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Anabolic Recover Reviews

By: Muscle Feast

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Anabolic Recover is a Post-Workout Protein Supplement manufactured by Muscle Feast. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.

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  December 23, 2012

  • Awesome Recovery
  • Superior Profile
  • Quality Ingredients
  • No Fillers
  • Bland Taste
  • Mis-matching Label
First off big thanks to Sean and Muscle Feast for giving myself and many other members of the expert review team the chance to use and review many of their products. Specialized post workout protein supplements are some of my favorites because typically they have everything you need in them and have a high level of convenience. I was excited to get to try this out as it fell right in line with my needs being right in the middle of a bulk.

Dosage: 3 scoops post workout.

Profile(9.5/10): The big thing that jumps out looking at Anabolic Recover is it's profile. This product is the definition of no fillers, no crap, only the effective ingredients you need and nothing more. It's also sweetened with stevia instead of sucralose for those of you concerned about that. 3 scoops is going to hit you with 48 grams of protein from 3 different sources: hydrolyzed whey, whey isolate, and micellar casein. So it's going to give you fast and slow digesting proteins along with 48 grams of carbs from 3 sources also: waxy maize, maltodextrin, and dextrose. You're also getting 5 grams of creatine monohydrate, 6 grams of glutamine, and 8.5 grams of BCAAs in a full 3 scoop serving. You can't really get much better for a post workout formula, the only thing I would say that could make it better is an intermediate protein like egg albumen. But overall the profile for Anabolic Recover is top notch and it gets a high mark from me in this area.

Mixture(10/10): No thickening agents and no fillers or fluffers equals the easiest mixing protein I have ever used. I mixed my 3 scoops in rougly 18 ounces of water and had zero issues with clumps or undissolved powder. If you can't get this to mix, you have problems.

Taste(7/10): Using natural flavors and a natural sweetner in stevia made this product taste rather bland for my taste buds, I had the chocolate flavor. Taste has almost zero bearing in my assesment and useage of a supplement but many people would find this to taste bland, gritty, and even a little starchy from the waxy maize. I just chugged this after I finished my workout and I was fine with it. I always mixed this with water, so I guess if people want to make it taste better they can mix it in milk.

Effectiveness(9.5/10): It's always a little difficult to gauge the effectiveness of protein, but in the case of products like this it's a little easier since you can take into account the recovery aspect a little more. In the case of Anabolic Recover, this product delivers. This significantly improved my recovery after a hard workout, I could tell when I got off of it how significant it actually was. Little to no soreness the following days, even after some grueling workouts. This is up there with some of the best post workout products that I have ever used, I was very pleased and very impressed with the results I got from Anabolic Recover.

Value(8/10): The only place I've seen to get this is Muscle Feast's website, and it runs at 45 dollars for a 7 pounds tub for 30 servings, coming out to $1.50 a serving. Not bad all in all and you get a good value for your money for quality ingredients. I got it for free so of course the value was awesome for me :)

Overall, I was very impressed with this product and I put it right up there with Optimum Nutrition's 2:1:1 Recovery as the best post workout protein I have ever used. The only problem I saw with this is a logistical issue where the stuff printed on the front of the label didn't match the nutrition facts, so Muscle Feast needs to clean that up. Other then that I definitely recommend anyone looking for a legit post workout to give this a try, I will definitely be buying a tub for myself in the future.


  • line6reed
    Rep: +3,154
    December 23, 2012

    great review shin never thought of trying any of their product simply because the labels look so low budget but thanks to your review i might

  • shinndigg
    Rep: +2,217
    December 23, 2012

    Yeah, they definitely need to invest in a new label maker, I can see how it looks sketch to people, but this product is legit.

  • Momo1
    Rep: +3,136
    December 23, 2012

    Great Review Shinndigg, the more reviews I see on Muscle Feast products, the more I am looking to buy their line. How do you compaire this product with After Shock?

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