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By: MDRN Athlete

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to MDRN Athlete for sending it out!
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  April 12, 2018

  • Fully Disclosed Label
  • Great Pumps
  • Proper Doses
  • No Focus
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

I've used a number of "exotic stim" pres over the years, DMAA, DMHA, J. Regia, etc. This is my first experience with dynamine.


I'm a competing powerlifter getting ready for a competition in June. I train 5 days a week, and am currently doing a high frequency training program, bench 5x week, squat and deadlift 3x a week. My training sessions are 70-90 minutes long, and I always start with light cardio and mobility work. I train fasted at 5AM (7AM on Saturdays).

Ingredient Profile

Kudos to MDRN Athlete for giving us an open label.

1 scoop of MDRN Athlete pre workout is 16g. This is fairly large, so I expect to see well dosed ingredients (v.s. 4g pre workouts that are usually prop-blend stim bombs).

MDRN Athlete did not disappoint. We have:
6g Citrulline- This amino acid converts to arginine in the kidneys. It's better at providing pumps than arginine because it's more bioavailable. It can also help with endurance. 6g is a generous dose.

3.2g Carnosyn- This is a trademarked form of beta alanine. It can improve endurance in 60-240 second bouts. Not convinced this is very useful for weightlifting, but if you pursue more endurance type sports, it may be more helpful. 3.2g is a clinical dose.

2g Betaine- This is an amino acid that people supplement with to improve heart health, digestion, and to increase muscle power. 2g is a fair dose.

1g Agmatine- This is a metabolite of arginine. It is used to produce pumps and as a glucose disposal agent. 1g is a good dose.

750mg NALT- This is a special form of tyrosine and is used to reduce stress. 750mg is a good dose.

300mg Alpha GPC- This is a cholinergic that is used as a nootropic and to increase power output. 300mg is enough for the mental benefits, but you want 600mg to increase power output.

250mg Dynamine (40%)- This is a new stimulant from Compound Solutions. It's supposed to increase energy, mood, and focus.

125mg Teacrine (40%) This is a trademarked form of theacrine. It is like a milder form of caffeine and it has a longer halflife. There is 50mg total teacrine in this product. That's the minimum that you want to see (any less can actually make you drowsy).

100mg L-Theanine- This amino acid is used to take off some of the jitteriness that comes with caffeine and other stimulants.

50mcg Huperizine A- This is also a nootropic. It's similar to Alpha GPC. It may need to be cycled.

300mg Caffeine- This tells us that MDRN pre is intended to be a heavy hitter. 300mg is on the higher end in my book.

5mg BioPerine- This is a trademarked form of piperine. It can improve the absorbability of some other supplements. I do not think, however, that any of the supplements it has been tested on are present in this product. Alas, many companies add it because it sounds cool, but it's often not actually doing anything productive.


I got Tiger Blood, and unfortunately, tiger blood means coconut (not sure why). I hate coconut. The taste wasn't objectively bad. It wasn't overly sweet or bitter or anything, but I hated it. Ugh!

Why can't Tiger Blood be something cool?

The mixability was fine. There wasn't any excessive foaming or anything. There was a bit of residue on the sides of my shaker bottle, but that's not surprising. Alpha-GPC can cause that.


I started with a half a scoop because I wasn't sure how the dynamine would affect me. It wasn't that strong, so I moved up to a full scoop


I wanted to like this pre-workout. It has good ingredients at effective doses, but I did not respond well to the dynamine.

Instead of improving my focus, it actually made my focus worse. I felt spacey and almost lightheaded after the pre, and I would have to force myself to concentrate during my workouts.

The energy was there, but it was subtle. I was expecting more of a kick in the pants given the caffeine and the theacrine. My guess is the dynamine counteracted them instead of acting synergistically with them.

The pumps were pretty good. I do focus on strength more than hypertrophy, but I have a fair amount of fluff work in my program.


1 tub of MDRN Athlete is $43 and has 20 servings. This is pretty expensive, $2.15/serving. Right now, there is a coupon that brings it down to 34.40 ($1.72/serving). This is better, but it's still high.

Similarly formulated pres can be found for $1-$1.5/workout. Also, this product isn't widely available yet. The only options I've seen were getting it direct or from amazon. If the product becomes available in more stores, the price will likely come down.

Side Effects



Alas, this pre-workout just didn't do it for me. It's possible that I'm just a poor responder to dynamine, and that other people will like this product a lot more. That remains to be seen.


  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    April 12, 2018

    In regards to price, coupon code SR20 saves you 20% from the brand's website. That drops each serving to around $1.75.

  • Brotein
    Rep: +1,467
    April 12, 2018

    Always keep it real. I doubt the difference between $2.15 and $1.75 moves the needle in terms of rating much, but it's probably worth mentioning

  • smashley23
    Rep: +1,969
    April 12, 2018

    I didn't know about the coupon. I amended the review to include it.

  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    April 12, 2018

    @Brotein Likely depends on the person. Personally this is my #2 pre-workout right now but without the coupon I would not consider buying it because the per serving cost would be more than my #1 pre-workout is. With the coupon, it is cheaper than my #1 and is something I would keep on hand when I need a change of pace.

  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    April 12, 2018

    @smashley23 It is a relatively new coupon that @Clipper83 informed me of when I reviewed this product.

  • Brotein
    Rep: +1,467
    April 12, 2018

    Dmf, I was referring to her own personal experience. The value rating wouldn't move much at all considering the side effects she experienced

  • mhseaver670
    Rep: +6,693
    April 12, 2018

    I'm using this now and I'm feeling really hazy, dizzy, or something after my workout. Not really liking this one all that well so far.

  • royalapple
    Rep: +204
    April 16, 2018

    Interesting as well! I seem to be responding great to it. Great review!

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