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ProtiZyme Reviews

By: Metabolic Nutrition

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Metabolic Nutrition for sending it out!
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  October 3, 2016

  • Added Digestive Enzymes
  • Good Nutrition Profile
  • 24 VitaminsMinerals
  • Builds Muscle
  • Too Expensive
  • High In Cholesterol
  • Average Taste
I would like to apologize to the SR community for the delay in this post. I was out of the country and did not have much access to the internet. Now that I am back I can catch up on all the reviews that are owed. So with that being said, I am a big believer in that it doesnt matter if you go to the gym or not, if you do cross fit bodybuilding or any other type of exercise protein should always be a staple of your diet. Our muscles need protein to function and run properly, and usually we do not get enough protein through our foods, so supplementing is always a good idea.

From the company: We designed ProtiZyme to be the most bioavailable protein you can buy. Not only are you getting 24g of high quality of protein per serving, but you're also getting added digestive enzymes to help you utilize it. We top it off by including our powerful T.A.G. (trans-alanyl glutamine) to maximize your recovery because no one has time for sore muscles.. All of you may already know my hatred of companies that make claims they cant back up, however, in this instance they were substantiated by actually how well this protein worked for me.
Ingredients: B-: So the ingredients are below. Here is what I like.

Digestive Enzymes are great because they help you absorb the protein a lot better without getting the bloat.
Minerals and Vitamins - Great. Always good to have those things in the protein, helps with muscle growth

The Bad: Artificial flavors, xantham gum, sucralose. Otherwise pretty descent ingredient list. Also pretty high in cholesterol.

Taste: B: It wasnt too sweet. I did not have the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor, below is just the label for it. The taste was a bit too artificial to me. It wasnt horrible, but it was descent. I actually prefer proteins that taste exactly what the flavor they are supposed to mimic. This was not the case in this situation.

Dosing: A - I kept the dosing pretty straight forward. 1 Full scoop with 12oz of water right after my workout, with a few m&m's right after for the insulin spike. This had no problem dissolving in the water and there was no weird residual foam, like a few others proteins tend to have. I kept the same dosing protocol throughout the entire process, so my results would not get skewed.

Effectiveness: B+: So the effectiveness of proteins are really hard to gage, because they are sort of in the background type of supplements. What I mean by that is you cant really see the exact effect they have on your body at any given moment. I judged this protein on two different fronts.
1) Did it help me hit my macros and 2) did I notice any body recomposition/muscle gains.

1) It sure did help me with the macros. I do not consume enough protein just through food because of my hectic schedule but at least with this post workout I knew that my body was getting the right nutrition when it mattered most. Protein can be great throughout the day, but I found it especially helpful with recovery and performance in post workout windows. Secondly the use of minerals and vitamins in my protein makes sense, this way I dont have to take some nasty big pills during the day. Two birds, 1 stone.

2) I did not notice some good body recomposition recovery and muscle gains while taking this protein. Now I have switched to crossfit and I love the heavy circuit type of lifting. But everytime after my workout if I did not consume a protein shake, I usually felt very weak and my muscles were extra sore. When taking this protein constantly after every single workout, I noticed my muscle DOMS decreased severely. This was the first positive of the protein. I can see how the minerals vitamins and the protein enzymes work together in unison for the decrease of DOMS. Thirdly, I did notice myself getting stronger in some of the new lifts I am currently getting used to, snatches, jerks and overhead squats.

Value: C: - So the value is a bit low since its quite pricey. Anything a bit lower in price might be competitive in the market where protein is just another new kid on the block, and you're seeing that new kid in multiples now everyday.


Overall: B-: Its a good product with some good ingredients but a bit pricey for an every month kind of thing.

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