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Machine Whey Reviews

By: MTS Nutrition

  December 11, 2012

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Amazing Taste
  • Did I Mention Great Taste
  • Solid Profile
  • Sludge
  • Not Widely Available Yet
I'll start off by saying I think I'm addicted to this protein. I promise if you buy a tub of this you will keep buying it and never want to stop. It's that good. I would bathe in this. Anyways, onto the review.

I discovered this through the Youtube channel, TigerFitness, which is basically the man Marc Lobliner's personal channel. I thank him for introducing me to this amazing product.

First off, the tesating that goes into this product is impressive and worth mentioning. The protein is manufactured in a NSF registered facility and undergoes 3rd party lab tests with every batch. This is refreshing and nice to know we are not being sold crap. The ingredient profile is solid with the protein content coming from Whey conentrate. Good source of protein and you're not losing any nutritonal value you would normally from a protein isolate product. Another ingreadient is the 2,597 mg of leucine added. This is considered the "anabolic trigger" and is proven to promote muscle growth.

Opened this tub up and got a big waft of chocolate. Very excited to try it out. Mixed two scoops with 18oz. of water (have mixed with over 26oz.) and no clumping was present. In fact, this came out to be a very smooth consistency. Where it wasn't too thick, it was a very nice texture that wasn't watered down.

That's right. One hundred out of ten. This broke the scale by far. This is why I'm addicted. This stuff tastes like a milkshake. Honestly better. The taste is hard to describe. That's how amazing it is. Buy it so you can experience the magic.

I guess I'll give this a 9 just because it's not like I turned into the hulk when i drank it. It's a protein supplement and it did it's job just fine. Help me met my macros and tasted great.

Side Effects-N/A
Didn't experience any sort of side effect...

A 5lb. tub of this protein will give you 67 servings. At about $45 on, that's a damn good deal. It will last you and it's cheaper than most mainstream protein powders out there as far as price per serving goes. Also worth mentioning is in one scoop there is 25g of protein. This is the most I've found per scoop currently. Great value.

Honestly, this is my favorite supplement. I don't consider so much a supplement as a staple in my diet. With the amazing taste and profile, it's hard to beat. Big shoutout to TigerFitness for introducing me to it. Changed my life and is now my addiction.


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