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Amino Boost Reviews

By: Muscle Feast

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Muscle Feast for sending it out!
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  August 14, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Mixes Well
  • 3 Scoops Per Serving
  • Underperformed
  • Under-dosed
  • Over-priced
Shout out and thanks to the Muscle Feast reps.

Under-dosed as damn near every turn.
The ingredient profile is simple, and under other circumstance quite effective. You got your BCAAs present, and dosed close to efficacy for the most part. L-Leucine falls short, but not by that much, L-Isoleucine is dosed well above efficacy (according to, and there's little to no research for L-Valine. After that, there is nothing but disappointment unfortunately. All but caffeine falls well short of efficacy, and at times woefully short (L-Citrulline for example). Most of the ingredients require at least double what is present to be considered effective, but the 150mg of caffeine per serving makes taking multiple servings at once ridiculous.
On top of all that, there seems to be a handful of artificial dyes present. It's just not necessary to have a "blue flavor" look blue. I'm not a child, despite how I act sometimes.

I received the "Blue Bomb" flavor, which I'm going to assume is a blueberry flavor. It didn't taste much like blueberry, but it didn't taste bad. That's a "pass" in my book, though not a convincing one.

Despite the crap above, the lone highlight so far is the ease in which Amino Boost mixed up.

At the end of the day, 150mg of caffeine will provide some sort of boost. So there's that, and not much else.
The only saving grace, if you will, is the lack of label claims. Amino Boost literally makes no claims as to what it's supposed to do. The Muscle Feast site might provide a different story, but as far as the container before my eyes go Amino Boost doesn't claim to do anything (beyond the name). To which, as stated, it does provide a boost. However, there was opportunity for so much more.

Amino Boost runs around $20 for a 250 gram tub, which contains roughly 23.8 servings. That's great, but I still wouldn't pay for it. To get the effective does of all the good ingredients, I would ingest an absurd amount of caffeine that would surely have a negative impact.

Up until this point, I've had good experiences with Muscle Feast. Looking back, that may be due to the fact I had used bulk ingredients as opposed to their own formulations. Which, in turn kind of makes the woeful performance of Amino Boost even more disappointing. They have good ingredients on hand, and for the most part should know at what doses they work. Shouldn't they? In the end, while boost make me smile, this one does not. I would have been better off sucking on Rock Star energy drinks all day.
  • Blue Bomb: 7/10

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