, at only 14 servings per tub, you'd probably be better off just drinking your coffee straight up and taking your whey protein separately. Or, simply make your "coffee" shake with some fresh ground coffee mix and protein. Furthermore, the value is hurt more considering that while on Amazon, I saw that similar caffeinated protein supplements that contain more servings. One such example is Optimum Nutrition's Protein Energy that goes for 16.99 for a bag that contains 52 single scoop servings. If you were to take two scoops to equate Muscle Nutrition's product, that is still more servings for a lower price. I believe there is a shipping fee, but it is less expensive.

I understand that these specialty protein products do go for a little extra, but 30 dollars is not an efficient value for a mere 14 servings.

Now one thing I will give Protein Coffee Drink Mix the benefit of the doubt is that perhaps if the product is resumed by Muscle Nutrition, then the price may be changed or the tubs may be bigger. This is assuming that changes are made.

Side Effects



In conclusion, Muscle Nutrition's Protein Coffee Mix wins in the taste and efficacy department. However, this win is met with a loss when it comes to the overall retail value of the product.

I would recommend investing in cheaper similar options or simply concoct your own "coffee protein" shake.

If I were to invest in this again, I would want to see a bigger tub and a slightly lower price at the very least.



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