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PreCre XS Reviews

By: Muscle Elements

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PreCre XS is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Muscle Elements. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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  May 21, 2018

  • No Rough Crash
  • Good Value
  • Decent Pumps
  • Includes Creatine
  • Awesome Ingredient Profile
  • Stim Heavy
  • Stim Heavy
  • May Be Pricey For Budget Consumers
  • Slightly Underdosed Ingredients
  • Bad Taste

Quick Summary

PreCreXS is a stim-heavy preworkout that really gives you the all-in-one package so you really don't need to worry about stacking any additional supplements to enhance its effects since it's already got great pump, stimulant, glucose replenishing and even electrolyte replenishing ingredients on top of a great creatine blend! It definitely hits hard but doesn't crash you out post-workout due to the great stimulant blend it utilizes. The overall price point is a very fair and affordable price for a high-quality product at around $38/tub of 30 servings which pits it just north of $1 per scoop. If you're a veteran pre-workout enthusiast that's starting to get bored of the usual popular blend then I'd say it'd be more than worth your money to give PreCreXS a whirl! I was personally not a huge fan of American Pop Bomb flavor at all but if flavor isn't the biggest factor on your investment and you really just care about the effect then you got yourself a winner!


The pre-workout supplement battle just seems to keep raging on with companies one-upping each other with dosing and all-around use of pump and stimulant ingredients and PreCreXS is no exception. When I originally saw the product label for PreCreXS I instantly knew that it was a must-try preworkout since I personally prefer stimulant heavy pre's and the awesome overall profile for pump, electrolyte replenishment and even glucose store replenishment just sealed the deal in my eyes. I'd like to give a quick shout out to for giving me the chance to try out Muscle Element's new preworkout creation a try! Now lets see how this stacks up to the competition!

Ingredient Profile

Holy smokes there are a ton of ingredients in this pre-workout! For the sake of not typing up a crazy long ingredient profile I will list a few noteworthy ingredients down below but the full label picture will be available down below for you all to observe as well.

Cyclic Dextrix (5g) & Modified Glucose Polymers (5g): Added carbohydrates are starting to become a fairly common ingredient in many preworkout supplements nowadays and for very good reason. We always utilize a significant amount of our glucose stores during an intense workout sessions and requires some type of replenishment to keep these glucose stores from zeroing out and that's exactly what these guys do. They offer high metabolizing carbohydrate sources to quickly recover our glucose stores during lifts so you can keep pushing for more reps and sets without succumbing to fatigue and exhaustion!
Agmatine Sulfate (500mg): Agmatine sulfate is starting to really become the new OG on the pump side of the supplement market. It works as a strong precursor to nitric oxide production in a similar fashion to how citrulline malate works but with a significantly smaller dose. It's extremely common in preworkouts because of the skin-tearing pumps that it can provide and numerous clinical studies proving the effectiveness of the product can't be wrong. It is about half-dosed from the standard clinical dose of 1g in this supplement though.

Creatine HCL (1g) and Creatine Monohydrate (4g): If you're not already on the creatine bus by now then you must've been living under a rock because creatine is without a doubt the most studied supplement in the bodybuilding realm with an undeniable amount of research supporting its effects. I really dislike all "it's all water" critiques because it really does have seriously beneficial physiological effects. I personally like to call it the "turbocharger" of the supplement world because it literally utilizes ATP by-products (phosphate molecule) by attaching to them and being quickly utilized another energy source that's prioritized and even more powerful than an ATP reaction! Anyways.... get on it already...

Beta-Alanine (2g): Another unfortunately underdosed ingredient that typically gives users the face tingles but it actually does physiologically a lot more than that! Beta-alanine works by buffer pH levels to keep the muscles from going into an acidic state to prolong the build-up of the ever so pain lactic acid! So you can thank beta-alanine for those last rough couple repetitions you were able to crank out since they would have likely been a lot more painful without this guy!

Caffiene (370mg) and DiCaffeine Malate (70mg): No preworkout would even be considered a stim without this all-star supplement but unfortunately companies have resorted to just upping caffeine doses in their products to "improve" their effectiveness which can actually be quite dangerous and it's all really because caffeine is cheap as hell. This product stands at a pretty hefty 405mg of caffeine that is equivalent to nearly 2.5 white Monster cans and to be honestly anymore than that is just gonna result in significant health and cardiovascular issues. I think Muscle Elements could have pulled back a little on the caffeine dose since it's got so many other quality ingredients in PreCreXS to keep the product solid without putting more risk to its consumers.

Electrolyte Replenishing Blend w/ Sodium, magnesium and calcium (600mg): Just your normal blend of electrolytes and other elements to keep the musculoskeletal system functioning at optimal performance. Definitely helps with maintaining good muscle activation levels during workouts as well as preventing the occurrence of muscle cramping. It's a cheap add-on with great benefits that every pre-workout supplement would have implemented in its formula.


I had the "pleasure" of trying out the American Pop Bomb flavor which I can honestly say is one of the worst tasting pre-workout powders that I've ever had the misfortune to taste. There's just something very off-putting about this flavor, it's overly tart and sour with no fruity or tangy sweet flavor to really accompany it and it's just... well a poorly done flavoring job overall in my honest opinion. The good thing is that flavor is actually on the bottom of my priority list when it comes to supplements and overall effectiveness is #1. I'd probably eat dirt if I was convinced that I could benefit from it from a fitness standpoint. The dosing is pretty standard with a larger than the average preworkout scooper that seems like it's pretty free of any additional filler ingredients and works pretty well with your usual water bottle especially if you're good at finagling the plastic scooper with a pinch grip to better funnel it into a reservoir.


I typically take my preworkouts about 20 minutes prior to getting onto the gym floor to allow the formula to really take full effect so I can hit the weights running and PreCreXS definitely makes it happen in a good way. I'm usually pretty sensitive to beta alanine tingles but if I didn't see it listed on the ingredient profile I probably wouldn't even realize it was in there so people that generally don't like the tingles will likely take this as a plus. The stimulant and focus portions of PreCreXS will typically hit next and I do have to say that it really does amp you up really well for getting intense sets in to really push yourself to your limits. I found myself checking my pulse fairly frequently just to make sure I wasn't having palpitations or running over 200bpm cause this stuff had me going hard. The pump itself was fairly good especially if stacked with a somewhat carb-y meal about an hour prior to getting to the gym I've noticed. My pumps unfortunately didn't seem to last throughout my entire workouts and peaked at around 30 minutes in and faded pretty quick around the tail end of my hour and a half lift session. I personally loved the overall effectiveness of PreCreXS from an overall preworkout perspective since I'm very used to having to stack my preworkouts with other single ingredients to improve it, for instance creatine, citrulline malate, or beta alanine just to name a few that I've used for enhancing but there's really no need for any additions in PreCreXS. This product really does have you covered from all fronts.


I searched around the web and was able to consistently find PreCreXS for $39 at multiple online vendors and at 30 servings per tub you're looking at just north of $1 per serving which is actually extremely reasonable for a well-equipped ingredient profile like PreCreXS.

Side Effects

I personally experienced no significant side effects from PreCreXS other than mild post-workout crashing that's really no where near as bad as other preworkouts.


Thankfully Muscle Elements were definitely on their game when they concocted PreCreXS, they utilized a great all-around composition for a preworkout that includes high stimulant, pump, focus and an included creatine blend. It's extremely easy to spend over $39 to stack any normal preworkout to even meet these criteria so why not just pick up PreCreXS and get everything you need from one quick scoop? It is a very stim heavy supplement however and should not be taken by any stimulant sensitive individuals but stim junkies (like myself) will be pleasantly satisfied in my honest opinion. If you're looking for a new all-in-one stim heavy preworkout and don't mind spending just a LITTLE bit extra for that high-quality ingredient profile than I'd absolutely recommend giving PreCreXS a cycle! Cheers Fellas!
  • American Pop Bomb: 3/10


  • workoutguru
    Rep: +5,731
    May 21, 2018

    Good review. I have been wanting to try this since they released the XS version. I liked the regular pre cre but did not have enough stims in it and felt that was one thing that was really lacking. I really hoping at some point this would have showed up on the trooper program and when it finally did I was not able to claim it because I just claimed another pre workout a couple before this showed up on there. I am really hoping at some point this will show up on there again.

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