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Amino Boost Reviews

By: Muscle Feast

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  September 9, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Versatile
  • Good Value
  • Recovery
  • Made For A Variety Of Users
  • Great Taste
  • Mixes Well
  • 3 Scoops Per Serving
  • Too Much Math
  • Does Not Need Caffeine
Big fan of any amino like products. Aminos should be a staple of everyones regiment no matter what type of lifting you are doing. Weather it be crossfit, powerlifting, mma, running, bodybuilding, etc. When muscles get broken down, the DOMS kick in and unless you're on the juice the recovery is painful and slow which makes a big detriment to your next days and following workouts. Amino's are a helpful way to speed up the recovery in the next days as well as make the actual current workout you're on much better.

Ingredients: 8/10 - All of the ingredients are straight forward. There are no prop blends. You know exactly how much of each you are getting. It features the 3 L's for the BCAA which are dosed fairly well.

Over 1g of Taurine which is great for hydration during the workout as well as post recovery.
L-Cetrulline at 1.5 which I imagine is to open the blood vessels up and shuttle the nutrients throughout the body at a better pace.

The reason I did not give it a 10 out of 10 is because it has 150mg of caffeine. And although that's not a lot, it still there. Which meant I could not drink it at night or other times in fear of consuming caffeine at the times I did not want to.

However, the reason it also got a strong 8/10 is because when thrown into the PWO like MuscleFeast Raw it gave just the right amount of caffeine altogether to make a difference.
Dosing: 10/10 - The dosing is very straight forward. Take one serving with 24oz of water and drink throughout the workout. I did not need that much water. 12oz was enough for me to dissolve it completely and still enjoy it.

Taste: 7/10 - The blue bomb taste was a bit too tarty for me but at the same time it was still very enjoyable. If I was to make changes to the product, I would probably make it a little bit lighter, I find that it would make it more enjoyable.

Effectiveness: 8/10 - Great product on its own, but even better when combined with the MuscleFeast Raw. So as a stand alone product it did help me in a few areas. The first place I noticed a big increase was the hydration aspect from the Taurine. Esp when stacked with Raw, my body was not allowed to go into that sweat your balls off my internal temperature is kicking my body into overdrive. As I drank more water, I felt more of it become circulated within my CNS and I felt a lot more hydrated, having to take less water breaks and being able to focus more on my workout, then trying to keep cool or hydrated.

The second thing I noticed was the recovery post workout was pretty fantastic. The next day I still had DOMS, but who really doesnt. However day 2-3 the DOMS were severely less and I was able to push through the workout at a better stronger pace. The mix of the BCAA, Acetyl Carnitine and Tyrosine helped kick the recovery into a new frontier (star trek ref for the occasion).

During my workouts I felt the good healthy feeling of well being as well as being a bit more alert. My focus was slightly increased, but only when I stacked it with PRE raw of MF. The well being Aura def made the workouts more enjoyable. Any extra surge is def a positive aspect in my books, because its going to take your workout to a whole new level.
Side Effects: 5/10 - Sometimes I had the runs in the bathroom, but I think when stacked it was just too much caffeine for me to handle at times. Otherwise no other side effects.

Value: 6/10 - $20 for about 20 servings. Its a bit steep. $20 for 30 servings I would give a 9, but at a $1 a serving, I think its a bit pricey.

Overall: 7.8/10 - Overall its a solid Amino. I probably would have loved it more without the caffeine because then I would be able to take it at night and see if that helped in anyway with my recovery.

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