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Drop Factor Powder Reviews

By: MTS Nutrition

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Drop Factor Powder is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by MTS Nutrition. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
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  February 15, 2018


Hello people, I am back with another review. This one is sponsored by me, as I decided to do some spring shopping. I am a 45 year old who seems to be on a perpetual cut. I have been cleaning up my diet and using Shaun T's "Insanity" program. If you are looking at my log, this product start on Page 56 and runs current. I bought two containers of this, so I will update after month 2 as well. I started this at 200#, and ended 30 days later at 196.2#. I decided to run this as I have dropped 40#'s since August and wanted to see if this would give me a boost.

Ingredient Profile

I am going to talk about the ingredients that I think are most beneficial or that peak my interest. This label is fully disclosed so you can look into the ones I don't go into depth on.

L-Taurine @ 1g: So one of the benefits of Taurine is it can help with cramping when taking fat loss supplements. 1g is in the effective dose range, and I didn't cramp up. It also increases blood flow which in theory should help the other ingredients do their job.

L-Tyrosine @ 500mg: This is being used as an anti stressor in my opinion. Normal doses of 500mg to 2000mg are used prior to exercise to reduce stress. It also can help cognition, so you can stay more focused.

Caffeine Anhydrous @ 250mg: Everyone knows about caffeine. I liked the fact that I know how much I am getting, and that for me I didn't crash or get jittery on this. I used the pre-workout so I made sure not to use a pre-workout with more caffeine.

Coleus Forskholii extract @ 125mg: This can help with fat loss. The dosage is a little light as I found recommended is 250mg 2 times per day. However that is at 10% forskolii, and to give credit this product uses 20% forskolii root.

L-Theanine @ 100mg, Theobromine @ 50mg, Citrus Auranthium @ 50mg, Hordenine HCL @ 25mg and Hidenamine HCL @ 20mg. I have seen all of these in other products and have had varying personal luck with them.

Lastly in this product we have an anti-oxidant blend of the following, all at 4mg's.

Broccoli extract, spinach powder extract, cranberry fruit powder, pomegranate fruit powder and grape seed extract.

If you have been looking at nutrition, you see all the "cool" things in here. We all know we don't eat totally correctly and this probably gives our immune system a boost, which could help us drop fat easier. I am not sure it's needed but I did stay healthy while taking this. We need to remember that weight loss is a "stress" to our bodies, so adding something to take that stress away is a good thing in my opinion.


I bought both flavors of Drop Factor as I wanted to run it for 8 weeks. The Mango flavor is interesting, it is a little subdued and honestly smells more aromatic than it tastes. I had no issues drinking it, it just seemed it could of had a stronger taste. Raspberry Lemonade was a little bit better, the funny thing is the smell wasn't as good? It didn't smell bad just not as pleasant as the Mango.

Mix-ability of drop factor was pretty good. I was generally adding MTS Creatine to it so I did have some white bits left, but I believe that was the Creatine. I used a shaker bottle with the metal whisk every time. I also used 12oz of water 90% of the time. So take that into account.

Dosing is spelled out pretty good on the container. The whole safety thing is in full effect. Start out with 1/2 scoop then add when you asses your tolerance. The interesting thing is it says to take with your morning meal or before morning cardio. I did the second as I work out in the morning. I also started with the full dose of one scoop in the morning and one 6 to 8 hours later. Another thing to note is Drop Factor pills has Yohimbine HCL in it, the powder does not. However Tiger fitness sent a bottle of Yohimbine HCL with each jug of drop factor. I am guessing it's because some people don't tolerate Yohimbine HCL very well.


So as I posted about I dropped 3.8#s. Now if you have read some of my logs you can figure out that I have lost more weight on previous things. So why is this effective? I am taking into account that I am now skinnier. Let's be honest, it has to be easier to lose fat at 240#'s than at 200#'s. I also was injured for a week of this first months run so I looked at that as well. This is a Thermogenic fat loss support supplement. I will tell you I was sweating more than normal. I have dropped pant sizes, and maintained my strength so I think the weight I lost is fat. Is this a 10 on effectiveness? Nope, I am holding out for a product that is a magic pill, where I don't have to eat healthy or exercise and still drop weight. That is my perfect 10, but I really liked my run on this.

As of 2/15/2018 Tigerfitness has this at $36.99
As of 2/15/2018 Amazon has it for $39.99

So depending on tolerance this is a months supply. So the last few products I've used have been in this price range $.62 a serving or $1.23 per day for you non math guys. I honestly think this is a pretty good value. Partly because I think it helped me out in my weight loss journey, but also because Tiger Fitness sent free Yohimbine HCL, which they took out of the powdered version.

Side Effects

I experienced no unexpected negative side effects. I do think I tended to sweat a bit more, but what do you expect from a thermogenic agent?


If you are looking for a little added kick in the pants to spur yourself to a Speedo Swimsuit summer. Then look no further, pick yourself up some drop factor and hit the workouts hard, however don't send me pictures of the speedo. Spandex is a privilege not a right. This product helped me drop some rolls, and was a pretty effective pre-workout. If you are caffeine sensitive this might be a little much as with 2 servings a day you hit 500mg's of the good stuff. I think you need to look at weather you add in the Yohimbine HCL or not, it's a personal decision, for me I didn't get any bad side effects, so I used it and up the dose during my run. I like the fully disclosed label, and therefore give it my stamp of approval.

I will update in the comments what happens after the 2nd month on drop factor. Hopefully it keeps kicking the fat to the curb.
  • Mango: 7/10
  • Raspberry Lemonade: 7/10


  • DaSlaya
    Rep: +2,966
    February 15, 2018

    That magic pill huh, LOL. So basically, you will never give a 10 for a thermo, nice! Great review!

  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,099
    February 15, 2018

    I can't help it. If it where truly effective I wouldn't have to work so hard. In the back of my head I always think, "would I lose the same without the product". I can't answer that so I can't give it a 10.

  • bzyczek
    Rep: +1,738
    February 15, 2018

    " Spandex is a privilege not a right." LoL

  • bctuthill
    Rep: +2,134
    February 15, 2018


    Nice review!

  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,099
    March 16, 2018

    After month 2 I ended at 194#'s. But I did have an injury to work through. Also seems to me I started losing focus from "dieting" that long.

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