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Machine Whey Reviews

By: MTS Nutrition

  August 10, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Amazing Taste
  • Sludge
  • Versatility
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • But No Strawberry?
This review is quite overdue in terms of the experience I've had with machine whey. So, I figured better late than never and write one up.

As a brief intro, MTS Machine Whey is a straight up whey protein supplement sponsored and signature-endorsed by TigerFitness's associate Marc Lobliner. As a result, MTS Machine Whey is sold exclusively at

Now to begin the details...

Taste/Mixability (10):

Machine whey is quite possibly one of the best tasting protein supplements I have ever used next to Gaspari's original Myofusion. I have used both the chocolate and vanilla and both were marvelously tasty. I would say of the two, chocolate wins by a very slight margin. One thing I especially liked about the taste in general was that is was great in virtually anything you mixed it with from water to milk, to even some of your foods like peanut butter and oatmeal. I will get more into my concoctions later. As a last note, the mixability of the protein was also efficient. Clumps or any dissolved material of any kind was non-existent. The only time you may get some clumps is when you use it certain solid foods, since there is no base solvent to actually dissolve the mix.

Profile (9):

Machine whey is not intended to be some kind of "specially formulated" protein with a butt-load of extras. In general, it is your basic whey protein supplement and as such one would not expect to see much other than an average profile. Nonetheless, I give it a "9" because it has a favorable amount of whey protein per scoop; 25 grams which is substantial as some basic whey supplements today may provide you with as little as 17-20 grams. Furthermore, there is a good amount of "good" carbs in this protein allowing for substantial glycogen replenishment. Machine whey is also free of trans fats, corn syrup, and unnecessary added sugars and fillers. That's a major bonus in my book.

As for the actual whey protein source, it is a blend of both concentrate and isolate. Isolate is often seen as the more beneficial protein due to its purity. However, as Petey mentioned in his review, unless the process of obtaining isolate is efficiently performed, isolate may often wind up being denatured and over-processed, resulting in a reduction of benefits. Machine whey uses a higher percentage of whey concentrate in proportion with the isolate, allowing for a more bioavailable and in-tact protein source. In return, the user will reap better benefits from the protein in general.


This section is more so to describe how I more specifically utilized machine whey is methods other than the basic "mix and drink". The versatility of the product beckons the user to experiment with different consumption options because lets face it, when you got a protein with great taste, you need variety.

After watching Marc's own recipe videos on, the first thing I tried out was the sludge concoction. My own sludge recipe consisted mostly of two scoops of machine whey, Quaker oats, a spoon of natural peanut butter, a little honey, and some blueberries. There were times where I would add some flax seed oil for omega fatty acid supplementation, but that was seldom done because I wasn't too fond of the oily consistency it would give. Nonetheless, this was de-fooing-licious. I found this recipe to be equally tasty with both chocolate and vanilla.

As one time I also gave Marc's brownie recipe with the chocolate flavor. HOLY SHIZ NUTS!!! Best freaking cheat food I have ever had. I urge anyone with some machine whey handy to please try this at least once, especially if you're bulking LOL

Lastly, there were several times where I would mix a scoop with some straight up peanut butter, oatmeal and cereal. In general, machine whey is a very versatile protein and you'll want to try a lot of different things.

Efftiveness (9): Being that protein is more so a general supplement staple and not something that is used as a miscellaneous enhancement product like prohormones, pre-workouts, creatine, or test boosters, the efficacy of a particular protein supplement is often associated with how one experienced its use based on goals. The first time around using machine whey I was in a recomp phase with Epi-1-test. Machine whey allowed me to supplement with subsequent amounts of protein without any added fats, calories, or unnecessary carbs. I am currently in a more lean bulk phase and have coupled machine whey with Muscelmeds Carnivore as a means to get some creatine supplementation. Machine whey has allowed me to still obtain good amounts of protein without adding extra unnecessary stuff to my increased dietary caloric intake. Also, I will also say that thanks to the efficient protein intake, my muscular strength and recovery were noticeably improved when in combination to my other supplements. In general, machine whey is a great protein to add too any training and diet regimen. Just ensure that you are supplementing with it in a manner favorable to your particular goals.

Value (9): On, you can get a 5 lbs container with 67 servings for 50 dollars. The price is lower if you can obtain a coupon code or when the website has a sale special. For the effectiveness, taste, versatility, and quality, this is a very good value.

Overall (9.5): Machine whey is one of the best general whey protein supplements I have ever used and will continue to use for sometime. The overall quality and versatility of the protein is simply phenomenal and can be used for anyone looking for an effective, affordable protein source without the nasty stuff. It's not something that will give you steroid like gains or act as some kind of magic in anyway. Therefore, regardless how you supplement with it, make sure your diet and training is in check as these are the most critical factors.



  • August 10, 2013

    Another review, War! I've been meaning to give this stuff a try, now I definitely have to.

  • WarMachine
    Rep: +8,113
    August 10, 2013

    Go for it man!!! Goes great with oreos LOLOL

  • TigerJT
    Rep: +465
    August 10, 2013

    Another Great review!

  • RiseAboveIt
    Rep: +272
    August 10, 2013

    Great review War!

    Marc has said he will never do a strawberry flavor; not enough of a market for it. There will be a new flavor out there hopefully somewhat soon though!

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