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Black Powder is a Pre-Workout manufactured by MRI. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +297
Trust: 100%
  April 5, 2014

Hi guys -

I know this one has been covered extensively - however I know there are a few guys now who like to take a look at what I have tried and what I think - and sometimes it is good to have your own review to stack up against other products that have not been as extensively covered...

With that said I will get straight on the ingredients so that I can chip in with my opinion on what this stuff contains and what I think to it.

Total Calories: 45
Protein: 0 g
Total Carbohydrates: 11 g
Sugars: 0 g
Dietary Fiber: 0 g
Fat: 0 g
Saturates: 0 g
Sodium: 230 mg
Magnesium: 350 mg
Proprietary Blend For Size & Recovery: 3000 mg
L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
L-Arginine HCL
Proprietary Blend For Strength & Power: 2000 mg
Disodium Phosphate
Potassium Aspartate
Dicalcium Phosphate
Creatine Anhydrous
Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL
Proprietary Blend For Stamina And Endurance: 1101 mg
Potassium Bicarbonate
Sodium Bicarbonate
CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine
Proprietary Blend For Muscle Energy Metabolism: 879 mg
Magnesium Oxide
Medium Chain Triglyceride Blend
Potassium Alpha-Ketoisocaproate
Potassium Glycerophosphate
Magnesium Glycerophosphate
Vitamin B Complex
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6)
Cyanocobalamin (B12)
Riboflavin (B2)
Folic Acid
Malic Acid
Proprietary Blend Of Neuro-Modulators For Focus & Intensity: 202 mg
Green Tea Extract
Betaine Anhydrous
Proprietary Blend Of Insulin Sensitizers: 520 mg
Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Cell-Signalling Amplifier
ACTINOS 2 IRâ„¢ Whey Peptide Fraction
Other Ingredients
Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1

The first thing that sticks out to me is the 11g of carbs per serving.
For me that is a little high when I am cutting (which is often when I need a pre workout to lend a hand energy wise)
That's just the labelled technical carbs too - maltodextrin is in this powder and maltodextrin often remains un-checked as carbohydrate - despite it acting as a more aggressive insulin spiker than straight glucose....

There are benefits to having some carbs packed in there - for nutrient shuttling, nutrient delivery (including Glucose, BCAAS, Glutamine and all of your NOS components) - carbs particularly fast releasing carbs are efficient as a NOS booster/amplifier - so I am not denying that the carbs in there will have a positive effect on the performance of the pre workout for fuelling a higher powered workout (which is exactly what some people want and need).

Its just for me - I like to have the OPTION of having a carbbed up pre workout - or taking it lean. 11g carbs might not sound like much - but if your total carb intake is 100g for the day for example - thats 10% and if it is insulin spiking carbs - it may make a fat loss workout or cardio session much less effective. Just something to note.

Your blend for strength and power contains Creatine Ethyl Ester - I am happy with that since studies show that it is the most effective and efficient form of creatine for delivering power/stamina without the need for load up or unwanted bloat - however I appreciate that many studies in house in the industry are unreliable and there are the arguments there to suggest that creatine is creatine pure and simple..... so take that as you like - but I see it as no coincidence that my favourite pre workouts often contain ethyl ester .....

The blend for stamina and endurance - there are tried and tested components in that bracket. The beta alanine is often a must component for the more effective PWO formulations and many people tell the benefit from Beta Alanine for increasing endurance and energy output by the muscle tissue. The bicarbonates are actually banned in some sports because under some rulings they are classed as performance enhancers because they buffer out lactic acid and defy fatigue like Captain America .... of course this is potentially a contributing factor as to why endurance on this stuff is higher than less comprehensive formulas....

Your vitamin B complex: a good bunch of components there to help you release energy and get blood flowing! I am suprised however that Niacin (B3) is not among that stack - as most pre workouts and energy drinks and even Supermarket CEREALS contain Niacin for energy release and blood vessel dilation ........ but I guess it is effective enough without it judging by my scores....

Pump stack:

AAKG and L-Arganine HCL - tried and tested - if a pre workout that is aimed at stamina, pump and endurance does not include these I am often disappointed and either avoid it or add it myself from raw source......... lets just leave it at that.

Your stim stack relying mainly on caffeine and green tea looks a little weak and generic - Caffeine is basically just in anything nowadays and most of us will be to some extent resisant - but for some people who are sensitive it might be enough to get a good buzz going. On one hand however, it might be the weakness of the stim stack that actually helps this product maintain efficiency throughout a workout - products with heavy fast punching stims can often have us reaching an energy peak very quickly and end up zapping it out so quickly that we end up like flat batteries ..... so I am not necessarily knocking this product too hard for this - it has its pros and cons - and depending on your goal or what you want out of a PWO - More potent or Milder stims are likely to be favoured or required by different people

The blend for muscle energy and metabolism looks like a hefty electrolyte blend - which of course helps fuel and hydrate us and helps our energy conversion and muscle contraction - it is all beneficial in a NOS supplement for fuelling a gruelling workout session.

One thing I will say about all this stuff is ^ expect a bloat - I would really not advise these types of ingredients for people overly concerned with keeping dry and hard - it might make you look fuller and pumped up - but it might also make somebody who is sensetive to sodium etc etc bloat out at least to a moderate degree - this is not a pre contest supp...

Now for me personally - I used this when I needed to keep myself feeling like I had something 'NEW' to keep my workouts intense - since I wasnt on any test boosters or hormonal boosters etc I needed to keep my strength gains up and my focus and state of mind in the zone....

Performance wise - this stuff did exactly that and did not let me down.

What I noticed about this stuff was that you started off strong with stamina and energy and you finished strong - there was no premature peak and then an anti climax. Some PWOs have a tendency to either peak too quickly and then the workout declines in intensity or power/focus - or the opposite happens and the PWO doesnt kick in fast enough to get the full benefit - and then you're tweaked at home for a while wanting it to wear off.

Black powder for me like I said kicked in well meaning you start in the zone - and remained at a nice consistent level - without wearing down - the pump was decent and stuck with me. What that gives is a nice level of proportionate training - each set gets the energy, power and focus it deserves - and thus each muscle or muscle group you hit - gets attention and gets worked equally as hard......

Taste and texture wise: it was a while ago now I think mine was Fruit Punch - it was pink - and mixed easily and turned into a juicy drink - slightly like bubblegum.... I recently tried HYDE by Pro Supps and was thinking for ages that it reminded me of something to taste that I had had before - now I remember what it tasted like!

The Black Powder scoops are large so you get a large drink out of it (which is what I like - I dont like a pint of water to make a massively watered down version of cranberry cordial) - I like to be able to have a nice protein shaker full of juicy PWO....

Cost wise - it was quite dear at the time when it was an IN product - but then again for the efficiency of the product and the effort that has clearly gone into the formulation - and what we are offered for our money ingredient wise - now I realise that it was still decent value at that time....

Now I can find it at a more reasonable rate - and I think it is now even better value since it is an older generation supplement.

Looking at the ingredients and judging by the effects it had for me - I would say by no means is it an obsolete product - I think some of the new generation pre workouts are becoming a lot more advanced (though many aren't getting much more advanced at all - just the labelling!) - however like Metrx Amped - I think Black Powder still holds it own against these newer advanced formulas - it was ahead of its time in a way when I used it and since the powder is so COMPREHENSIVE with its ingredients - I have to say that I Profess that it still beats a lot of what you will find on the shelves performance wise and will still contend with some of the new favourites......
  • Works Great. Pumped Up For Hours
  • Great Pump
  • Good Focus
  • Awesome Taste
  • Good Pumps The Nitric Oxide Really Kicks In Big Time!
  • Endurance Lasts
  • No Peak And Crash
  • Maltodextrin
  • High Carb
  • Little Pricy
  • Potential For Bloat
Rep: +46
Trust: 36%
  December 23, 2012

MRI Black powder, where do I begin. I have used my share of N.O. induced PWO's and PWO's that just flat out did nothing to or for me but this was bad. My first month here in theatre I did not bring any supplements with me as for I didn't have enough room in the little amount of luggage we are aloud through the USMC for deployment flights. I had to go to the PX on the other side of base to pick up a couple of things. I had not been in the gym for a couple months leading up to getting out here but that was all getting fat and happy with the family saying my goodbyes and see ya laters. PX has basic supplements like protein, whey protein, Omega 3-6-9, True Mass, and MRI Black powder, the only PWO they had. I contemplated buying it because I had bad experiences in the past a couple of years ago when I picked up a bottle of this stuff but never finished it because it gave me pretty bad headaches and made me crash hard, but so did N.O.xplode when I tried it a few years ago. I figured since I had been bumming some N.O.xplode off a buddy and it was working out really good for the couple days I had used it with no side effects and thought maybe it would be the same for MRI Black Powder. Unfortunately I was dead wrong. Black Powder killed me, I battled through the bottle but I was happier on the empty side of the bottle.

During the time using black powder I was on a normal diet I would eat for a "dusting the cobwebs off" routine. Added-
-Omega 3-6-9
-GNC Multi-V's that looked like had been sitting here since NAM!

Taste/Mixability: 7/10 I rated the taste of Black powder a 7 because it wasn't too bad, I had the fruit punch which was pretty tasty but still had very decent hint of what tasted like "chemicals" in there. I forgot how carbonated it gets when you shake it up. When I first got it I shook it up in a normal plastic bottle, (I would use a shaker but we don't have running water here so it makes it hard to wash out a shaker, and you all know what it smells like if you don't clean them for a while, just imagine a couple months! Yuck!) I thought it was going to explode so I loosened the cap to try and get air out but all I got was sticky sticky Black powder foam all over myself and it just kept oozing and oozing, it seemed like it never stopped. Finally figure out if I just shook it up real good and let it sit for about 5 minutes the carbonation and foam would recede to a decent point and wouldn't explode. Drank it from there, doesn't go down very easy, at least not for me.

Effectiveness: 4/10 Black powder didn't start to set in after 3 scoops for at least an hour. Up until that time and through it I had the worse gas or indigestion for the whole time I was taking it. Once the "feeling" would hit I just felt nauseous. While working out I would get a random burst of energy at one set and then get back on for the next set and feel like I was on "Empty". Sometimes it worked but sometimes it did not in the same night. Everyday lifting with this stuff in my system was a hassle. It made me constantly burp up acids into my mouth which tasted horrible! Some days it gave me a headache, mad me sick to my stomach, burping, and sometimes all of them. Some days at the end of a workout I would walk outside and once my body started to settle down I would vomit up all the water I had drank in the gym to stay hydrated and the Black Powder. Constantly feeling like this every day after taking black powder threw my focus out the window. I almost hurt myself pretty bad doing military presses and dropped the weights on myself because I was so out of it from feeling so sick from the Black powder and my wrist gave out.

Value: 2/10 here maybe 5/10 in the states. The reason why I say this is because I got that F word in the A word! I payed 39$ for it here at the PX which is outrageous compared to what you can get it for on Amazon or back home at around 15-20$ and I give it a 5 in the states because if it works out for you it has a pretty good price to servings ratio. Once again, I had no choice it was either wait a month and work out dry or get some basics. So I did what I could with what I could acquire.

Overall: 3/10 I definitely felt the effects of this stuff but it was off and on. I always felt like poo poo! I bought it for way to much but you can get it for a good price on Amazon and other online retailers. I rushed into getting this because I had nothing else so that is why I payed the price I did.

Recommend? No I would not. I have been through many, many PWO's including Jack3D old and new, N.O.xplode, Nanovapor, GAT, 1MR, Animal Rage, Assault, White flood etc. etc. and this has been by far the worse experience I have had with one. Even though I choked down an entire bottle of this stuff I felt like garbage working out every night. They were the worst workouts I have ever had even beating having gone to the gym after 24 hour days with no sleep was better than taking this stuff. But I am glad I did take it because I do like to experiment around and now I can pass it on, maybe it will send you away maybe it won't that's your call. But my call is Never Again!
  • Taste Pretty Good
  • Feel A Little Dizzy After Workout
  • Cost Too Much
  • Inconsistent
  • Headaches
Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  October 29, 2012

Black powder is my go-to PW. I have tried tons of PW out there...Xplode, Nano Vapor, Jack3d, NeuroCore, Shotgun, Assault. And all around, Black powder is my favorite.

The taste is awesome, you just have to mix it with just enough cold water. I have tried the blue raz and fruit punch, and i'm waiting for the orange to come in the mail. But the taste is way good, it's better than all the other PW I've taken besides Xplode. I'd say 9/10 for taste.

I work out super early in the morning (4:30-6:00) and Black Powder doesn't get me all jittery and itching like some of the other PW. It just gets me super focused. I get really vainy with BP too, and the pump is great but not the best I've seen. I'd say about 8/10 for vains and 6/10 for pump. I also feel super focused for a long period of time. 2 hours into a work out and I still want to lift hard. I have so much stamina and resistance, I always feel like I can go forever.

Price 10/10
The price is pretty great. Last night I bought some more from allstarhealth and only $20 for I think 40 servings, that's not bad at all for the quality.

Overall 8/10
Like I said before, I've tried tons of pre-workouts and Black Powder is my favorite. I lift and eat for cut and BP has been the perfect PW for me with my diet and workout routines.

  • Great Pump
  • Great Energy
  • Great Focus
  • Taste Pretty Good
    Rep: +5
    Trust: 0%
      October 11, 2012

    This product was recommended to me after I finished a bottle of Jack3d. I was telling my friend that 3 scoops of Jack3d didn't do much for me and he went on to tell me how much he liked Black Powder. I said that Black Powder gave him tons of energy and better pumps than anything else that he has taken. He has been working out longer than I have, so I took his word for it.

    Sadly to say this product did not work so well for me. From the looks of it, it seems like this product is very hit or miss with people. I hope that this review is clear and is informational.

    Energy: 2/5
    When I first took this product I was like whoa! Ha! I really liked how the product instantly hit me. I felt energy within 15 minutes. I was all jittery as I was driving to the gym. The pump was really good in the beginning of my workout. As the workout went on I realized that I was losing focus fast and that I started to feel tired. This continued each time I used the product. The crash was so heavy, heacier than most products that I have taken.

    Pump: 4/5
    Like I mentioned above the pump was great and seemed like it lasted. I don't think that I have taken a product that has given me such an immediate pump.

    Endurance: 2/5
    A part of the crash was that I lost my endurance in the gym. I realized that my first workout was great, but after that I just couldn't get into pushing the weight around. Maybe it was more mental than physical.
    • Great Pump
    • Awesome Taste
    • Inconsistent
    • Not Much Energy
    Rep: +28
    Trust: 21%
      July 25, 2012

    I got this to try something different since I had bad luck with some of the pre workouts I tried before like Jack3d and Shock Therapy. This one was what I ended up ordering and using for the summer and the results from it where exactly what I was wanting.

    Taste: 8
    I got the orange flavor and it tastes like Tang for the most part but the higher dosage you use then the more unpleasant it gets even with more water.

    Price: 8
    I got this for $20 on a sale and it was well worth the money for what you get.

    Effectiveness: 8
    When I first took this I got a great pump, increased energy and increase in strength as well. All the key components of what I was looking for. The one downfall is that the recommended serving is 1 scoop and you become tolerant to is fairly fast. I was at 2 scoops by the end and never got the great rush like I did at the beginning. I am however tolerant to caffeine so that is a factor as well.

    I would recommend this product as a cheap pre workout that gets the job done but get a small size as the tolerance goes up fast.
    • Great Pump
    • Great Energy
    • Taste Pretty Good
    • Easy To Become Tolerant To
    Rep: +29
    Trust: 27%
      April 7, 2012

    I had high hopes from Black Powder since I had read some really positive reviews on SR, hence I decided to give it a try. However, it turned out to be a huge disappointment in my book. Don't get me wrong, this might work for a lot of people, but it did next to nothing for me.

    Taste: 9/10: This is the best tasting pre-workout I have ever taken period. I took the blue raspberry flavor and it was just awesome. But sadly, that is the only good thing I can say about Black Powder.

    Energy: 2/10: Very inconsistent. Maybe twice or thrice, I felt a slight energy boost but nothing overwhelming. No caffeine rush definitely. At times, I felt I had not even taken a pre-workout before working out. Very disappointing.

    Strength/Endurance: 0/10: Felt nothing. No increased strength or endurance while on this. No beta alanine tingles even when I took a double dose which seemed kinda strange to me. Nonetheless, a big zero in this area.

    Pump: 2/10: I usually get good pumps every time I work out so it was a bit difficult for me to gauge the true effects of Black Powder. But nothing that was outstanding. No increase in vascularity either.

    All in all, this was one of the most ineffective pre-workouts I have used and this was after I had cycled off stims for 4 weeks. So, cant say that I was getting tolerant towards stims. I am not likely to purchase this again but again, its just me. There might be a lot of people who get good results from Black Powder.
    • Taste Pretty Good
    • Inconsistent
    • Not Much Of A Pump
    • Not Much Energy
    Rep: +48
    Trust: 53%
      October 7, 2011

    I have gone through a few tubs of black powder and I find that its pretty good for what it does,
    this was my first pre work out sup and the first time i tried it and I was feeling it pretty good for it (all the energy it gives you). I never had tried a pre work out powder before and after my first time on it I was so pumped up to do my resistance training I kept on chanting black power to my gym partner as I was flying through the reps and sets as he was looking on my like I was on some sort of crack or something..

    taste.. 10 out of 10
    first of all the blue raspberry i have to say tastest pretty awsome and I would find it pretty strange if anybody would complain about the taste..

    pump.. all i can say about the pump is its pretty good and i believe with out a doubt in my heart it help me to reach my goals

    serving size... 8 out of 10
    i just used 1 scoop and that was all i needed
    but i did raise it to 1 and a half after my second tub, but i cant blame the product because i didnt cycle off stims and i became more tollerant so i cant blame the product for this

    mixability... 9 out of 10
    no problems here it mixed well in my shaker cup with could water so i cant whine about it in any way

    focus 8 out of 10
    i had pretty good focus on this stuff
    came to the gym and handled bisness
    no cracked out feeling just pure clean energy

    price 8 out of 10
    this stuff is pretty expensive in australia
    around 70 dollars from my local supplement shop, but for what it does and how long it lasts providing you use one scoop it aint too bad at all, just wished it was cheaper (like all things in life)

    over all 8 out of 10
    over all i felt this product is above the average in it catagory, it does what it claims it sets out to do, the taste is spot on, the energy is there and it does help with pump alot, I know there is many products in the pre work out catagory but you cant go wrong with purchasing this ( you can do a whole lot worse)
    you dont feel groggy off this like you do off nanovapour,
    all I can say is that if your new to pre workout sups give this a try and you should be pretty happy with this..this may not be the best one out there but i do belive for me this is way above average
    • Really Works
    • Great Pump
    • Great Energy
    • Great Focus
    • Taste Pretty Good
    • Little Pricy
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      August 27, 2011

    Im working abroad at the moment so have plenty of time to train in the gym that they supply here. l went into the px and as normal they sell muscle supplements. I had not heard of Black Powder before but l saw how quick they went over the few days they were on the shelf. The NO Xplode and naNO Vapor hardly moved so l brought a tub and gave it a shot.
    Well everything it said on the tub and the reviews were "to me" very accurate! l loved LA Muscle Vasculator which gave me abnormal pumps but that was over 6 years ago and expensive. I love trying out new supplements and see if they have a better effect, l am so glad l got a tub of BP! Red Bull, Monster, relentless or any drink you need to pick you up is like water compared to this! l dont touch energy drinks unless l am so tired and nothing to hand then l might grab a can. Black Powder gave me over 6 hours of pure energy! like being on a legal high! The focus, strength, recovery and energy was amazing, felt like l was 18 again. l got so hooked on this that when l finished the tub l instantly brought a 2nd one. l even got about 15 people hooked on this stuff here lol. l must say dont take longer than 12 weeks, give your body a rest...mine surely needed it but they dont have anymore in stock and l had to try NO why there are loads on the shelf. Well l am now trying naNO Vapor because of the amount of creatine in it and l hope they bring more BP to the shelves so l am ready to take a step up again. After 3 months on BP l was very lean, strong and looking much more defined than ever.
    I know Nano will be a waste but its all l got at the mo. l have since read tons of reviews on here and have now ordered the NO Shotgun V2 and Jacked. Looking forward to trying those and giving those a review. Ive cheated and brought some BP off eBay, just as cheap and its getting sent here....dman need it!
    l recommend it and haave got so many hooked on it. l wont touch No xplode again.
    l took it 30-50mins before gym at about 5pm. Some nights l didnt sleep til 2am. the crash is welcoming l tell u!!
    • Works Great. Pumped Up For Hours
    • Really Works
    • Great Metal Drive
    • Great Pump
    • Great Energy
    • Great Focus
    • Taste Pretty Good
    • Good Pumps The Nitric Oxide Really Kicks In Big Time!
    • Sleep-deprivation
    Rep: +5
    Trust: 0%
      August 26, 2011

    Couple of useful tips when it comes to POW supplements. When you buy something new, open the safety seal, put the cap back on, and flip it upside down and shake it a little bit. The ingredients in these supplements settle when theyre coming from the manufacturer, to the truck, to the shelves. Also, today there are SO many POW powders on the market today; If yesterday you finished your Jacked or 1MR and then the next day you move to something like this you may not feel anything. Mainly because your body is used to everything in these blends.You can't give a fair review that way. Heres how I see it.

    I cycled off any POW for 2 months, then after research bought the Black Powder. Before this i've taken Jacked and 1MR, i used to like those because of smaller servings and that Cracked out head rush feeling. This is different, and the main reason why i like it; you have serious no2 power and recovery in this bad boy, but no heart racing head rush feeling. After a few workouts on this, I was able to remain level headed - sleep at night- but still have the best lifts of my life. After my usual lifting routine i felt no fatigue, allowing me to add more 3 even 4 more sets to my usual exercises and even give me motivation to add new thing to my routine to make it longer. Serious PUMP and energy for your muscles, not your head. After 2 weeks on this, my usual weight feels very light and i have the Drive and strength to lift heavier. Fruit Explosion flavor tastes great! Its got that soury taste to it and unlike other bright red fruit punch blends, this one is a softer pink. Only downside is its a little more expensive than other products, but hey I think its worth it.
    • Works Great. Pumped Up For Hours
    • Awesome Taste
    • Good Focus
    • Taste Pretty Good
    • Great Focus
    • Great Energy
    • Great Pump
    • Great Metal Drive
    • Really Works
    • Good Pumps The Nitric Oxide Really Kicks In Big Time!
      Rep: +25
      Trust: 14%
        August 16, 2011

      Black Powder is one of the supplements I always keep in mind just because it's so reliable in my opinion. It was the first PWO I ever tried (this was a couple years ago) and have now just finished a tub for the 3rd time. The pumps and energy are definitely substantial, especially when cycling back onto PWO's. That said, here's my full review:

      Energy (8.5/10)- I would highly recommend Black Powder as a supplement to use when cycling back onto PWO's. My body usually builds up a tolerance pretty quickly unfortunately, but after taking about a month off of PWO's I felt explosive in my lifts when I added this back in. I'd add in a Beta-Alinine with this supp just to push your energy levels to the next level, though.

      Focus (7/10)- Maybe I'm just disillusioned after trying several other PWO's, but I remembered the focus being much better the first couple times I'd tried this out. Probably the weakest aspect of this particular supplement, but by no means a dealbreaker. If you've got the personal motivation to get your lifts in, you'll be just fine.

      Pump (9/10)- GREAT pumps almost every time I worked out, even the occasional days where I had to struggle to make it through. Definitely improved vascularity as well. Overall, the top area for this PWO.

      Taste (7/10)- Not bad, not great. I don't like spending too much time worrying about taste since I'm just downing this before I hit the weights, but I wouldn't complain if MRI re-tooled the Fruit Punch flavor a little.

      Value (7/10) - This is a product I'd highly recommend if you ever find it on sale anywhere. Full price is a little steep for what it delivers, but not horrible. Like I said, if you find a sale or a deal online then I'd vouch for it.

      All in all, more than a decent product I'd say is definitely worthy of giving a try.
      • Works Great. Pumped Up For Hours
      • Great Pump
      • Great Energy
      • Sleep-deprivation
      • Little Pricy

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