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Dark Matter is a Post-Workout Protein Supplement manufactured by MHP. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

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  June 15, 2016

First time poster so I'll need to answer a few questions.

1. How did you find out about SR?
I found SR through a search engine query on other products I was looking to use.

2. What prompted me to write this review.
I value the information on SR and feel that I can be a valuable asset to the community as a whole. I have used many other products and continue to use newer products as they come out ... I'm kind of a test dummy in a way.

3. What are your fitness goals?
I am into powerlifting so my supplements won't always match what others are using. My goals for this year are to be 200lbs with a 400 bench, a 600 deadlift and a 600 squat. Currently, I am at 220lbs with a 365 bench, a 475 deadlift and a 475 squat.

4. What other products are you planning to review?
I will most likely review energy/stimulant/pre-workout powders and post-workout formulas.


Dark Matter, manufactured by MHP, is designed to spike your insulin during the "anabolic window" after a workout to help shuttle nutrients into your muscles faster that other post-workout proteins and shakes.

Profile: (8/10)

Calories: 110
Fat: 0g
Total Carbohydrates: 25g
Sugars: 0g
Protein: 2g

Dark Matter used a proprietary blend of ingredients, which I can't stand due to the lack of dosing transparency, that work to spike your insulin, increase protein synthesis and swell your cells. Even so, the blend is a solid 36g so it's not that weak. In fact, it works great!

Taste: (6/10)

During my testing, I used the Fruit Punch flavor and it was not the worst I've ever had, but it sure didn't taste like fruit punch either. At no time, no matter how much water I did or did not put in, I could not find an acceptable dilution that appealed to my taste buds, so I chugged it and got it down as fast I could.

Effectiveness: (10/10)

Here the deal, I've never had a post-workout drink that actually helped reduce DOMS ... until Dark Matter. During this testing phase, I worked on the 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler and to be totally honest, I was always left in paid, except when I took Dark Matter after the workout. I didn't have to double-dose at all either. On days where I drank the drink, I was great. On days where I didn't, my body reacted negatively. Ultimately, I was able to get back into the gym with less pain and fatigue and work harder than ever before.

Value: (9/10)

The best price I could find this for online was $32 and that's fair considering that you get 40 servings. That breaks down to $0.80 per serving.

Overall: (8/10)

Initially, I was skeptical of this product as too many other products have bloated claims that aren't justifiable when tested in real word application. After using this product, I am sold that it is a great post-workout recovery supplement/drink. The biggest downside for me was the hard-to-drink taste.
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Strange Taste
Rep: +28
Trust: 23%
  October 9, 2013

Dark Matter is an post workout product sold by MHP. It is based around the idea of spiking your insulin in order transport nutrients to your muscles faster. Several of my friends have used it in the past and recommended it to me for use when bulking. I started taking it approximately two weeks after I left my school's boxing team. During this time I was naturally putting weight on fast, as I was weighing 175 lbs for boxing when I am naturally closer to 190 or 195.

Profile: (9.5/10)

Total Carbohydrate-48g

Dark Matterâ„¢ Proprietary Blend (Patent Pending) 60g

I would prefer that the amounts of all ingredients in the proprietary blend be given, however, all the ingredients in the blend are solid. There are a lot of ingredients in the blend, but I will just go over some of the highlights: waxy maize, creatine, and various amino acids. All the ingredients included in this product are solid, and I believe that the profile of this product is outstanding.

Taste: (8.5/10)

I had the blue raspberry flavor. It had a pleasant, sweet taste and a slightly slimy consistency. While having a slightly slimy consistency may sound somewhat disgusting, I felt it made the taste much better. While some supplements are a chore to try and choke down, I actually enjoyed Dark Matter.

Effectiveness: (9/10)

I felt that this product was very effective at helping me build muscle and become stronger. I was able to make consistent, rapid gains. My bench press went from 225 for 3 reps to 225 for 10 reps over the life of this product (1 month). I definitely felt a difference in strength and recovery between using this and a more basic protein powder.

Value: (7/10)

At $35 for 20 servings, this product is overpriced in comparison to other post workout products. Another problem is that there is only one container size (2.6 lbs). If they offered a larger sized container it could help make this product much more cost effective.

Overall: (910)

This product definitely helped me make some games, however, its price prevents me from purchasing it for use every month, but when I have some extra cash and bulking, I'll pick a tub or two up. Some other products I've taken that are similar to this are Torrent by Animal and Myozene by BioQuest, and I prefer this product to both.
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Excellent Taste
  • Interesting Texture
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
  • Could Be Cheaper
Rep: +5,462
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 70
  June 22, 2013

Dark Matter, MHP's answer to remarkable recovery? Let us find out!!!!

Dark matter is a product designed to enhance recovery by aiding in the regeneration of glycogen stores, support favorable insulin levels, increase protein synthesis, and provide a subsequent source of efficiently transferable creatine. For those of you who've followed my log know that I've used dark matter consistently for a little over 2 months now. I've included it in both my on cycle run with Epi-1-Test and throughout PCT. From my experience, I've found dark matter to be remarkably effective at increasing recovery, decreasing DOMS, and enhancing overall muscular integrity.

Taste/Mixability (8): Dark matter comes in three flavors including blue raspberry, grape, and fruit punch. I've used blue raspberry and grape. I found both flavors to be actually quite decent. Blue raspberry is a bit tart and can be a little unpleasant for those of a more sensitive taste palate. The same thing goes for grape. However, for those of us who've experienced a broad spectrum of different tastes, the flavors are generally decent. Not as refreshing as Afterglow, but still good nonetheless. The mixability was also good, a few undissolved grains occasionally, but nothing to complain about.

Usage (10): I would prepare two scoops in 20oz of water as directed and down it right after my workout. I would then have my shake and meal about 45 minutes later.

Ingredient Profile (9):

Serving Size: 2 Scoops (60.7g)
Servings Per Container: 20

Amount Per Serving:

Calories - 240
Calories From Fat - 0g
Total Fat - 0g
Saturated Fat - 0g
Trans Fat - 0g
Cholesterol - 0g
Total Carbohydrate - 48g
Sugars - 10g
Dietary Fiber - 0g
Protein - 12g

Dark Matter Proprietary Blend (Patent Pending) - 60g
WaxiMAX-C3G Low Viscosity High Molecular Weight Osmotic Waxy Maize Starch With Molecular Dispersion Technology Waxy Maize, Maltoplex-18 Glucose Polymer, Dextrose, C3G Anthocyanidins

HydroSIZE: Multi-Phase Creatine Transport And Cell Volumizing Matrix
InstaPeak (Instant Acting Peak Plasma Concentration Creatine Pyruvate), IntraPhase (Glucose Bound Creatine Gluconate), MicroTein (Microencapsulated Sustained Release Creatine Monohydrate), Glycerol Monostearate

ProSYNTHAGEN: Protein Synthesis Accelerator (Dual Portal Anabolic Amino Acid Infusion)
Free Form Infusioni (L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Valine, L-Histidine, L-Isoleucine, L-Methionine), Leucrose Peptide Infusion (Leucine-Alanine Di Peptide)

Dark matter contains a full spectrum profile of complex carbs, amino acids, and creatine forms. My only complaint is that it is in a prop.l blend. However, at 60 g and for the benefits I achieved, dark matter deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

Complex carbs such as waxy maize and dextrose aid primarily in restoring glycogen stores depleted during intensive exercise. They also help in raising insulin levels. Insulin is important for the transport of nutrients and molecules into the muscles. Therefore, it is important to maintain adequete levels of this hormone when trying to recover efficiently.

Now for a little synopsis on the creatine complex. There are three forms of creatine in this product including the well known pure form of monohydrate, and the two modified forms pyruvate and gluconate. We're all pretty familiar with mono so I'll focus on the other two forms.

Creatine Pyruvate is the creatine mono molecule attached to pyruvic acid. Some studies have suggested that binding to pyruvic acid can help increase bioavailable creatine plasma levels, but they also found that the benefits were no different from general higher dose mono supplementation. In short, pyruvate can potentially work as an effective form of creatine, but would most likely not me a sufficient substitute for straight up mono.

Creatine gluconate is a form of creatine in which a molecule of creatine is bonded to a molecule of glucose. By being bonded to glucose, this creates a synergy that invokes a more favorable uptake of creatine as a result of the actions of insulin. This increases overall efficacy and levels of creatine within the muscles.

The last of dark matter's complexes is the amino acids. BCAAs an other essential aminos help to induce protein synthesis and thus increase the rebuilding of muscular tissue.

In summary, a solid ingredient profile.

Effectiveness (10): A solid 10 here; dark matter while combined in synergy with mts machine whey and Epi-1-test had me recovering from even the most intensive of my workouts almost instantaneously. Of course my recovery was also remarkable during my PCT period with this product as well. My physique felt fuller and generally stronger throughout the day and following workouts. Delayed on set muscle fatigue was virtually non-existent. Furthermore, I will also contribute some endurance gains and strength gains to dark matter since during pct from epi-1-test my continued to see increased aerobic stamina and anaerobic volume capacity. In other words, I found myself consistently pumping out more reps on many exercises. Although, some of this can also be contributed to pes's enhanced as well. Lastly, I will also say dark matter played a crucial role in helping to maintain both my gains and leanness achieved from Epi-1-test as I did not experience any losses whatsoever.

Value (6): Efficacy comes at a price; literally!!! I managed to get my tubs from my local supp shop here in Everett Mass, at about 31 dollars a tub. The retail value price of dark matter from what I've seen is about 29-33 on most websites. At local supplement chains such as gnc and vitamin shoppe, I've seen it go for as much as 60 dollars. WOOF!!!!! Therefore, here is a hint: BUY FROM WEBSITES!!!! On a different note, if you were to get it at website price, I would say that it is definitely not the most expensive, cheaper than afterglow at least. However, some users (myself included) would appreciate a bigger tub for such a price. In summary, at website price, dark matter is a moderately fair price.

Overall (9): Despite the potentially steep price tag that you may have to endure, dark matter delivers. Enhanced recovery, increased endurance, and increased muscle integrity gives a dark matter the machine's stamp of approval. Or at the very least, it's worth a try. Hope this review has been helpful boys, more shall follow!!!


  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Muscular Integrity
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Bigger Container Please =)
  • Stop With The Dye!
  • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
  • Prop. Blend
  • Price
Rep: +1
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  June 17, 2013

I got dark matter after realizing the necessity for a post workout. I'm on my third tub, so I figured now is a good time to review it.

Ingredients 8
There are only 12 grams but according to a mhp proprietary formula, it is supposed to equal 40 grams.
They also use their own waxy maize style carbohydrate that spikes insulin, an important thing for a post workout to do.

Taste 10/7
The blue raspberry is one of the best shakes I've ever had. The fruit punch is ok

Effectiveness 9
It does work for getting carbs and protein into your body immediately. I noticed my muscles getting fuller and I did not have a lot of fat gain. No stomach discomfort either.
Soreness is not as bad the next day.

It does not keep me full for more than 1 hour and a half.

Value 7
The serving size is 2 scoops so for $36 you are only getting 20 servings.

Overall 8
Dark matter does work for getting much needed nutrients into your body. I liked it better than aftershock, because aftershock messed up my stomach,
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Carbs
  • Easy Digest
  • Great Taste
  • Price
  • Doesn't Keep Full Long Enough
Rep: +1
Trust: 0%
  March 17, 2013

So this is my first review on this site and I thought I'd give this a review..

Effectiveness: 8/10: First off, this is one of the best products if you're looking for an immediate Carb source, it will restore glycogen levels and meet all post workout needs. I would love to see more than just 12 grams of protein in this though.. So thats why im giving it and 8/10 due to that reason alone.. I also noticed a significant increase in recovery time from this...

Value: 6/10: Id say the value is fair with 20 servings per container, I wish they'd add more but what you're getting is great stuff. With all the excessive dyes and other immediate carb source Proteins such as Myozene from Bioquest using almost no dyes, it falls behind..

I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a good clean carb source that increases recovery time and delivers great results.. However, I do believe that MHP needs to step it up a little bit and enhance the product, maybe adding more protein, giving more servings, or taking out the dyes..
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Appetite Decreased After Consuming
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Strange Taste
  • Stop With The Dye!
  • Could Be Cheaper
Rep: +153
Trust: 100%
  March 16, 2013

Hey fellow meat heads and Ivanko aficionados! Here is my review on MHP's Dark Matter. I found this supplement to be as enigmatic as the mysterious deep space substance of the same namesake, but I digress - on to my review!

TASTE: Blue Raspberry 8/10
First things first, I am what I like to refer to myself as a "kool-aid kid". I know that taste ultimately means nothing compared to the advantages of a efficacious supplement, yet I have a sweet tooth and if I am going to be spending my hard earned $$$, then I better enjoy the experience. That being said, the Blue Raspberry flavor is something that grew on me as I dug deeper into the tub. At first, it most definitely has an artificial taste. If I could sum it up, the full flavored Dark Matter is reminiscent of a melted blueberry Jolly Rancher. As time went on, I looked forward to taking a swig of this post workout right after a lifting session.

Yes, it is a waxy maize/creatine matrix, and yes it will be gelatinous and thick. I had to constantly use my shaker cup before every swig just to keep the viscous mass at a balanced mixture; many times I ended up with unmixed balls of powder in the cup. What can you expect from a waxy maize supp?

This is my chief complaint. The instructions dictate that you must drink it immediately post workout, and then wait 1 full hour before ingesting anything else. The rationale being that the creatine/waxy maize/protein matrix needs to be digested rapidly and cannot have any other food get in the way. I followed this exactly and what did I experience? Intense hunger pangs and A HUGE CRASH! That's right. Although it states to have proper amounts of the macro nutrients, my body's metabolism would shut down from being undernourished after an intense training session. I would go into a coma, afraid to never awaken again. Big negative for this.

So why put up with the crash? Because the next day reduction on DOMS, creatine loading, and glycogen replenishment was remarkable. I upped lifts notably and I would feel completely recovered entering my next workout. What a tease! Suffer after a workout only to reap the benefits of a next day lift? Of course I finished the tub!

What a bitter sweet supplement. I had some of the best gains of a small serving supplement tub ever. I haven't lost my gains after cycling off this product, but I would not by again. Maybe it won't deprive you of your anabolic window, but for a hard lifter like myself, there was no it would satiate my caloric post workout needs. This is too bad, MHP is a good company when it comes to other products such as Up Your Mass.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Taste
  • Could Be Cheaper
Rep: +381
Trust: 100%
  January 10, 2013

i have finished 2 contaniers of this and i like to share my experience with you.
First i'd like to tell you i'm a big fan of MHP and none of their products has disappointed me despite many are pricey.

Taste: 6/10
i had the fruit punch and the first week i found it disgusting but i got used to it with time. You can feel the dye and artificial flavor.

Mixability: 7/10
it's thick and viscous and you need a full water shaker to get the job done. i shake it for about 30 seconds and get a fully homogen shake with no powder residu.

Value: 7/10
usually recovery products are not cheap because of the variety of ingredients and special carbs treatment.
Dark matter is better than many others on the market.
However it always can be cheaper or at least bigger container instead of only one size.

Objective: 9/10

.Absorbs more than whey isolate?
Yes, i think so when i was on matter i stacked it alone and built denser muscles.

.increases in protein synthesis equal 40 grams?
I'm not sure, it already contains 12 grams and the nano the ingredients will increase synthesis.

.Dramatically spikes insulin with waximax-c36?
yes, this will lead to faster nutrients absorbtion and creatine absorption and you can feel it with reduced soreness.

.Multiphase ceatine transfer?
Yes, i felt better recovery between sets and i think it's attributed to this fact.

.Replenishes glycogen and increases cell volume?
Sure, because i can feel refreshed short time after i drink the shake and i put extra muscles

Dosage: 8/10
i followed the instructions on the bottle:
2 scoops immediately after workout and 1 hour before any meal.
i just took it on training days.
some complaint about the 1 hour but it make sens to me because food can interfere with its objectif to replenish glycogene and regulate insulin knowing that during that time protein synthesis is maximized and the derving already contains more than 200 calories.


soreness reduction: 7/10
i didn't really realize how much it reduces my soreness untill i ran out of it!
The best comparaison i can make is on my leg days because it's the most painful one!
when i was one dark matter the legs soreness heals in about 3 days but after the matter i suffer all week long!
overall, it reduces soreness about 50% and make the next workout easier.

Muscle building 10/10:
I beleive it's one of the best muscle builders!
immediately after i drink my shake i get a good feeling and i feel refreshed after a hard workout(it instantly begins to repair muscles)
After 40 workouts i gained 5 lbs of pure muscles during my bulking phase.
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Recharges Mind And Body
  • Stop With The Dye!
  • Could Be Cheaper
  • Bigger Container Please =)
Rep: +217
Trust: 100%
  December 20, 2012

Here's a review I wrote a little bit ago for a website, so I thought I'd post it here for anyone looking for another view.

This time I had the opportunity to try their high-end post workout formula called Dark Matter. This is primarily designed for those who are getting enough calories throughout the day, but need something a little more refined in order to properly recover from rigorous exercise. This does however, work as a supplement for individuals who are cutting and trying to get lean. The carbohydrates in Dark Matter are a good mix of fast and slow digesting, and the body needs them post workout so no worries about retaining fat when used properly. Now without me yammering on any longer, here's the review!

Mixability: 9/10

For something that turned out to be fairly thick, this mixed surprisingly well and didn't have any actually clumps that I felt while drinking. I'll comment more on the thick consistency in a moment, but I would like to point out that it went down incredibly smooth.

Taste: 7/10

I'm being generous with this one. Upon first trying Dark Matter, I absolutely hated it. It was this strange, dark, semi-gelatinous solution with things floating around in it. I suppose that's why MHP decided to call it what they did, it does look like you're sipping a bit of space itself. Needless to say though, it has an odd taste. It's very sweet, but switches to bitter and later a bit of sour. It leaves a similar kind of aftertaste that was really unpleasant. Perhaps the strangest thing of all, was that the more I drank it, the more I enjoyed it. I can't say I ever loved it, but it certainly became more bearable. This product is also fairly heavy on the stomach, so be wary of that if after a heavy lifting session you aren't feeling very good. Give yourself a few minutes, sip some water, and then have a go at Dark Matter unless you feel like getting sick.

Efficacy: 9/10

Here is the important point: does it work? After some pretty intense sessions with high volume and very short rest breaks, my muscles were very sore. In the days following my lifting routines, I noticed I sprang back much quicker than with regular whey protein. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say that Dark Matter is one of the best I've tried. Unlike most post workout formulas that usually take a bit of time to work, I noticed Dark Matter working fairly quickly (within an hour). I still had a good pump like I did when I left the gym, but the additional soreness was already starting to leave my muscles. Very impressive.

Value: 5/10

Here is where it hits me pretty hard. On most websites this product often costs around $40.00. For some free-form aminos, creatine, and carbs, that is a complete rip-off. As good as this product is, I cannot get past the fact that there are only twenty servings per container. Because of this, it pretty much nullifies any chance that I would purchase this product again.

In summary, MHP's Dark Matter is an incredibly effective product with an equally incredible price tag. Many athletes will no doubt place this product on a pedestal and buy it anyway, but for anyone who is looking to build muscle on the cheap; this is not the product for you.
  • Great Recovery
  • Recharges Mind And Body
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Appetite Decreased After Consuming
  • Interesting Texture
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Taste
  • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
  • Stop With The Dye!
  • Very Strange Texture Whem Mixed
  • Bigger Container Please =)
Rep: 0
Trust: 17%
  November 5, 2012

Ok so rewind 2 months ago I was Plateau'd at 170 for about 2 months and i didnt know how to break it. I was looking for products other than whey considering I was already taking it and was in search of some serious gains. I purchased a container of Blue Raspberry Dark Matter from for $32.99. So here is my experience

Price 7/10: Its not so much the price that is the issue but the fact that the container is like only 3/4 full which is a bummer because i run out fairly quickly.

Taste 9/10: Ok the thing with Dark Matter is it tastes delicious just like Blue Raspberry candy... Sludge haha which i dont mind but moving on

Mixability 2/10: Ya no it does not mix well at all. The consistency of sewer sludge which I dont mind really but i can see how some people would.

Effectiveness 10/10: This is my favorite supplement and one of the most effective I have ever used. I said earlier that i started at 170 pounds, well i finished a tub wieghing in at 180 pounds still decently lean and greatly impressed. Great recovery i have nothing negative to say. MHP i salute you for a quality product.

  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Excellent Taste
  • Interesting Texture
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Good Clean Gains
  • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
  • Bigger Container Please =)
Rep: +8
Trust: 0%
  October 3, 2012

I'm doing this review on dark matter and it's my own personal opinion. I am on my second tub of dark matter and I think it's a pretty good product. I have taken this product for a couple months now and I have gained about 10 pounds from the product but I eat like a mule too though. I've always had trouble gaining weight and this is one product that has helped me achieve that.

Taste- A+. Ive only had the blue raspberry flavor and it's pretty good tasting, it's a little thick due to the waxy maize bit it's still a good tasting product.

Effectiveness- A. I give this product an A in effectiveness because it has helped me achieve my goal for gaining weight and size. I take 2 scoops of this product immediately after my workout. It settles in the stomach pretty well which is a good thing and it keeps my muscles fuller. It also helps me recover really well from my workouts. Another thing is it's a great source of carbs after your workout and helps recharge your body.

Value- C. I give thus product a C value because it's kinda pricey. It cost me around 50 dollars and there's 20 servings in the container.

Overall- B. I give this product a B overall because it has helped me achieve my goals and it tastes really good. The only downfall of the product is the price.

I will keep taking this product because of my positive experience I have had from it but I am definitely going to keep looking around for a better post workout carb product.
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Excellent Taste
  • Interesting Texture
  • Great Post Workout Carb Source
  • Recharges Mind And Body
  • Not The Most Cost Effective Product
  • Stop With The Dye!
  • Could Be Cheaper

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