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Only 4 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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DREN is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by MHP. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.

See all 25 products in:
Weight Loss > Other Weight Loss


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +16
Trust: 25%
  November 14, 2010

I Brought DREN after i finished my bottle of Oxy Elite Pro after about 3 weeks i then started taking DREN i read mixed reviews saying it was a kind of hit or miss product well this is what i personally thought

As a fat burner this is nothing compared to OEP or even Gaspari Mitotropin as i did find that gave me a good thermogenic effect and worked as well

BUT.. as and appetite suppression DREN is probably the best product you will ever take you will sometimes have to force yourself to eat but at this time i wasn't looking to burn fat just wanted to stop from eating junk after the summer cut so this was great for me for what i was looking for at the time

i found taking it after about 15 minutes you started feeling kind of sick i suppose this feeling did also make the appetite suppression stronger

i also found this did wake you up in the mornings but it didn't give you the thermogenic kind of feeling and give you crazy energy

so my final thought on this would be as a fat burner NO but if your looking to suppress your appetite and cut out the junk which with good exercise would still burn fat then YES go try it it will give you a little energy in the morning nothing major tho

this is also a very cheap product and the fat burning effects might work for different people defiantly a hit or miss like i read in the first place i suppose!!
  • Unbeatable Appetite Suppresent
  • Very Cheap
  • No Noticeable Effects
  • Not A Fat Burner Works In Other Area's
Rep: +2,429
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5

  January 23, 2010

This is in my top 10 of worst supplements of all time list.
This product had no effect on me at all, no energy no "euphoric" feelings and especially no weight loss.
I have tried weight loss products that have worked for me so I know what to expect from a "supplement" for weight loss.
There is no miracle pill but there are things such as thermogenics and such and this has nothing that in the least but affected my body.
    • No Energy
    • No Noticeable Effects
    Rep: +4,007
    Trust: 100%

      November 11, 2009

    I took back during the summer. I had only taken one other Thermo before and it was Animal Cuts. I lost mostly water weight on that. Anyway, i took 3 weeks off and went to GNC to choose my next one. There was another customer in there a few years older than me and we just started talking supplements and weight training. After about 20 minutes, i decided he knew what he was talking about. I asked him what (in his opinion) is the best weight loss pill? He looks at me and goes "Dude.. MHP Dren. I had never heard of it but sure enough it was in the lock box there. He told me how him and his buddy did 2 cycles a piece on it and lost about 30 pounds and he also said he didnt kno how it was "Legal". So i said wth, 23 bucks, worth a shot. I lost 12 pounds that month. Unfortunatly, i think a couple were muscle. The only problem with this pill is the appetite suppressent is TOO extreme. If you are completely obese and just really need to cut your daily calorie intake back by like 2,000 and arent afraid to lose a little muscle.This is your pill. I actually had to force food down my throat. I like to eat 6-7 small meals a day to keep my metabalism up so if i ever do cheat, it wont hurt me too bad. I JUST finished a cycle of the new MuscleMeds fatburner- MethylBurn Extreme today. Since there is no page for it on here, ill tell u that it is alot like Dren but i think it is better. Instead of 1 pill a day u take 2 and the energy is more sustained. Nothing gave me euphora like Dren but methylburn was pretty decent in that class. Dren made me feel stoned or super drunk sometimes lol. And methylburns appetite suppressent is perfect. Not too insane, but enough to keep your set meals down your throat and nothing else. MHP Dren and MuscleMeds MethylBurn Extreme are two amazing weight loss pills. with the help of them, i am now down from 195, 15% Bf - 165, 6.2% Bf in the course of a little over 3 months. Keep drinking 1- 1 and a half gallons of water a day! This is essential for weight loss! If you do your job in the gym and at the kitchen table, these pills will double the results. Good luck
    • Insane Euphora
    • Engergy
    • Unbeatable Appetite Suppresent
    • Very Cheap
    • Engergy Effects Wear Off Throughout Cycle
    Rep: +1,465
    Trust: 100%
      June 12, 2009

    Once again, MHP has dissappointed me. I bought DREN thinking that this was a cheap, effective fix to my fat burning needs, only to be fooled once again. It claims to supprress appetite, but I felt MINIMAL if any suppression. As for energy increase, you only get a short 3-5 minute interval where your energy increases. A more effective energy booster would be a few cups of black coffee. Seriously. The pills also make you have horrible chemical-flavored burps. As far as weight loss, I've lost 3-5 pounds over the past 3 weeks, but I don't credit much, if any, of that loss to the DREN. The reason being is that I was out of working out for about 6 months with a back injury, and now that I am working out regularly again, I have been dropping weight due to the regular physical activity. The only good thing to say about this product is that it is cheap, about $20-$30 for an entire month, but thats it. Like I said earlier, MHP dissappoints once again.

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