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Barracuda Reviews

By: MTS Nutrition

Barracuda is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by MTS Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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  June 21, 2018

  • Solid Natural Energy
  • Good Value
  • Increased Energy
  • Effective Ingredients
  • No Prop Blend
  • One Scoop A Day
  • Convenient Powdered Form
  • Crazy Libido
  • Transparent Label
  • Interesting Formula
  • Endurance In The Gym
  • Alertness
  • Cool Label
  • Full 30 Day Supply
  • Occasional Acid Reflux
  • Not The Best Taste
  • Lacks ZMA And Vitamin D
  • Uneven Libido Development

Quick Summary

A natty test booster from MTS Nutrition that worked extremely well in areas such as energy, libido and performance. It has a fully transparent label and effective ingredients, as well as a full 30 day cycle. The value is great for what it is. The best test booser I have tried up to date, although there is room for slight improvements. Other than that, this is a great product.


Hey SR team. Redweilerfan here with another favorite type of review; namely that of a test booster. Today I will discuss my experience with Barracuda from Marc Lobliners MTS Nutrition. But before anything else, I want to give a massive shout out and a huge thanks to Clipper for sending me this product within the frame work of the old Bounty Program to try out. As a European Trooper, with basically no possibilities to participate in the ordinary TROOPER program, this sure was a blessing. So, thank you for the opportunity, it's much appreciated.

Okay, so a few words on me before we hit the review itself. I'm 42 and have been involved in body building for a long time. As age has sneakily crept up on me, I have realized that building lean muscle mass has really become an uphill battle, and I'm more prone to injuries overall. Add to that; an overall sense of my natural testosterone levels going down the last 2 years. Sure, it's a natural process, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Therefore, enter test boosters! I still work out 4 times a week and I figured that test boosters may provide me with a little edge in my training routine, and perhaps also give me back hints of my "glory days". I have really come to appreciate this category of supplements, although there are many scam companies out there, trying to hook men like me in with fancy labels and outrageous claims. So, therefore I think it is important to actually review products like this here on SR, so that people can get honest and unbiased reviews. For the sake of transparency, I must say that I haven't done any blood work before starting with this product, so I can't say with scientific validation that this actually increased my T-levels. It has to be anecdotal in nature. That said, buckle up guys.

Ingredient Profile

This is a powdered test booster and per 1 scoop (8.2 g) you get;

D-Aspartic acid 3 g
L-Carnitine l-Tartrate 3 g
Macapure maca extract (standardized to min 0.6 % macamides & macaenes) 300 mg
Safed Musli extract (standardized to min 50 % Sapponins) (root) 250 mg
Eurycoma Longifolia extract (4:1) (root) 200 mg
Testosurge (Fenugreek extract standardized min 80 % grecunin) (seed) 200 mg
Black pepper extract (standardized min 98 % piperine) (fruit)

Okay, so we have a pretty good formula and a transparent label here. Kudos to MTS for that. Let's take a look at the ingredients and what they will do for us;

DAA: one of the best scientifically validated test boosting ingredients on the market today. DAA is an amino acid that the body can produce itself, that is, it is a non essential amino acid. In some scientific studies DAA in a 3 g dose has been reported to actually increase testosterone levels with up to 42 % and 33 % respectively in resistance trained men. It works by stimulating testosterone production in the testes mainly and a 12 day period of consecutive use seems to be necessary for providing that effect. Of all ingredients currently available on the test boosting market, this is one of the most promising ones, with scientific backing and there is a growing consensus that this ingredient actually works. I usually respond very well to DAA, so kudos for including it here in a full clinical dose.

LCLT: this ingredient on its own doesn't have much to do with raising testosterone, but it seems to have a positive effect on androgen receptors in the body. Thus, it seems to influence your androgen receptors to be more sensitive to your endogenous free testosterone, and as a consequence, you can benefit more from your already existing testosterone via its increased adhesion to your androgen receptors. Otherwise, LCLT is often used as a fat burner and as an energizer. 3 g seems to be a high dose. This is the first time I have seen this particular ingredient included in a test booster. Interesting approach.

Maca: a widely popular ingredient nowadays which is an aphrodisiac more than a real test boosting agent. According to maca does in fact not raise testosterone at all, but rather works as an aphrodisiac. Clinical dosages are between 1500 to 3000 mg daily, so we have to conclude that the 300 mg dose here is heavily under dosed. I have tried this in 3000 mg daily before and I didn't really benefit anything from it to tell you the truth. But maybe it can work synergistically with the other ingredients here? There are many other health benefits tied to this ingredient, such as stress reduction for example.

Safed Musli extract: this is an Ayurvedic herb used in Indian traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac and as an ingredient that helps with erectile dysfunction. It has been shown to increase libido and erectile function in animals, mostly rats. However, there is lacking serious human studies on this ingredient, and as a test boosting agent it has been met with much scepticism when it comes to human use. Therefore it is equally hard to assess the 250 mg dose here as clinical or not given the lack of scientific studies in humans. Even so, I don't mind its inclusion here. There seems to exist lots of anecdotal evidence for its purported effects. I'll take it.

Eurycoma Longifolia extract: often referred to as Longjack, Malaysian ginseng or Tongkat Ali. This is an herb with documented libido enhancing properties in animals, as well as sperm increasing ones. It also appears to have strong anti-estrogenic effects in some in vitro studies. How this relates to human use is not really scientifically validated in any way, especially oral administration of the extract. But overall, this seems promising and I really like its inclusion here in this product. 200 mg seems to be an "okay" dose, with the abovementioned in mind. Again, I'll take it.

Testosurge: a patented form of Fenugreek, a classic ingredient in almost all test boosters on the market. The scientific evidence of this as a test booster seems to be conflictual to say the least. Some studies has shown an increase of testosterone in resistance trained men, some studies observed no increase at all, and some studies actually has reported a decrease in endogenous testosterone production. This seems to be related to fenugreek stimulating Prolactin, a hormone with estrogenic properties. So, it's hard to know what to make of this ingredient. Also, dosages for increasing testosterone seem to be in the 500-600 mg daily, and with only 200 mg here it seems to be under dosed. It does have a high amount of the active substance grecunin (90 %) so it is not always the total dose that is decisive in the overall scheme of things.

Black pepper extract: we all recognize this ingredient. It is used for increasing bio availability of the included ingredients. The 5 mg dose is a standardized one and probably effective for what it is included for.

All in all, a pretty interesting formula, with a few well documented ingredients and some others with less scientific value, but with good anecdotal value nonetheless.


This is my first encounter with a powdered test booster, since all the others I have tried were in tablet or capsule form. Barracuda comes in 2 flavors; blue raspberry and mango. I went for the mango version since I'm a sucker for tropical flavors. Now, most of us that have tried test boosters know that the taste, even in tablet form, usually is pretty nasty. This is due to all the herbal ingredients, and especially DAA has that sour and pungent flavor to it. So, how did MTS manage to handle this issue? Well, they did a pretty good job all things considered, but the bad taste is still there. It tastes like some version of mango yes, but that sourness and pungent herbal tone is still massive here. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy drinking this, but it wasn't all that bad either. It comes with the territory I guess. I give it a 5 out 10 rating flavor wise. Mixability was not the best, but that was equally expected. Test boosting herbs are not the easiest to mix, but most of the powder was dissolving in water. Some residue landed on the bottom so if you don't drink it right away you will have to shake it again. You can also just put the powder in an ordinary glass of water, stir with a spoon and chug it. MTS recommends 6-8 oz of water and you only need to take one scoop a day. I like that. It is easy and convenient; you just mix it and knock it back, no need to take like 8 tablets a day here. MTS also recommend that you take this with your first meal of the day, or pre workout 30-45 minutes before training.


Did this product work? Overall, I would say YES! But there are some minor issues I want to bring up as well. Let's divide this section into categories;

Energy: low testosterone often comes with lack of energy and with sluggishness. Such symptoms are usually the first sign of dropping T-levels. This affects men who are training obviously. For me, Barracuda shined in this regard. I felt a big surge of natural energy throughout my use of this product. I wouldn't say that I felt like 20 again, that would be an exaggeration, but I definitely felt alert throughout my day overall. I woke up refreshed and the natural energy helped me out both in the gym and at work when things were hectic. The energy was usable in the gym and gave me a noticeable endurance as well, especially in relation to cardio. I also felt energetic in the late afternoons, and that's a statement since I usually have a drop in energy around 4-5 pm. Like clockwork. But when I was on Barracuda I hardly noticed that at all, maybe like 1 or 2 times. Otherwise I always feel that energy drop, so that was a good effect that proves that the product worked. High energy with this product.

Libido/sexual health: another reason for many (middle aged) men to resort to test boosters, the drop in libido or other sexual issues that comes naturally with age. This was a pretty odd experience to be honest. First week or so I felt a slight increase in libido. Then for almost 2 weeks I felt basically nothing. That was a disappointment; a big part of the 30 day cycle didn't really give me much libido boost. But just hold on here. With like 1 1/2 week left the libido suddenly got off the charts! I had sex on my mind constantly. Couldn't get one of my female co workers out of my head either lol! Barracuda, what did you do to me?! It was almost an animal-like feeling. It was like being a teenager times ten. Libido from morning to evening and even in my dreams haha! Okay, calm down now! So, the sexual side of things was a bit strange and didn't follow the usual pattern one tends to see in test boosters. But it worked after all, and it worked big time.

Sleep: test boosters tend to provide some good sleep and Barracuda did that in some regards I think. There isn't magnesium, zinc or vitamin D in the product, which can promote good deep sleep. But overall it was okay. I had plenty of vivid dreams and many of them sexual in nature, go figure! But I think that the lack of ZMA and vitamin D is a bit of a negative in all honesty. These ingredients are proven test boosting compounds and could have been the icing on the cake here. Just my preferences though. If MTS ever wants to improve the product, I would suggest adding these ingredients.

Alpha male feeling/aggressiveness: didn't feel alpha all the time to tell you the truth. I have felt it with other test booster products but not explicitly here. There were glimpses here and there where those things shined, but not consistent over the full cycle. That's okay. I don't need to go around feeling alpha or aggressive all day either. Again, this is a natty test booster, not anabolic steroids. But there were times

Lean mass/hardening/performance: I didn't notice much with the first two categories. With some anti-estrogenic ingredients in large dosages you can get that hardening effect. I also think that you would have to use a product for months in order to reap those benefits. Performance wise I felt as I said an increase in endurance, especially cardio related. Count in the energy as well. Overall, I had the feeling of improved performance in the gym even if I didn't break any PBs. I felt constantly on the go.


Right of the bat I will say that the value is good here. Test boosters are usually expensive and you can find products that go for $ 80-90. And they usually have prop blends and questionable ingredients or dosages. But Barracuda is not one of those hyper expensive or shady products. In fact, the price is very fair I would say, considering the test booster category in general. First off, you get a full month supply, that is, 30 days worth. Many test boosters only lasts for like 15-20 days. Second, you have a fully transparent label which increases value in my book. At Muscle & Strength you can find this for $ 34.99, which comes out to about $ 1.17 a day. You have the same price on Tiger Fitness and on I'll Pump You The same goes for Amazon. So, considering that this is a 30 day supply and that it is a test booster, I would say that the value is very nice indeed. One of the better products on the market in that regard.

Side Effects

A couple of times drinking this triggered some acid reflux so taking this with a meal may be a good way of minimising that. Otherwise, nothing to report in this category.


I would definitely recommend this product for those who are looking for a reasonably priced and effective test booster. In some regards, this was an excellent product; it gave me plenty of natural energy, alertness and endurance in the gym. Many older guys are looking for just those effects, so in that sense this was a success. However, the libido aspect was weird and came up late in the cycle. But when it came, bro, I'll tell ya! Sleep was okay, but I feel that ZMA and vitamin D should have been included in the profile, that would have made it more complete and the sleep aspect would have been more improved. But overall, those things are just minor complaints. I think that this has been the best test booster I have taken up to date. It provided me with a good deal of benefits and the value is great as well. I enjoyed the ride with it. MTS is a well known and established company and this is a solid product from them. I recommend it. Again, thanks to Clipper, Tommy and for the opportunity to try it out.
  • Mango : 5/10


  • deBruijn
    Rep: +567
    June 21, 2018

    Nice review. Just a quick note; as a fellow European Troop, some companies do send out products, Just offer to pay shipping when claiming them. FYI VMI Sports is not one of those companies.

  • June 22, 2018

    @deBruijn: thanks for the feedback and for the info bro! Didn't know that actually, will have to check it out.

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