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Bionic Test RX - Capsules Reviews

By: Loud Muscle Science

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Loud Muscle Science for sending it out!
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  November 28, 2018

    • Barely Effective
    • Lacks That Umph


    What up SR! Shoutout to SR like always and another one for Loud Muscle Science for the opportunity for another sample. A completely different supplement, I tried Launch Sequence by them because of all the reviews and it was Money!!!! So i was super pumped to give Bionic Test +RX a try to see how effective it would be. Any type of gain/improvement in the gym is always a plus!

    Ingredient Profile

    I'm not sure I need to write much of a breakdown on each of the ingredients as WarMachines review was 110%!! Bionic Test +RX is made up of two proprietary blends, one for Red Blood Cells Volumization (200mg) and Libido Volumization(1300mg). The other ingredient is 200mg of an estro blocker.

    The red blood cells prop is supposed to help provide more oxygen to the body and the libido prop blend is supposed help in hormone production to aid in strength and muscle mass.

    Like everyone else, i really dislike prop blends. I want to see a fully disclosed label on every supplement. MSGA!!


    Taste and Mixability is N/A as these are pills. Dosing is 2 capsules per day during the cutting phase and 2-6 capsules per day during the bulking phase.
    I took 2 capsules per day every morning when i got to work and when i woke up on the weekends.


    As for effectiveness, i did not notice any leaning out with taking 2 capsules a day for the month i took it which was the majority of the results i was looking for. For a short period of a few days at the end of the 2nd week i did notice a slight boost of energy while in the gym and was able to lift slightly more and finish out a couple more reps. But for prolonged gains during the month, it did not increase anymore and after those few days i went right back to my "normal". With how i work out these days, i more so just maintain with a slight gain here or there so anytime i take something new it is fairly easy for me to tell if it is working.


    At $35 for a bottle, that seems like a pretty fair price. That is towards the lower end of pricing on OTC test booster compared to others that are double the price. So anything starting with a 3 always catches my eye.

    Side Effects

    I experienced no side effects while taking this.


    In conclusion, i had high hopes for this product but was let down. I know everything works different for everyone so for the price, it wouldn't hurt to spend the money, but it would not be something i recommended to people on a daily basis. Loud Muscle Science now has a record of 1-1 with me, but I would not hesitate to try another product from them.

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