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Drop Factor Reviews

By: MTS Nutrition

Drop Factor is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by MTS Nutrition. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
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  June 13, 2017

  • Clean Energy
  • Fully Disclosed
  • Good Ingredients
  • Vegetarian Capsules
  • No Appetite Suppression
  • No Thermo Effect


First off I want to thank Admin for purchasing this for me to try and I want to apologize for the late review. I wanted to try a fairly low stim fat burner to have with me for PT and I thought this was perfect for what I was looking for. This will be the review for the latest released Drop Factor.

Ingredient Profile

Very solid profile in my opinion. Firstly, MTS lists the dosages of the entire label which is pretty rare among fat burners. Most of the time you will get a proprietary blend of a bunch of ingredients. Per two capsules (one serving), there is 250 mg of caffeine which is a nice dosage. I feel 250 mg of caffeine is right around my sweet spot. There is 250 mg of Theobromine which is an extract from cocoa plants and acts similar to caffeine. 150 mg of cayenne which can help increase body temperature. 125 mg of coleus forskohlii which has been shown to increase lean body mass. 62.5 mg of TeaCrine which is an ingredient that is becoming a bit more popular due to its caffeine similarity, but without a tolerance buildup. There is a 48 mg ORAC blend made up of different super foods to provide some antioxidants. Finally, there is a 5 mg serving of BioPerine to help with absorption and 2.5 mg dose of yohimbe bark extract which could help with appetite suppression. No gelatin used for the capsules; they are vegetarian sourced.


MTS recommends dosing this in one capsule increments. They first want you to take one cap before your first meal or morning cardio. Then once you can tolerate one capsule, add a second one 6-8 hours later. Then add another with your morning dose. Finally add a fourth with your afternoon dose once you can tolerate the others. You can consume a total of four capsules a day. I know what I can handle, so I took two capsules every morning and did not take any in the afternoon since I was taking a pre-workout and did not want to consume too much caffeine. This also extended the bottle by an extra 30 days.


MTS Drop Factor was very effective in helping me tone up. I lost a little over five pounds in just the first month of using it. I unfortunately do not have a scale where I am living now, but I would say that I lost a bit more weight even though my diet was not as strict as it was in the first month of use. The energy that I received was very clean and it did not make me crash after PT during class sessions. No adverse reactions from the stims in here for me, which obviously is a plus.

A couple of little disappointments were that I did not feel that the thermo effect or appetite suppression were that noticeable in here. Personally, those can be slightly overlooked if at the end of the bottle I lost weight. However, those two factors definitely separate a top tier fat burner and one that can be deemed as above average which is where I feel MTS Drop Factor falls. Besides a pretty good ingredient profile and clean energy, I believe it does not really separate itself from the rest of the fat burners on the market.


On some websites such as, you can find MTS Drop Factor for about $37, not including shipping. If you are using a full four cap dosage, it could be on the expensive side for a fat burner. However, since I was able to see results using half a dosage, I believe that helped out the value a bit. I was able to stretch the 120 capsule bottle into about two full months.

Side Effects

Nothing for me


Ultimately, I lost weight and that is the most important thing when we look for fat burners. Along with a solid workout plan and diet, this could help you achieve your goals. The lack of appetite suppression and thermo were definitely a bit disappointing, but I would still recommend trying Drop Factor out. Thank you again Admin for supplying me with a bottle.

  October 24, 2014

  • Worked For Me
  • Good Value
  • Burning Bubble Guts
Drop Factor Review - Finished off the bottle on 10/23/14

Profile - NEW Drop Factor Label.jpg

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Serving size 2 caps -
Caffeine - 250mg
Capsicum Annum (cayenne pepper) (40,000SHU) 150mg
Theobromine - 50mg
SyneLEAN Blend (Synephrine HCI (99%) and Methylsynephrine HCI) - 45mg
HealthyORAC Blend (Grape Seed Extract (95%OPC), Cranberry Powder, Broccoli Extract, Spinach Powder, Aacia Rigidula Extract, Pomegranate Extract) - 24mg
Vipocetine - 5mg
Piperine (99%) - 5mg
Yohimbe Bark (98% Yohimbine HCI) (Natural) - 2.5mg

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrine, Hydroypropyl Methyl Cellulosem Silica, Magnesium Stearate

Free of: Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Gluten, Soy, Milk, Sugar, Salt, Colors and Preservatives

Taste - none really just a bland smelly cap

What I got from it -

Initially I started off with 1 as directed, first day really I felt nothing carried on with 1 for 3 more days and jumped to 2 caps first thing in the morning. This brought on some burning in my stomach which i wasnt to crazy about. Basically its like eating something super spicey that burns the entire way thorugh, which not a great effect in my book. I continued on with this for another day or so and it seemed to wear off. I stuck with 2 for another week then bumped to 3 pills and the burning came back. I road out 3 pills until the last 6 days where I moved to 4 pills per day. I did find this burn bad if you were to take your last pills pre workout, could have been worse with the preworkout shake or just the exercise along with it but the burn turned into acid relux. I did this twice and changed up when I was taking these to allow more time before my workout with them.

I started at about 338lbs and as of now I am at 329.4, my diet wasnt great but not terrible, my cardio was at about 30min a day 3-4times per week and my weight training is on a 3-day split.

Overall I believe this product helped me shed body fat, but I was not really happy with the burning feeling all the time, but it is to be expected when you are using cayenne pepper for its thermogenic properties. As for more energy im a bit of a stim junkie so the energy felt from it was nil, excess sweating was not noticed like with some therm's. I would reccomend this product to someone looking to cut, especially if you are sensitve to stims and the cayenne pepper you could get by on 1-2 caps per day for a whole run.

Value - for me I believe I could have done 3-4 caps the entire time and possibly seen faster and possibly better results, but at the cost of only getting ~1 month per bottle. Which part of the allure was oh well theres enough for 2 months there. I dont recall the price for it but I got it off, where I see now for $36.99 you get drop factor with free Ethitech Yohimbine HCI so im going to guess I paid the $36.99 and got just the drop factor. Which makes me question why they are pushing them as a stack so hard now unless they feel they underdosed the Yohimbine HCI in the Blend in Drop Factor.

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