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X-Factor is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by Molecular Nutrition. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +5,596
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 78

  November 17, 2013

Alright Huge thanks to Molecular and the ER for letting me have the chance to run a 50 day cycle of this.

First off these new Arachidonic Acid products are gaining some new attention to the supplement world and for good reason. They actually do work.

Serving size 1 softgel
Arachidonic Acid ( Arasyn )250 mg
Aryasyn 40% Arachidonic Acid in a proprietary fatty acid blend

The Advanced does have the added Omega-3 concentrated fish oil/ and Boswellia Serrata Resin 18%. Which are aimed to help with the Joint pain that is a common side of the ARA. The Advanced version has a few other things added in as well, but from the research I have read, I am not sure that it all that much better.

Lets get to the good part
Effectiveness ( several parts )
Strength 9
I was pushing more weight than I have in a long time. Yes I was moving up in body weight too, but I was still maintaining a lean profile too.
I Had several PR's on this, one being a 350 bench. Followed by 315 for 6 . But this as well as other positives seemed to be less noticeable over the course of the run.

Pumps 10
These are a different kind of pump I have had as well. When doing low rep/ heavy weight the pumps are deep and not painful. But you do the high rep/ medium weight routine and holy crap, BURN BABY!. I mean tremendously awesome pumps. I have missed these. They feel like the first time you get that " I am working out pump". Just wicked. I loved it. Also the pumps would carry over into the next day! I verified this in my log.

Weight/ body mass 8
I did gain about 10 lbs on this run. I am not one to change my lifestyle and/or diet so I do feel like some of this was muscle. But this is over 50 days as well.

Recomp/leaning effect 8
I will say the first bottle I was loving this.But as with all the other areas this started to fall off toward the end of the second bottle. But from about a week in to about 20 - 30 days this kept getting better. After that it was not as noticeable.

Well first off the DOMS that this is known for was not as bad as some swore they was. Yes I got some increased soreness but nothing like what some said. Also when I worked out the the muscle burning was 100% increased while on this. Very intense.

The joint point was increased with this as well but I was expecting that as well. My elbow did hurt a lot more but I was also doing more weight on most lifts so that could have added to it as well.

There was no stomach issue on this either so that is wonderful.

Dosing 7
On the first bottle I took as directed. 1 pill with each meal 4 times a day, with one pill took as a PWO.
I do feel this was the most effective way. As I noticed more positives while taking this way.

On the second bottle I took different ways.
Two midday , and two PWO. Or however I felt for the week. I noticed no difference increasing the dose PWO either.

Value 7
This stuff is not cheap and it suggests to take for a 50 day cycle which is going run you anywhere from 50- 100$ depending on what kind of sale you find. Nutraplanet sells the advanced in the 200 count bottle for 71 bucks so I think that would be the best value.

Overall 8
Overall I am impressed that one single ingredient can give so many effects to you. I did look leaner every morning I got up for the first 30 days and was looking even a bit more full and grainy look. The veins was truly popping out everywhere even at my BF%.
I do feel this is a good product and something I enjoyed trying, But do the joint pain ( which I have anyway ) it just made it a bit much at time and would hinder the workouts. Also for the weird almost all day long dosing, I have to knock some points off. The value brings the overall down some too. I am thrilled to have tried this and may try another supplement like this to compare.
I have a friend who was a rep for this company and he really liked this he suggested running this with peak beta for a truly awesome combo.
Thanks again for letting me try this product.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strength Gains
  • Crazy Pumps!
  • Excellent And Prolonged Pumps
  • Pricey
  • Increased Joint Pain
  • Positives Diminished Over Time
Rep: +5,359
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 53

  October 25, 2013

Molecular Nutrition Original Formula X-Factor's main ingredient is Arachidonic Acid (ArA).
ArA is polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. It is found naturally in a human body's cells and is most abundant in the brain, muscles and liver. Dietary examples containing ArA are eggs and red meat. ArA is a key inflammatory intermediate and can also act as a vasodilator. Through its conversion to active components such as the prostaglandin PGF2alpha, ArA is necessary for the repair and growth of skeletal muscle tissue.


I purchased 2 bottles of X-Factor from for $48.39 per 100 count bottle for a total of $96.78. I dosed this product only on workout days at 6 caps (1.5g) per day on an empty stomach, 45-60 minutes pre-workout. Since I average 5 workouts a week, 200 caps of XF lasted me 34 workouts at just under 7 weeks. For me this worked out to $2.85 per workout. The manufacturer actually recommends 4 caps (1g) per day, so for comparison that would be 50 work outs at a cost of $1.94 per workout. While I can't speak to the quality of the product, for a cheaper run of ArA you might want to check out X-gels.


I did quite a bit of research on maximizing ArA's benefits before taking it and the best data I found was to take as follows:

45-60 minutes Pre-Workout on empty stomach:
Molecular Nutrition X-Factor 6 caps (1.5g ArA)
Controlled Labs Glycergrow 2-4 scoops – for enhanced ArA absorption
AI Sports Nutrition L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT) 2g – 8g for reduced platelet aggression

Also to maximize ArA's effects I eliminated anything that would negate my body's natural inflammatory responses. This included Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil, flax oil, olive oil, NSAID, Glucosamine, MSM, Bromelain and so on.

As a side note: While I did not have this problem, some people report experiencing headaches with ArA and have gotten around it by adding 81mg of baby aspirin and also by splitting up their ArA dosage throughout the day. This does not count as an NSAID and will not negate the inflammatory process. If you get headaches easily, then I highly recommend listening to this advice.



While I felt great through my workouts from beginning to end, the weights in general just felt heavier. For example, my current max on bench press is 345x1 and each week I'd put 315 on the bar it just felt so heavy that I dared not even attempt a second rep, let alone add more weight. Starting X-Factor I performed 225x16 on bench and after 7 weeks on XF I could only perform 12 reps of 225. For Deadlifts I performed a 10 minute test. Max reps of 225. Starting week of XF I got 80. Final week of XF I got 84 and those extra 4 reps were a major major grind.

----Body Composition-----

Starting weight – 209.0 lbs Final weight 214.6 lbs (+5.6 lbs)
Starting Body Fat - 15.1% Final Body Fat - 15.9% (+0.9%)
Starting Fat Mass – 31.6 lbs Final Fat Mass – 34.2 lbs (+2.6 lbs)
Starting Fat-free Mass – 177.4 lbs Final Fat-free Mass 180.4 (+3.0 lbs)
Starting Body Water – 129.8 lbs Final Body Water 132.0 lbs (+2.2 lbs)

So to summarize – Gained 5.6 lbs. of which 2.6 of it was fat, 2.2 was water and 0.8 was muscle.

--------DOMS and the "Swole Effect"----------

There is no doubt that DOMS was increased in a major way right off the bat. I should note that this pain is not intolerable in any way and honestly was quite welcome. In the days following a workout, I really felt the areas of each muscle that was previously pushed to its limits and beyond. This soreness gave the feeling of a prolonged pump. However, was this feeling merely the DOMS or was it an actual "Swole Effect"? To test this question I broke out the tape measure before my arm workout and measured a very cold, but hard flexed right bicep at 17.25 inches. Immediately following my arm workout I took another measurement and read 18.5 inches. The next morning, roughly 11 hours later, I measured a solid 17.5 inches. Later that day, the next morning and that evening I measured again a cold, but hard flexed right bicep flex at 17.375" (17 3/8"). So while the "swole effect" did decrease at the 24 hour mark, I still maintain an eighth inch increase 48+ hours later.

As the weeks went on I noticed that while I still was experiencing DOMS, I did not seem to feel the same swole effect. To test this out I conducted the same test as before during my 7th and final week on XF. Cold flexed right bicep 17 ½ inches. Hot flexed bicep 18 3/8 inches. 24 hours later 17 ½ inches.

This confirmed to me that the initial effects of XF had unfortunately diminished. On the positive side, my right bicep cold measurement did increase another eighth of an inch from 5 weeks earlier.

------------Side Effects------------------

Besides the increase in DOMS I also experienced awesome workout pumps. I think I can honestly say they were the best I've ever experienced. It took a while to find the sweet spot, but once I increased my GMS, LCLT and water consumption pre-workout that when things really changed for the better.

Starting on my 6th week the DOMS really fell off and the joint pain came on strong for the remainder of this run. At this point I was really missing my Orange Triad, fish oil EPA/DHA and Super Cissuss. After sitting and lying down for even 30 minutes, once I got up my ankles and knees had me hobbling across the room. Fortunately the pain went away the more I walked around and it never did affect the quality of my workouts.


Molecular Nutrition makes some very bold claims to the benefits of ArA and X-Factor. They toss several studies around that speak extremely well of this supplement. The most ridiculous claim on their website refers to a 2006 university placebo controlled study where it was common for subjects to increase their bench press 1RM by 44%. WOW!!! Let's see, my max bench is currently 345 lbs so add 44% and I am at an even 500 pound one rep max!!! Wouldn't that be nice? I realize this is how you sell a product and won't go on any further about it.

On the positive side I feel there is real value to this product. I can assume that since my bicep size increased that my other muscle groups followed suit. While I am not as vascular and defined as id like to be, I am happy with what I see in the mirror and at the end of the day I think this is what most people are truly after in a supplement.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Excellent And Prolonged Pumps
  • Too Expensive
  • No Strength Increase
  • Increased Doms
  • Increased Joint Pain
  • Positives Diminished Over Time
Rep: +54
Trust: 71%
  October 6, 2011

First off it's a 9/10 because IMO no natural supplement exceeds the effects of AAS. With that said here's my review:

To start, I ran this product back in August, ended in September. Before the summer, I was up to 180. My summer was very unsuccessful, though. I dropped to ~160 due to a few factors.. Nearly a month on vacation, a week long bout of the flew, and laziness.

I started this product at @ 171, 13%. I finished at 183 and @ 11%. Overall I was very happy with my gains. I don't know how much I added to my 1RM, but i added 15 pounds to my 6RM, on bench. Gaining 12 pounds and leaning out was very pleasing. The most pleasant factor was that my diet was very inconsistent, and I had an injury which limited me from deadlifting and a lot of leg work. So the fact I gained 12 pounds with out DL and squats is also a nice perk.

Value is more of a 7.5/10. It's a pricey product, I ran the 60ct OG XF, so a 50 day cycle was ~$80 because I found it cheap, but it'd usually be about $100. Still this isn't a product where the price out weighs the effects.

I used 4 caps preworkout on workout days only. And near the end added a 5th cap. Along with my diet off, and limited exercises, I also didn't make a complex stack like most people do. So my next cycle I'll be @ 100%, diet in check, and make more of a stack and hopefully see better results.

Overall, i'd recommend this to anyone with some experience. I think newbies could make gains, but you're better off waiting until everything is in check and making better gains. IMO X-Factor is the best natural supplement!
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strength Gains
  • No Sides
  • Crazy Pumps!
  • Pricey
Rep: +10
Trust: 5%
  June 12, 2011

Overall the greatest supplement I have taken. Took this during my bulk this past winter and have never had better results. I did a 50 day, 2 bottle cycle of the X-Factor Advanced version of this.

As others have said on this product, make sure to get the 2 bottles if you want the best results, as it takes your body sometime for the arichidonic acid to start working. I didn't start seeing great results until a few days into the second bottle where my body really started to change. I used this on a bulk and actually leaned out while on it. Started at 184lbs and 12% body fat and ended my cycle at 192 lbs and close to 9% body fat and I experience absolutely 0 sides while on it.

My strength was also through the roof on this product. I maxed out my 1RM on benching a week before starting and got 265. After the 50 days on this product I finally reached my goal of 300. Truly a great experience on this product.

Value at a 7 because although it is very expensive to do the whole 50 day cycle, the results are well worth it.

Will definitely be buying this again and recommend it to anyone who wants a very potent Muscle Builder with no sides.

Will definitely be buying again.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strength Gains
  • No Sides

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