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By: MDRN Athlete

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to MDRN Athlete for sending it out!
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  April 25, 2018

  • Fully Disclosed Label
  • Quick Energy
  • DynamineTeaCrineCombo
  • Determined
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Focus
  • Builds Muscle
  • Pharmacist Formulated
  • Proper Doses
  • Great Pumps
  • Weird Bitter Taste Sometimes

Update 05/01/2018:
Amazon now has this for $34.99. Saving ~$8 since my review.

Quick Summary

MDRN Good Job!


I want to thank MDRN for sending me this product for review. When I saw the profile...I knew I had to test it. I've always wanted to try Dynamine and TeaCrine together and this has it. It also has other ingredients that I enjoy such as NALT and AlphaGPC. Here we go.

Ingredient Profile

Fully Disclosed Label - Good Job MDRN!

The first category is called a "VitaBlend" containing 4 ingredients:

- Vitamin C - 300mg - this was a smart move. Vitamin C contains many healing benefits. This also helps increase N.O levels by reducing free radicals. Some don't even use Vitamin C. Good job MDRN.

- Niacin - 30mg - knows as B3. This is a powerful antioxidant and helps burn fat. Also helps cleanse the body from toxins.

- Vitamin B6 - 10mg - this is a very important vitamin that deals with many metabolic productions and breakdowns. Helps break down carbs and helps improve protein synthesis. Most Pre-Workouts use B6 because it's so beneficial.

- Vitamin B12 - 200mcg - this vitamin deals with DNA synthesis and is responsible for the function of blood and nerve cells. Most Pre-Workouts use this as well due to how beneficial it is.

* I can see more Pre-Workout adding Vitamin C making it a "modern" thing to do. The vitamins above have much more benefits than I listed, but overall I approve.

The second category is called a "SwoleMatrix" containing 4 ingredients:

- L-Citrulline - 6g - they chose pure citrulline which I like. This is targeted for the pump and is superior over other N.O ingredients for being able to raise plasma levels longer. 6g is plenty. I like 8g, but that's me just being picky. 6g Citrulline is more than what most use. Most are 8g Citrulline Malate at a 1:1 ratio which is only 4g pure citrulline. This has 6g. Good job MDRN.

- Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn)- 3.2g - this is your "clinical dose". This is targeted to buffer the burn while training to help train longer. They didn't add Creatine and most are catching on, but I personally think they should of treated Beta how they treated Creatine and not put it in a Pre-Workout. Oh well. I did not get any tingles. Most products don't give me tingles.

- Betaine Anhydrous- 2g - Yummy! I love Betaine. This is used to target the pump, but also has other benefits. I'm glad it's 2g and not 1.5g. MDRN feels this also acts similar to Creatine, so maybe that's why there is none added. Betaine does a great job in pulling water into the muscles.

- Agmatine- 1g - I don't like Agmatine. I just can't mentally find a way to pretend it works for me. I'm glad it's only 1g. I would of preferred Nitrosigine. I asked MDRN why they chose Agmatine over Nitrosigine and they said they found better results with Agmatine. No worries. I understand.

*The "SwoleMatrix" could use a little work personally, but this product is geared towards energy and focus mainly. They do claim "Unrivaled Strength and Pumps"; the pump needed some work to achieve, but I made it happen and it felt great. I feel Nitrosigine or Glycerol would of been a cherry on top leading to "unrivaled pumps".

The third category is called a "NeuroHack Complex" containing 7 ingredients: This is where the product shines the most.

- N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) - 750mg- this is an amino acid that helps your body produce neurotransmitters. I thought 350-500mg was doing something, but wow this is higher than what most products use. Regarding the whole NALT vs Regular L-Tyrosine. I understand some prefer Regular, but this worked for me.

- Alpha-GPC - 300mg - mind muscle connection! This is a precursor to acetylcholine by providing choline. This helps me contract harder and lift more. 300mg is a popular dose. Personally, the more the better. I have seen 600mg in one product, but this already has a high amount of NALT, so I'll trust their combination. Plus, it works. This is personally the best choline source to take.

- Methylliberine (as Dynamine) - 250mg - actually 40% of that, but this is a higher than normal dose that is newly being used. This is the main reason I wanted to try this product. Especially, that TeaCrine is involved as well. This is a newly used ingredient that is similar to TeaCrine, but faster acting and short living. It flirts around with our dopamine levels providing quick energy and focus. It's a crash free purine alkaloid that doesn't make the heart race or effect sleep.

- Theacrine - 125mg - actually 40% of that, but this is a popular dose. I'm a fan of TeaCrine. TeaCrine is also a crash free purine alkaloid that doesn't make the heart race or effect sleep. This alone is great. It is last longing and works even better when stacked with Dynamine and Caffeine.

- L-Theanine - 100mg - this has been shown to increase attention. It also keeps the energy clean from caffeine.

- Huperzine A - 50mcg - this is used to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. This is a smart move to help enhance the GPC, which means even harder contractions! I love ingredients that help other ingredients. I will say I feel it could be a little higher, but hey it worked.

- Caffeine Anhydrous- 300mg - we all know this. I'm glad it's just one caffeine source. 300mg is a great dose. I like this dose because it's not too high or too low and flows with their claim "Crash-free Energy and Focus". This isn't a stim product, so 300mg balances great with the Dynamine and TeaCrine.

*I love the fact that Dynamine and TeaCrine are both together. I like how high the NALT is even though some would prefer regular Tyrosine. The GPC and Huperzine really work great together for me. Overall, this "NeuroHack Complex" is brilliant and I can see the mind of a pharmacist coming up with it.

The last category is called "Absorption Aid" containing 1 ingredient:

- Black Pepper Extract- 5mg - this is used to help the body absorb the above nutrients more effectively. I like that.


- Taste - It smelt like Cotton Candy and tasted really good. The first two days I got this extreme bitter taste. More than bitter, I can't even explain. It lasted all day. Some say Agmatine, but I've tried Agmatine and never have I had that happen. I even had that happen with products that don't contain Agmatine, but not this bad. It went away, but there were random times I thought I still tasted it. Overall, dislike the bitterness, it tasted great and smooth. I haven't tried any other flavor. I chose Cotton Candy because it's usually a successful flavor and it was. That bitterness just really stood out to me.

- Mixability - It mixes fine overall. No foam. There are some floaters floating around. You can see in the photo. Nothing left on my lips after drinking even though there were floaters, but besides that it mixes easily. Even when I added powdered carbs.

- Dosing - I take one scoop. I have not tried half a scoop. Some feel less may be more. I feel more is more, but I never took two scoops. I took 1 scoop about 30-40min before training in the morning. A 16.2g scoop is a nice size and it was 20 scoops on the dot! Good job MDRN.


This kicks in really fast for me. Like within 5min believe it or not. EVERYTIME. It never failed. This is the fastest working Pre-Workout I've had for sure. No jitters. No shakes. It has to be the Dynamine. I feel really good when I'm on this overall. I train in the morning so I know if something wakes me up. Out of every Pre-Workout I reviewed so far, I would buy this over all them to be honest. But, there are a couple more I want to try to see where this ranks overall.

Since I was so focused I did a good job on getting a pump, even though there is Agmatine. I don't like Agmatine and usually don't respond well to it. I would still like to see no Agmatine and some Nitrosigine or Glycerol. I love the 2g Betaine. Even though I feel the pump could of came more easily...once I got the felt great.

- Focus & Energy - Within minutes I got in the zone. I just felt ready and determined. I knew what I had to do. Even when I came home. I cleaned the house better and did more on IG this past month more than usual. The Dynamine really kicks in fast and the TeaCrine extended that. The combination is just beautiful. Not many....actually I don't think anyone has combined these 2 ingredients into a Pre-Workout yet. No jitters or shakes. People talk about the TeaCrine and Caffeine combo, well this has a Dynamine, TeaCrine, and Caffeine combo! Dynamine and TeaCrine are not stimulants, so I never had to worry about a sweats or a crazy come down. Even though they act similar to caffeine which is a stimulant, they are not stimulants. Personally it doesn't make sense to take caffeine without TeaCrine and Dynamine after trying this. No it's not tunnel vision, but it's enough to come close without the crash. I enjoy stims, but I also enjoy the way nootropics feel as well.

- Strength & Power - The nootropics like GPC and NALT really increased my mind muscle connection. The Huperzine extended those ingredients which did lead to higher strength and muscle output. I'm big on Choline and this does a good job increasing grip strength and determination. Most of everything in life is all mental, but I noticed a difference. I think I was so focus/determined that I experimented and actually lifted more than I thought. That's another way this Pre-Workout lead me to more muscle output.

- Endurance: I found myself training longer than usual. This also helped me do more outside the gym that helped get me closer to my goals. For instance, I adjusted my calories for some reason this month. I started reading more. All those little things increased my mental state which increased my physical state. Sounds cheesy, but this last month has been fun while taking this. I noticed it made a difference beyond building muscle which is my goal.

- Pump - Again about the pump. I don't want you to think because it took me time to get the pump or that the "SwoleMatrix" could use a little work that I'm going to overall judge harder. If it didn't do everything else, then yes, overall this would of sucked. But, I made the pump happen and could just add ingredients myself. And that's what I did a couple times...I stacked VasoMax and blew up like a balloon. Plus, we are all different. You may get an easy wicked pump, but for me it took work by itself, but that's okay.


At 20 servings this is one of the highest priced products I've seen. I can't blame them for increasing the price a little though. It contains both Dynamine and TeaCrine which some Pre-Workout containing TeaCrine alone cost almost as much. I feel the price is fair for the profile. The NALT is higher than usual as well. I think it's worth the website price of $43 and any discount is a blessing. I see it on Amazon for the same price. This is a fairly new product so there aren't many places to buy it from.

Side Effects

None. No jitters. No shakes. No diarrhea. No unwanted feelings or effects. My sleep was never effected.


Overall, the profile is beautiful and works for me. The "NeuroHack Complex" did an awesome job getting me in the zone and increasing my mind muscle connection. I felt stronger and got more done in and outside the gym. I would recommend it, especially, for the Dynamine and TeaCrine combo. I wanted this specifically for that combo and it did not fail. Even though I think the "SwoleMatrix" could use a little work, the pumps were there. There are a couple other Pre-Workout products that I want to try before knowing where this ranks overall, but this does rank highest out of the preworkout reviews I've done so far.


I just saw before submitting this, that Yeah Buddy now has both TeaCrine and Dynamine together. I made a statement that this was the only product with both because it was, but now it was the first to have both and some are joining. Thank you for reading.
  • Cotton Candy: 10/10


  • bctuthill
    Rep: +2,134
    April 25, 2018

    ...but Dynamine and theacrine are stimulants...?

  • royalapple
    Rep: +204
    April 25, 2018

    @bctuthill please see my photo with the convo with compound solutions. The makers say they aren't.

  • bctuthill
    Rep: +2,134
    April 25, 2018

    Yeah I saw that, but how can they say that?

  • royalapple
    Rep: +204
    April 25, 2018

    @bctuthill I guess because they aren't. They come real close without the sides that caffeine alone has. I'm no chemist, but I've done my research and asked many people and the answer is the same. They are really unique ingredients.

  • Clipper83
    Rep: +4,424
    April 26, 2018

    TeaCrine can actually have a sedative effect at certain dosages. Unlike caffeine, where any amount will simply give you some sort of boost in energy.

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