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Machine Whey Reviews

By: MTS Nutrition

  October 18, 2012

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Amazing Taste
  • Solid Profile
  • Not Widely Available Yet
  • Fantastically Average
I finished a tub of this protein about a month ago but still recall my initial impressions and final thoughts regarding it.

Machine Whey is Marc Lobliners signature protein now that he is associated with Tiger Fitness and MTS Machine whey is exclusively available at

Profile: 8
Its nothing fantastic, its basically what a whey protein should be. This protein does not rate ANY higher than an 8 due to the inclusion and quantity of the Whey concentrate which in my opinion is drowning out the whey isolate.
To give you perspective, Optimum Nutrition 100% whey has more Isolate than concentrate and so they list it first in the ingredients list but its the other way around with Machine Whey where concentrate outweighs the isolate making it a slightly less bio-available protein.
Also, Machine whey does NOT have a digestive enzyme component making it easier to digest and in turn more bioavailable like many of its competitors.
I do like that when purchased via Tiger Fitness, you can see the testing laboratories results regarding the amount of protein per scoop which is 25.12g per 34.432g of product.

Taste: 8
The taste was quite good although I was getting tired of the chocolate flavor towards the end of the tub, I didnt get sick of it or not want to drink it. The chocolate flavor was tangier than ON's protein flavors and a little more pronounced. If you want a more mild flavor, then ON's might be for you, if you desire extreme over the top chocolate flavor then Nutrex Muscle Infusion protein is for you. This was a nice mid-range chocolate flavor.

Mixability: 8
It mixes decent. If your only stirring for 10 seconds you WILL consume chunks of protein as with most protein powders.

Effectiveness: 8
This is tough to gauge with most proteins since its a 'passive' supplement with no immediate effects. I did not experience any negative effects from this such as an upset stomach or gas.
My strength stayed about the same which is more related to my transient working out because I was in the middle of a move.

Value: 9
For not being on clearance or stolen, you would be hard pressed to find a similar protein to compete with this one and stand toe-to-toe on all the above mentioned facets.
Its not the best protein I have ever had but for the price, consideration has to be given to this product. One 5lb tub can be purchased as of today for $45 where a similar tub of Optimum Nutritions whey would set you back $60!

Overall: 8
I wont lose sleep over how fantastic this protein was and I personally might buy it again if I make a whole stack purchased from
I would not go out of my way to purchase this protein however but it will be a great add on for devout tiger fitness customers.

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