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By: Loud Muscle Science

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Loud Muscle Science for sending it out!
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  September 4, 2017

  • Libido Booster
  • Blend
  • Acid Re- Flux
  • Too Expensive


Yes I would feel like I could say " I'm King Kong in this M*%her " Normally at best products like this give a slight boost and maybe a boost mentally but this puppy really surprised me and even had the wife asking " what has gotten into you " I should have asked her that same question. ha.

Ingredient Profile

Well its a blend , I understand why companies do this , especially a new one. And I was able to talk to a rep on Facebook about this also. The only issue I have is certain ingredients like Yohimbie. That ingredient does is not handled well with some, so when you have a blend like this one at 780 mg. One will wonder if they are getting 40 mg? or 200mg of this stuff. I actually suggested that they should separate certain ingredient's such as this one and then maybe list the rest in a matrix blend or something. Now the label I found online ( ebay ) is not correct according to the rep. I was told the bottles we received is though.
So the blend of 780mg gets you a bunch of Chinese ingredient's that I have not heard of much, also there is Long jack and horny goat weed and some tribulus and deer antler , which all of the last 4 have shown to be good for the bedroom enhancements. Normally Long jack really bothers me some reason but I seemed to adjust to this one rather fast and was fine after that.


2 pills a day. Easy to swallow. I did seem to get wicked acid re-flux from this though which I think it was mostly the long jack because that is one side I tend to get with that . Other than that no real issue.


Well as in the beginning , this stuff was really impressive. I do not have trouble in this area but this absolutely brought what was already good to a new level. Like I said ( and I am trying to be calm and respectful ) these two blue pills had me wondering if I had taken the real blue pills. Random wood through the day here and there was a surprise and not so fun as an adult either. Not only was I Basically overthinking about doing the deed almost all day I was basically ready to go at the drop of a hat. So much so that I stopped taking it in the mornings and that did help and started taking this when I got off work and was getting ready to hit the gym. Which brings me to the next benefit I had. Take this with your pre workout and watch veins you have never seen before pop out and look like the Alaskan pipeline. Honestly the only real side I had from this was the acid re-flux and at times it was pretty rough. But the Pro's to this FAR out weigh that. I will also mention I did play with the dosing and stopped taking it for about a week to see if it was just in my head and things did calm down some , but as soon as I hit those pretty pills again I was chasing the wife around .


Truly upsetting seeing the price of this. I understand this is a total luxury item for the most part and most would not take this for 30 days straight so it should last longer, but trust me , when you get the benefits like I was I highly doubt you will put them back on the shelf for a while. That being said I still think asking 89 dollars for 30 pills is way overpriced. When you take in consideration this is still a blend, ( even though it worked well for me ) Most hate a blend and will not pay that kind of money if they feel they are only getting Chinese pixie dust. But 3 dollars a dose is really high for any product, at that price you are looking at what most of the good ( past banned ) Prohormones would cost.

Side Effects

Acid Re-flux
Happy wife or
Annoyed wife


One of the best boosters of this type I have used in a very long while. Next would be maca or just old school DAA. Now this is only available through ebay right now but I hope they can get that fixed and that will help get the price down I would think. They have a Facebook page and was very helpful with questions ( ). Hopefully we will see them on here more often.


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