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Raspberry Ketones Reviews

By: LiveLong Nutrition

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  April 6, 2016

  • Affordable
  • Possibly Under-dosed
Ah yes, raspberry ketones. A while ago they were all the rage among stay at home moms glued to celebrity "doctors" on the television, and even among the fitness community to a degree. The hype has died down some, but you can still find companies touting raspberry ketones as the end-all-be-all in weight loss supplementation. However, the keyword there is "supplementation", a word lost on more of us than we would care to admit.

Nonetheless, here is a review for raspberry ketones.

This is a little trickier than I would like to admit.
This product is, as advertised, raspberry ketones and nothing else served up in the form of 100mg capsules. The tricky part comes in determining if that 100mg is the correct dose or not.
"There is no human evidence for the effects of raspberry ketones. Studies on rats have used a dosage range of .545-2.18g/kg, which correlates to a human estimated dose of 80-340mg/kg for humans. This dose is very high compared to other fat burning compounds, so for that reason the standard supplemental dose of raspberry ketones for humans is in the 100-200mg range. There is no solid evidence for the effectiveness of the doses listed below. Rat dosages correlate to the following human doses:
870-3,700mg for a 150lb person
1,100-5,000mg for a 200lb person
1,500-6,200mg for a 250lb person
There is no human evidence for the effectiveness of raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones cannot be concentrated in the human body the same way they are concentrated during studies done outside the body, on single cells." (
As you can see, there's a rather interesting dilemma. Doses ranging from 100-200mg seems to be the standard, but studies on rats suggest the effective dose for humans may be higher. A lot higher. That doesn't bode well for anybody.

At the time I took this to stave off an inevitable weight gain. I was getting ready for a meet, and I was weighing around 250lbs. However, at some 12 weeks out I was already up to 260lbs or so. The weight limit was 275, and I was not interested in growing out of my weight class. I needed to maintain that 260lb as long as possible, and I used the raspberry ketones to hopefully achieve that. Given that I ended up weighing 273lb after a full day of driving and not eating, the jury might still be out.
As a result, I can't say for certain the raspberry ketones worked or not. This was typical of previous runs with raspberry ketones (from other companies). I really don't know why I thought this time would be any different to be honest, but you got to try, right?

The price for one 90ct bottle ranges from roughly $15 to just under $20. Given the fact you may need a lot of this to get any noticeable results, really makes value difficult to judge as well. You may literally need a fistful of pills to get something, but it is offered at the (supposedly) standard dose.
In any event, $15 is fairly cheap. Given what some of us here spend on supplements, you could sneak it in there no problem.

I still don't know if it worked or it didn't. It didn't hurt things, but I'm not sure it helped. The jury is, without a doubt, still deliberating.


  • primus
    Rep: +7
    April 6, 2016

    so just asking, since there is no study done on humans, how than can any reputable company sell this and claim it aids in fatloss? My thinking is that this is a deceptive practice, rat studies alone are not enough in my opinon, from my own research, raspberry ketones are not proven to do anything and are a scam sup up near CLA and garcinia garboja. great review though. just more fire on the deceptive supplement industry

  • chefneilde
    Rep: +1,591
    April 7, 2016

    You eat raspberries while watching episodes of dr oz
    In my best russian accent "I laugh at your pitiful review - Braahahahahahaha"

  • Foopmaster
    Rep: +180
    April 8, 2016

    None of what I have read or heard about raspberry ketones makes me optimistic about its effectiveness. They do tend to smell nice, though.

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