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Amino Acids > Glutamine

Glutamine-SR is a Glutamine Supplement manufactured by MHP. It contains glutamine which is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue; It helps support lean muscle gain.

See all 13 products in:
Amino Acids > Glutamine


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  February 25, 2012

Hi everybody, here is Eddy from Budapest, Hungary, Middle-Europe!
This stuff really works!
Previously I did not pay any attention on taking additional Glutamine, but after discussing with many friends from the gym, pros and amateurs as well, I decided to take one.
I am a very precise and maximalist guy who watches the details and get the relevant info from many sources! I'm that guy who wants to buy a product only once, and not to skip from one producer to the other...

Why MHP?
I read many many reviews here and also professional articles about Glutamine. The problem with Glutamine is that 70% of the powder you consume is utilized by the stomach and only the rest (30%) will be available to feed the muscle. And we know that Glutamine adds the 60-70% of the muscle tissue. I've chosen MHP because its own individual development of Microfeed Technology. It provides me a continual muscle feeding.

Taste and mixture 10/10
Believe me, you won't feel anything... not at all! It has no taste, just mix it with your protein shake and you will take down simply.

Effectiveness 10/10
I definitely felt what this product promised! I already felt after the first week that I could lift more and more weights or do more reps! I felt that my muscles were totally loaded in. No side effects were experienced.

This product comes with a little plastic scoop which gives you 6g. I take 12g (2 scoops) in the morning with my shake and another 12g immediately after workout. I bought the 1000g Glutamine SR, so it was enough for almost two months, apprx. 45-50 days.

You get what you pay for! Here in Hungary this product is pricey, but as I mentioned... I will give money only for a well working product. I pay for natural, healthy products rather than for anabolic steroids!

I highly recommend this product. This an excellent, innovative product which is a must to have supplement along with your other ones... but... don't forget the most important thing. This is just a supplement... if you give your 50% than this will give you the other 50%... or more!
Eat properly, train properly and sleep enough... afterwards the results will absolutely appear!
  • Builds Muscle
  • No Taste
  • Mixes Well
  • Great Recovery
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +17
Trust: 28%
  April 6, 2011

This is the first glutamine product i've tried and i can honestly say i was pretty impressed. At first i didn't feel its effect because i wasn't lifting heavy. But when i started adding weight i started to feel a difference in my recovery. I took one serving in the morning and another right after my workout with my protein shake. I can honestly say the soreness was not noticable the next day even after legs day (horrible day i might add hehe). And it didn't taste bad or at all. Only problem with this product is that it won't mix easily and won't dissolve 100% in water. I ran out of glutamine a a week ago and i can actually feel the difference. Overall, it worked for me and i highly recommend it !
  • Good Value
  • Lots Of Servings
  • Great Recovery
  • Won't Mix Well
Rep: +11
Trust: 4%
  October 5, 2010

i started lifting heavy and was looking for something to help me recover quicker. i went to a local supplement store and the sales person suggested this item. he gave it to me for 30 bucks so i decided to try it. i take 1 scoop in the morning with my protein shake and one scoop before bed with my protein. i have noticed i am not as sore anymore, can lift harder on consective days, and overall have a better focus. its only one scoop and they are small so this product lasts a long time. i would recommend this to any1 who needs to add something to their protein shake. the only bad thing is if u mix with water and protein it has a strong taste that isnt all that pleasant.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Lots Of Servings
  • Mixes Well
  • Bad Taste With Just Water
Rep: +1,688
Trust: 100%
  June 27, 2009

This is a pharmaceutical grade encapsulated glutamine. Basically it is protected against breakdown during digestion which allows it to get to where it needs to be, your muscles. This is a necessary component to recovery and muscle growth, and I have used this product several times. I don't like the cost of MHP products, and this one is ridiculous. $79 retail tag on glutamine? Yikes. But glutamine works, we all know this. But is a slow release glutamine more effective? And is it worth the cost? You will get a whole lot of servings with the price tag though, so you're only buying the tub every few months. I like it. If it were cheaper I'd buy it more often

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