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This product has been reported as discontinued.


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MAN Sports

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Pure PF3 is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by MAN Sports. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

  October 28, 2013

    • Not Effective
    • Bad Taste
    • Too Expensive
    "Users report they experience accelerated recovery, increased quality lean mass and are able to get lean faster. See the chart above on this page for additional benefits of using high bio-active value protein."

    This is one of the claims for this product. The one that I was really hoping for when trying this product was accelerated recovery. I recently returned to the gym after a long hiatus and muscle soreness and DOMS has been very prevalent because I have been pushing myself hard in an effort to return to where I was in terms of strength, endurance, LBM, and all of the other aspects that you lose over a long hiatus.

    Other claims for this product include regenerating and accelerating muscle tissue growth, no bloat or inflammation, replenishment of glycogen, and better nutrient absorption.




    Simple profile, 50 servings per container, 1 preworkout and 1 post. Each Serving is 2.8 grams, 2.6 of which is a prop blend of 75% bioactive Serum protein isolate and Betaine HCL. The listed amount of protein is 2.5 grams so I am assuming that the Betaine HCL is 100mg.

    The only info I could really find on Betaine HCL was that it is speculatively used to increase stomach acidity to assist in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. I said speculatively because most sources say it really only has a positive effect if your acidity levels are too low to begin with so the beneficial aspect is certainly in question.


    Taste/Mixability (3/10)


    I got the "flavorless" version of this in hopes to mix this with a pre/post workout shake. The first thing I noticed about this is that the mixability is HORRIBLE. Now it isn't hydrophobic per se but it sticks to itself and deposits and gets really sticky when wet. No matter how much you shake/stir it will stick to the bottom and sides of a shaker like peanut butter. The only option I really had was to take the scoops straight to the dome and chase with water. Even then I could not let it touch my teeth because it would stick on and between my teeth. I really did have to have a fine science with just taking this stuff.

    Flavorless also was not very flavorless. It was pretty much a weird sickly sweet, gritty taste that would have screwed up any flavored product that I could possibly have tried to mix it with. Again, not that I could, but definitely try a flavored version of you try it.


    Effectiveness (4/10)


    There were a lot of bold claims associated with this product and sadly the ones I could make a determination on fell very flat for me.

    Along with this product I also took USP Labs Modern BCAA mixed with bulk L-Glutamine intraworkout and RCSS protein post workout.

    The one positive that stuck out was that there was very little, if any, bloating and what there was could have been attributed to taking protein and slamming eggs and egg whites every morning for breakfast.

    The biggest letdown for me was muscle recovery. Even though I have only been back on the horse a month or so, adding this to my stack did nothing to aid my recovery time. I have been facing a discouraging amount of DOMS and overall recovery coming back and was really hoping that this would provide a noticeable amount of relief in that area. I really noticed no increased recovery time whatsoever and after going hard for 3 days in a row sometimes 1 day off simply wasn't enough.

    As far as glycogen replenishment and nutrient absorption, it really is hard to tell how effective it was. I did add about 3 pounds back which made me appear slightly more filled out and my muscles looked fuller, but I think in general anybody with a decent lifting background that comes back after time off is going to experience that whether you are taking supplements or not.


    Value (3/10)


    Holy heck is this stuff expensive! I was able to pick this up with free fermented leucine from nutraplanet for 47.99. The PF3 by itself now is 54.99. That comes out to more than $1/scoop. Also, I forgot to add that for the last few days I doubled up my dose to try to see an increase in effectiveness with little to no results. So minimum $2/day and up to $4/day for a product that helped little if any? No thanks on that one.


    Overall (3/10)


    With all of the hype and positive reviews on nutraplanet I was certainly hoping for a lot more out of this product than I got. I have worked out a lot harder and had a lot better recovery using specialized intras, humapro, ect. And while I know I should be experiencing more pain than gain at this point in my return, simply stated this product was a huge disappointment to me and I hope that I fare better with BioGrow which I am using moving forward.

    COMMENTS (3)

    • MuscleCow
      Rep: +628
      October 28, 2013

      Awesome review!! Just as I suspected on this supplement. Thanks for that :)! Made me feel good about going Bio-Gro over this, and It still bothers me how this stuff has filler ingredients in it... Bio-Gro is 100% 1 ingredient. I hope you have a better experience on Bio-Gro, I am loving it, and my recovery is insane since I started it 4 tubs ago... leg days don't hit me bad at all, I can go very hard and barely feel it, crazy. Glad I respond to it. :)

    • lava135
      Rep: +6,983
      October 28, 2013

      Excellent review brother.

    • CamSTL
      Rep: +2,287
      October 28, 2013

      My homeboy Flash killin it with the reviews again.


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