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Original SlingShot Reviews

By: Mark Bell

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Original SlingShot is a Workout Equipment Product manufactured by Mark Bell. It is designed specifically for workouts and can maximize results and time spent working out.
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  August 24, 2017

  • Easy To Carry
  • Durable
  • Improves Your Bench
  • Minimizes Shoulder Pain
  • Improves Form
  • Good Value
  • Fitment Can Be Tricky


Just did a review a couple weeks ago or so for Nike Romaleos that helped improve my squat. Now I am going to review Mark Bell's Original SlingShot that helped with my bench press. The original is the red one that is probably the most popular one you see in the gym. Overall there are four SlingShots with each one being most useful at a certain weight. The red original one is actually the second level which is most useful when using more than 315 pounds. The level 1 SlingShot (Reactive, blue in color) is most useful for weight up to 315 pounds and body weight exercises, level 3 (Full Boar, yellow in color) is most useful for weight over 335 and level 4 (Mad Dog, black in color) is most useful for weight over 405. The Mad Dog is the only one I have not used because I probably will not touch 405 for a while lol.


Not much to speak from as far as appearance is concerned. It slides over your elbows and across your chest. The fitment can be a little tricky though. I ordered the XL on them (I am 6'0" about 210) and they fit fine outside of the gym, but they get pretty hard to get on when you have a pump going on and your arms get sweaty. There is a little slit on either side of them that you can use to help pull it over your elbows.


I have had the SlingShot for over a year and it has not shown any defects over this time period. The material is still strong and none of the elastic inside has given me any issues. The slits that I mentioned earlier to help pull the SlingShot up has not ripped or torn, so these are designed and built to last for a while.


The whole purpose of the SlingShot is to allow the user to overload the bar for bench and get used to an increase in weight. I was never the best bencher, so I ordered a few of these to help with breaking plateaus. I was able to continuously add more weight or reps each time I used it. The Original SlingShot allows you to add 10-15% more than your one rep max.

Another reason why the SlingShot is so beneficial is because it makes you keep your elbows tucked while benching. A lot of times people that are new to bench pressing flare their elbows instead of keeping them tucked. Same could be said for even experienced gym rats who get under a heavier load while benching. Once you start to hit the "sticking point," the elbows start to flare and that could lead to shoulder discomfort over time or even bad shoulder injuries. It is almost impossible to flare your elbows while using a SlingShot and your shoulders will thank you over time.

The SlingShot does not really work well when you go for a paused bench press. These help more when you do more of a touch and go press and pull the weight down into your chest on the negative. Normally, I will do my working sets with a pause and then for my last one or two sets, I will increase the weight and rep it out using the SlingShot.


These can be kind of expensive. Level 1 starts at $50 and each level increases by $5. So the Mad Dog ends up being $65. The Original cost $55 plus any shipping. This can be found on (Mark Bell's website) or on Amazon. The prices are the same, but with prime you will not have to pay for shipping. However on HowMuchYaBench, there is a one year warranty on it. I do not mind paying for them because it definitely helped my bench over the past year and I would think if you have shoulder issues, these would benefit you even more. If you are just a regular gym-goer, I probably would say you do not need it.


Overall I am pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their bench, minimize shoulder pain, or especially to those in powerlifting. Unless you have a super strong bench, the red Original one would probably be your best bet and hope you order the right size.

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