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MuscLean Reviews

By: Metabolic Nutrition

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  October 10, 2016

  • Decent Value
  • Helps Meet Macro Goals
  • No Bad Carbs Or Added Sugars
  • Aids Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Bit Pricey
- Introduction -
Protein, protein, protein. It is considered the building block of any good muscle building or fat loss diet. Getting enough in a days time can be a challenge, especially if you're on the go like myself. Being that I am full time in college and work full time simultaneously making sure I consume a well rounded diet can be tough. Sure, I can go with the easy deep fried fast food or take a risk with the sushi in the cafe, but that will just leave me further away from my health and fitness goals. Proper planning and consistency is how fitness goals are met, regardless if you are on the go or not. In order to meet my protein needs for the day, or a quick post workout protein shake I turned to Metabolic Nutrition MuscLean.

- Ingredient Profile -
Now this whey protein blend is not the typical whey protein, flavoring and that's it. Directly from their website here: "Using the highest quality proteins found in Protizyme to further enhance the absorption kinetics and making it easier to digest" and I will be getting into why this was noticeable over the course of my usage of MuscLean. This is also low carb for all you looking to keep your carbs in check. This also has a well rounded vitamin content in it with vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, C, B12, Zinc, Iodine, etc. The addition I really like is Iodine, since the majority of us are deficient in Iodine, by adding this to the protein can help with proper thyroid function which plays a big part in body-weight.

- Taste -
I got the chocolate flavor, and I will say it is above average. About a 7/10. It tasted too much like it was whey protein if you know what I mean. however it was still enjoyable for the most part. Nice smooth flavor, just not something I really looked forward to. Taste is not a big deal to me though, as long as it is drinkable and the product works I'm good.

- Mixability -
Now it is stated that this is suppose to have superior mixability, however I found this to not be the case. When I mixed this with cold water or milk it clumped, when I mixed it with lukewarm or hot water it mixed up perfectly. And after a while I mixed this only with tap-hot water and made it into a a hot chocolate whey shake which wasn't too bad. 6/10 for mixability.

- Dosing -
Depending on your goals you can take 1-3 scoops, or just inhale the entire container daily if you're really chasing those gainz(Kidding, do not do that). I took this consistently as 1 scoop after my workouts, or during the day. At 1 scoop there are 25 servings total, obviously if you increase your scoopage the total servings goes down faster.

- Effectiveness -
I won't be given Rich Froning a run for his money in the games anytime soon, but I think this whey protein has some excellent benefits to it. As a post workout I would not recommend this unless you add some carbs in there, which I usually did. As an easy meal replacement shake this is something I would recommend. Once my daily routine shifted and I was working out earlier in the morning with more intensive workouts I knew that my diet had to change and that intermittent fasting was not going to work, at least the way I did it from 12-8pm. In order to recover faster from my workouts I knew that replacing the glycogen that I lost during training needed to be replaced. Also at the same time, getting protein into my system earlier in the day makes the most sense as well(Broscience at its finest). So what I started doing was I moved my eating window from 12-8pm to 8-4pm, starting it with a nice Metabolic Nutrition MuscLean protein shake with some fruit. My recovery seemed to get better, and I made some nice strength gains in the meantime as well. Now for the best part, sometimes with whey protein it can cause some stomach issues for myself. With MuscLean I never experienced this and I think this is due to the enzymes they added to the mix that made this easier to digest. This also makes a great meal replacement shake as it keeps hunger at bay for a while, and with all the added vitamins it not just protein, but has some micronutrients in there as well. Overall I enjoyed my the effects(or lack of them) with MuscLean. 8.5/10

- Value -
Right now the best price I found is $32 for 2.5lb container which gives you 25 servings at 1 scoop. If this was a normal protein I would say this is not worth the price, but with the added ingredients such as enzymes and vitamins I think this is worth the price, but on the verge of being too expensive.

- Side Effects -

- Conclusion -
Overall this is a great option in the protein market. The unique blend of ingredients sets this apart from some of the others, and if you're looking for a nice meal replacement shake or a low carb protein option then I would seriously consider trying out this. Overall I enjoyed using MuscLean and will most likely use this again in the future as a meal replacement shake.
  • Chocolate Milkshake: 7/10

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