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By: Loud Muscle Science

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  August 10, 2018

  • Libido Booster
  • Too Expensive
  • Blend

Quick Summary

I think this CAN in fact work, but I just cannot justify buying this based off the price and prop blend, where total milligrams of the blend is close to the entire necessary dose of just one of the ingredients in the blend...


I have used things like DAA, Tongkat, and mixed ingredient "booster" type supps (but dosages disclosed) in the past while cutting down as I notice I lack in certain areas of my "energy" while cutting down but these supps can typically combat this pretty decently.

Ingredient Profile

I will say the ingredients themselves are awesome. All super solid for this kind of supp. Tongkat ali and maca from experience are effective and awesome, horny goat weed and tribulus are staples in these kind of blended supps, ashwagandha is a great ingredient that I take daily (aside from this run of course) as well as yohimbe bark (not extracted yohimbine HCl unfortunately) which has a ton of merit for this sort of supp in terms of energy and libido.

The biggest issue here is the dosing. The entire blend comes down to 780 mg. Here is the huge issue with that. The ashwagandha pills I take are 1200 mg of ashwagandha extract (an effective dose). If Ash is one of several ingredients that ADDS up to 780 how could it possibly be of a correct dosage? Or Tribulus, where many pills out there are 1000 mg. AND horny goat weed, which many companies sell in 1000 mg pills. See what I am getting at? The entire blend dosage of several ingredients isn't even as large as a dose of what is seen as effective for ONE of them which is pretty disappointing. You could understand maybe on a supp that is 30 dollars but at 90 dollars, I just don't see why.


Dosing is super easy. 2 pills, easy to swallow. I didn't have any indigestion or heartburn or bad tasting burps from this.


I found this to be not a cure-all, 100% of the time effective supp, but I did think it worked around 2/3 of the time which is honestly a much better ratio than a lot of other of these kinds of supps I have tried so I would say it def was effective in terms of both mentally and the physical side of things regarding the purpose, so I was actually pretty surprised with it despite my qualms with dosing.


Value is the huge thing damaging this product, it unfortunately is not a good value. For a 1 month supply of a supp that some ingredients are likely (*probably* mathematically) underdosed, it is 90 dollars, whereas comparable blend competitors come out to around 1 dollar per serving (1/3 of the price) OR one could buy capsules of pure ingredients and probably end up constructing not only a 2 month supply instead of 1 month for the same price, but it would probably be more effective and dosed better alongside being cheaper.

Side Effects

Little faster heart rate than usual it seems, probably due to the Yohimbine in it. Can cause anxiety and typical stim effects for some people.


I think this supplement does work, however if you take this daily (which some ingredients in this are only noticeable if you take them daily rather than case by case) I just cannot justify 3 dollars per serving, especially when you don't even know if you're getting an effective dose of these ingredients. I'd have to say it would make more sense to buy raw ingredients since not only would it be cheaper but it may even be more effective since you can dose it correctly and accordingly.

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