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JXT5 Reviews

By: Metis Nutrition

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JXT5 is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Metis Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Metis Nutrition for sending it out!
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  January 4, 2016

  • Increased Libido
  • Added Joint Support
  • Acne
  • Too Expensive


Hey all, I want to thank Metis Nutrition and TROOPs for giving me a shot at this product. I just finished this product today and I have not taken a test booster for quite some time before I loaded this one on the plate. Again, I do a 5x5 base workout and supplement with higher volume auxiliary work. I am also 27 years old, 6'1" 241 lbs.

Ingredient Profile

This product has probably the most impressive packaging I have seen on a supplement. It came in a hard box, once you slid the lid off it was sitting there enshrined in a cutout in the middle. My initial though was , "this is something that GNC would pimp". And it turns out I was right.

As far as the profile goes there is a lot going on here, Test, Libido, joint support, prostate, liver support, and ocular support. I thought this was interesting but was slightly wary of the partial prop blend.

My fears where somewhat alleviated when I started reading the profile.

Fenugreek Seed Ext (80% Grecunin) is actually dosed very well at 600mg. This is pretty much straight in line for the ingredient and is supposed to be great for test/libido.

DHEA is dosed at 50mg. This is a good dose for the old folk according to research but for young men looking to boost test levels the dose is closer to 200mg. Also, most research on the effects of DHEA is suspect anyway. One of the head scratchers in this formula.

The Trib T complex has no dose and I feel like it has to be underdosed looking at all the ingredients and knowing some of the doses those are studies under. Tribulus is supposed to be a libido booster and can't be trusted as a test booster. Pygeum africanum is supposed to increase sexual function, acts as an inflammatory agent to the prostate. Nettle leaf extract actually binds to the SHBG and releases more "free testosterone" into your body. I will swear by this ingredient, but again...doses. Safed Musli is another I am familiar with, is referred to as "Herbal Viagra" but dosing would be closer to 2-3 grams for true effectiveness. Maybe Metis didn't want me walking around with a hard on. Who knows.

For the joint support blend the Calcium Fructo Borate is actually dosed in an acceptable range at 250mg and is supported as being an effective anti inflammatory agent. The other ingredients are MSM, Tumeric, Curcumin, Blood Orange Fruit, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen, Bromelain, and Cetyl Myristoleate. These all act as anti inflammatories, used to reverse joint damage and joint pain.

Prostate + Liver Support Blend. Of course they have Milk Thistle in here, it seems to be a stable for liver protection. Calcium D-Gluconate is a poor choice. Effective doses for removing toxins are 200mg/KG bodyweight. That and it can negatively affect Testosterone, Estrogen, and DHEA... Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and is used for Prostate Health among other things. Saw Palmetto is also used for prostate support.

Diindolymethane is for estrogen support/control. It is supposed to support the healthy metabolism of estrogen, increasing libido in men and supporting prostate health as well.


I did not experience bad taste with this product. I took each serving first thing in the morning and it went as expected.


I was somewhat hopeful yet skeptical seeing some properly dosed ingredients and then seeing others that had no chance of being clinically dosed. Within a week of using this product I was experiencing higher libido, some unusual acne that I rarely ever get anymore, Ive had good drive in the gym although I am still adjusting to 5am wakeups to hit the gym before work. My strength has been consistent even though I came off a SARM run a little before starting this product and my bench is now higher than ever.

By the end of the run, my libido was out of control. Highest my libido has been since I first found out what a vagina feels like on the inside. Acne also got steadily worse and hoping it scales back now that I am off.

Now as far as the liver/prostate support, I really don't know how to gauge that, and for the ocular health I didn't really know what to look for either...

But finally joint health, a lot of my aches and pains seemed to go away, at least the minor ones. My back hasn't been the same since the pinched nerve in my lower back and this didn't seem to have an affect on that old injury either. My shoulder which was an issue in the past felt really good, no throbbing or aching after heavy sets or the next day like it sometimes would.

I also had my overall aggression spike toward the end. I'm not sure if that is a direct result of this product or if I was just short tempered and had a no screwing around attitude.

I also cannot say I had any leaning or drying associated with estrogen reduction, although those ingredients may have played a role in libido support


This product is sold exclusively by GNC and it carries the GNC Pricetag. I think you can get this for 89.99 at Maybe they will throw in a BOGO Half off sale which would bring it down to less than 70.00 bucks a bottle. Either way this is way too rich for my blood. I am pretty sure I could buy individual ingredients and increase the dosing where they are lacking. It really is a poor value so unless I am a desperate limpy some day I wouldn't pay that price tag for it.

Side Effects

None other than test related acne and some mild aggression.


My overall conclusion of this product is that it is pretty effective. I experienced a lot of the tell tale signs of increased test and help with joint support. I think across the spectrum of ingredients a lot of them crossed over to help with inflammation, test and libido support. Overall I think this is a solid synergistic testosterone booster but that no test booster is worth a 90 dollar price tag.

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Metis Nutrition for sending it out!
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  December 28, 2015

  • Increased Libido
  • Good Strength Gains
  • Added Joint Support
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Acne
  • Nasty Burps
  • Too Expensive


What's up SR, another review here. I just wanted to say thank you to Supplement Reviews and Metis Nutrition for letting me take part in this awesome TROOP program. I am three days away from finishing this product. Seeing that my work schedule is going to be between 12-15 hour shifts, and then NYE I feel I won't have any time to write a review promptly after finishing so I am doing it now. Also what better way to kill time while prepping for my graveyard shift?

Okay so I started taking this supplement to aid in my prepping for my first mock charity meet. You can check out my supplement log for greater details (Road to Redemption). I figured any boost will help when I saw this on the TROOP dashboard and decided to snag it. When I viewed it online I was blown away from the price in not a good way. But is it worth it? Let me try to explain as well as I possibly can my experience

Ingredient Profile(6.85/10)

Ok so this product is marketed as a two in one test booster + estrogen blocker. I just got off a Ad3 Pct + Dpol stack and thought this would be a great way to compare. The ingredient profile is decent in that it has your basic b vitamins and calcium that comes standard in most test boosters. Where it starts to fall off which is pretty abruptly is their major "JXT5 Proprietary Blend." I'll go onto explain this further into detail although not knowing the exact amounts I can't say whether or not its properly dosed. This is comprised into 5 categories which equate to their 1888 mgs. This may be extremely boring to some and I completely understand. Feel free to skip ahead.

Their categories go as follows

SURGE-T TESTOSTERONE + LIBIDO BLEND(also included in this category is their TRIB-T COMPLEX)

Fenugreek- This is a plant that the seeds are actually used as a spice in Indian food. Also in human and rat trials an increase in testosterone has been proven. In one rat study it also was shown to increase GH levels. While it increases testosterone it also inhibits the conversion of DHT. DHT while it does cause baldness, it is a far more androgenic and powerful than regular test(by 3-10 times as much). So take it for what it's worth.

DHEA- While it has shown increases in testosterone in people around 40 years of age at 200 mgs a day JXT5 has it listed at 50 mgs. While DHEA causes increases in test it also increases estrogen. From what I have read on this site(SR) the bioavailibility of oral DHEA is poor at best and is the reason why we see so many topical DHEA derived product on here.

TRIB T COMPLEX- Tribulus Terrestris from all that I read seems to be an overhype of product marketing and manipulation of consumers to believe that it boosts testosterone. While there is some leanings in scientific studies to suggest it does aid in libido, there is not one study showing that it help enhance any athletic activity.


MSM- This is a chemical that can be found in labs, humans, plants, and animals. This seems to be an all in all perfect chemical for elder folks. This helps with many things that come with aging (chronic pain, joint inflammation, hair loss, stretch marks, scar tissue, osteoporosis, etc.)

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)- Natural spice that gives curry its yellow color. This is a strong anti- inflammatory compound.

Blood Orange Fruit- An orange that was first originated in China and now more recently in Italy and the US. This acts as a strong anti -oxidant and has been shown to improve liver steatosis in mice.

Hyaluronic Acid- This substance has been shown to improve osteoarthritis and also used as a lip filler in plastic surgery. Naturally occurring found in humans with the highest concentrations in the fluids of the eyes and joints.

Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen- This is used to treat joint pain as well although it has never been proven.

Bromelain- Used for the same thing in reducing swelling and pain. This is found in pineapple juice.

Cetyl myristoleate- Again this is used for the same purpose as the others. Although it only yielded mild results in one animal study to which it hasn't had a repeated effect. Also there are no studies to show any proof it does anything to humans.


Milk Thistle- This acts as an antioxidant and has been used in clinical trials for those who suffer from Hep C, liver disease, and cancer. Although the results have many contradictions and remains to be not proven to achieve any of its claims. Although if you look at many websites and recipes for on cycle support supplements one of their top ingredients is Milk Thistle. Although since TUDCA has hit the scene I have seen a lot of companies jumping ship.

Saw Palmetto- This extract has been shown at 320 mgs per day(again we are not sure how much there actually is in this product and considering how many ingredients we have already been through and not yet I sincerely doubt that there is this much) for around two months to have the time during prostate surgery be shortened.

DIIM for their estrogen suppress complex- This is found in various vegetables and is used to prevent breast and uterine cancer. There is SOME proof to show that in certain circumstances it blocks estrogen. This seems to be the ingredient that a few companies are turning towards in terms of OTC aromatise inhibitor's these days. There isn't as much proof in its effectiveness as there is arimistane, but the sides on this isn't anywhere as strong as its predecessor. Also it used to prevent an enlarged prostate in men which is why I guess this sub category is in the Prostate + Liver support section.


Marigold oleoresin- While there seems to be many sites I have found swearing by this extract for its ability to help eye health, they all seem to be selling it. I also found out that it is used in animal and fish food. The jury is at a stand-still on this one, but I can say I didn't notice much, or any for that matter,
a boost in eyesight.

Last and finally their ABSORPTION AGENT consisting of black pepper.

Again while these all seem to be new and some old approaches to a lot of these categories, it's hard to pinpoint which are properly dosed and which aren't. While I feel this was a decent test booster this array of ingredients could possibly be the reason for the steep price tag. While DAA + Arimistane are very simplistic in their nature, they seem to be more credible(to me!) than most of these ingredients.


"Patrick how can you give it a 7? You take 3 capsules daily. Big deal!"

Here's the thing. While the dosing was extremely easy the taste was pretty unpleasant. I would get these nasty burps after taking them. These would be especially heinous when I took these preworkout and in between my sets I would belch and then quiver in disgust. It wouldn't linger though so that was the saving grace. Gross I know but I feel it has to be said nonetheless. I wouldn't want to throw up or say that this is a deal breaker, but I will deduct points for it. Also the actual dosing it suggests I am not a fan of, but I'll save it for Value category.


Effectiveness is the one saving grace on this product. It definitely works. Now if I were had my choice between this or my previous stack of Dpol + Ad3 I would go with the latter. While it did do its job, it wasn't a supplement that was powerful enough for me to want to rush to the store and buy another bottle. Mind you I was already prepping for my powerlifting meet and was peaking in terms of gauging where I was at strength wise. While I did PR multiple times, to attribute it to this supplement solely would be a great disservice to SR and me. Here's how my run went.

Week 1

Instant increase in libido. I am twenty-five years old and while some may think that my test levels should be optimal at my age, I only have been living a healthy lifestyle for two and a half years. I need to get my levels checked. In essence natty test boosters do wonders for my libido and I respond really well to it. I actually rep PR'd in squats for 375x5. While I have handled more weight I never have gone above the three rep range with it. I also PR'd in strict OHP 205x1 and deadlift 485 for one rep. I not only felt my libido but I could also feel somewhat an increase in strength (possibly placebo effect? the libido was certainly not a placebo effect).

Week 2

I was implementing the Wendler meet prep for this and this was the week I would do 5/3/1. I ended up with a big PR in bench press at 345. I also was able to PR in squat at 465 for one rep. I'm unsure if my body doesn't respond to the DIIM, but I didn't see anything that would resemble a recomp from estrogen blocking throughout my run.

Week 3

I only worked out half effort one day leading up to the meet due to a few factors. One was the fact that my meet was in less than a week. Also I started a new job back on graveyard shift, which is more labor intensive than my last. Lastly the way it worked out was I got off work at 6 am, lifted at the meet from 9 am-12pm, and then went back to work from 230 pm- 11pm. I needed all the rest I could get. Leading up to the meet my libido was sky high still even while working long hours with a bad sleep schedule. I didn't see any improvement in vascularity or physically and again that could be contributed to other factors. I ended up with two PR's in squat (470) and deadlift (500).

Week 4

My workouts seem to be going great still. This definitely helped in the strength and libido department. While this did the trick I don't think I will get another bottle. While the results were there I don't see it being vastly attributed to this supplement. The libido effect was definitely better than Dpol but I didn't feel as powerful as I did when I took the Dpol(probably because the dpol had their NO pump ingredient). Also like I said before I didn't notice any body recomp that I would hope for with an estrogen blocker. Could also be my diet wasn't as fine- tuned as it was previously. The added joint support I don't feel I noticed much difference. Sometimes my nagging shoulder wouldn't be as bothersome and others it would be back where it was. No way to pinpoint if it was from this or not. Definitely not enough of a change for me to say there was a definitive difference. I didn't get my prostate examined before or after this run(O I hope the next twenty years of my life goes by super slow) so I can't say whether or not the Prostate support blend did its job or not. All in all I was happy with the results. I wasn't excited, amazed, nor disappointed. I wouldn't say it was better than the DAA products I have tried and I also won't say this didn't work at all.


I'll give the value a solid 4 (too expensive for me to consider buying again). The lowest I found this priced at was $89.99!!!! $90! A bad comparison I know but you can buy a PH + SERM for that much money and get astronomical gains compared to this. Also on the packaging as well as the online retailer it states "For maximum results take JXT5 for AT LEAST 8 weeks." Okay so close to $200 for a two month supply is what they are suggesting and possibly worst as they include the "at least" part. The value is $3 per serving sometimes more as they mark it up to $99.99 for a 30 day supply. As this compares to the other test boosting supplements on here this is the most expensive one I have seen. I would have rated this less if it wasn't for the fact that it does work. Is the juice worth the squeeze tho? Probably not in this case.

Side Effects

As I stated earlier the burps were definitely the worst. I got mild acne while on this also. Other than those two I didn't notice any other sides.


While Metis Nutrition has come out with a different approach to the natty test boosting category their price seems to have shot them in the foot. Customers that are in GNC(not picking on them just the only place I can find that sells it) will look at the intriguing box and believe all the claims word for word are as far as I believe this supplement will reach. As a freelance graphic designer I have to say the package design on this is outstanding. I personally wouldn't buy this nor would I recommend it solely because the value isn't there. If or when Metis Nutrition decides to lower the price substantially I wouldn't be so harsh towards it. While it did its job I feel my body responds better to a DAA based test boosting supplement. POPS OUT!

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