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Pumped Raw Reviews

By: Muscle Feast

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Muscle Feast for sending it out!
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  September 6, 2016

  • Versatile
  • Great Value
  • Purity Quality Ingredients
  • Decent Pump
  • Average Energyfocus
  • Lack Of Focus Ingredients
  • Underdosing
  • Pumps Lacking
  • No Citrulline Malate
Big apology to Muscle Feast and the Troops program for the delays in posting these reviews. Muscle Feast is a reputable company with a ton of good products under their belts, including the Whey and few others. However, this one product on its own merits did not really stand on both feet for me. It felt more like a Zika Virus mosquito that gave you a quick pinch and then quickly flew away not being seen again. What I mean by that is that it wasnt a complete miss for me, but most of the time it sure felt like it. A little preface:

I have usually been a high stim junkie, however, in the last few months I have sworn all types of stims just so that my adrenal gland and other hormones can return to natural levels. Stims + the daily coffees took a giant strain on my body including lethargy, trouble sleeping, limpd*ck, and others.
So when I took this product, I have been cycled off the stims for at least 8 weeks and I was able to feel this product fully, without any other basis that might have jeopardized my experience.

Ingredients: 6/10 - At the servings size provided if you stick with the 3 scoop process the ingredients are underdosed. And the ones that are underdosed are supposed to be the ones that make the biggest difference in the type of energy and focus you get from the pre workout.

1) The biggest one is caffeine. Now 210mg is not severely underdosed, but on its own its just not enough. 300mg+ is usually a good base for a PWO to aim for to get a good boost of energy. 210 is def not enough.
2)Agmantine - 525mg ? At least 1000mg guys! Anything in the 500mg range just wont be felt, unless you are trying to sell this to straight up noobies who have never taken a pwo product before, then sure. Otherwise, double up AT LEAST, or even bring it up to 1.5g.
3) Taurine 2g pretty good
4) The pump is basically a mix of Agmantin, Trimethylglycine and Beta Alanine. I can see how it would work great together, however, I feel since both Beta and Agmatine are underdosed, it doesnt matter how much Trimethylglycine you have, you won't get the efficiency you are looking for.

Overall its not a bad mix, but def doesnt hit the point right.

Dosing: 8/10 - 3 level scoops at 10g per 8-10oz of water about 15 to 30 minutes preworkout. I followed this protocol throughout the entire workout. I did not want to deviate, hoping to keep the same schedule and the same dosing protocol to see if there were any diminished changes over the time period I was taking this.

Taste: 7/10 - I received the Raspberry flavor. Def a bit tarty and bitter sweet. I did not hate it, but I also did not fall in love with it. It was descent. For me I like lighter tastes, but maybe trying to mask the ingredients was hard so hence why it is the way it is.

Effectiveness: 6/10 - Since it was an overall miss of a product for me, I will not divide this into categories how I usually handle reviews, but I will post my overall opinion of it. In the first week I barely felt an energy or pump increase in my workout. I tried to take it on a semi empty stomach hoping that the absorption rate would be better. I did not notice the beta tingles, that I usually get from products with beta and higher dosages. I did not notice the caffeine rush of energy. I did not notice the sweat that usually comes when your bodies internal temperature starts to increase. This pretty much continued throughout the entire product. However in week 2, maybe because I started to saturate my body with these ingredients I began to notice a slight pump in my workouts. My muscles felt more tighter and some of the lifts I was able to get 1-3 extra reps where initially I probably would have just quit.

Now the reason this got a 6, is because if stacked with MF Amino, you get a damned good amount of dosages for all the underdosed ingredients and you DEF feel the difference. You extra caffeine the L-cetrulline and the Taurine, make this a damned good product to have before a workout. When that combination was introduced, I def felt the energy surge through my body. Although it did not last throughout the whole workout, it was still a noticeable difference. Also when the two products are mixed, both the recovery and the focus are noticeable.

Price: 7/10 - Okay so its pretty cheap. $20 for 25 servings. But does it work ? I mean maybe, again if you stack it with other products. Now as a mix into other products that are also underdosed, this might seem like a great idea, hence why I can see the price being about $19. But no company could really stand behind their ingredients as being so pure and yet so cheap, so I just dont really know.

Overall: 6/10 - You have to be fairly new to the game to feel this on its own. However, if you throw this into other products then yes itll work, but is it worth the extra $20 from your pocket. You decide.

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