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Mega Green Tea Extract Reviews

By: Life Extension

Mega Green Tea Extract is an Herbal Product manufactured by Life Extension. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.

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  May 6, 2014

  • Supports Good General Health
  • Helps With Acne
  • Can Help As Part Of A Weight-loss Regimen
  • High Polyphenol And EGCG Content
  • Good Value
    I don't normally review a product based on an herbal supplement, but I've been a frequent user of green tea for sol long that it is worth my time to review my personal green tea product of choice.

    Life Extension has quite an extensive line of supplements geared towards improving certain areas of health such as brain and cognitive function, immune support, bone health, and hormonal balance.

    While I am sure all their products are effective, their mega green tea extract is my only experience with their line.

    As a brief overview, green tea as been touted for several health benefits including immunity enhancement, increased metabolic potential, anti-inflammatory, improved skin integrity, anti-cancer, glucose regulation, and maintenance of both health blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I'll get into detail about green tea's properties later in the review.

    My sole purpose of using green tea is to help with acne, but the additional benefits are always welcomed.

    Taste (N/A): The capsules are tasteless and easy to swallow. No aftertastes or upsetting stomach feelings were present.

    Usage (10): A quick thing to note is that mega green tea extract comes in both naturally caffeinated and decaffeinated. I personally preferred the decaffeinated because I most often took the pill with my last meal. Therefore, to avoid sleeplessness, but reap the benefits of the naturally occurring theanine, I opted for a version without stimulants. In terms of dosage, the directions call for one capsule daily with or without food. As I stated, i took my capsule with my last meal every night.

    Ingredient Profile (10): The Profile is very straightforward with each capsule containing the following...

    725 Mg

    The thing I like mostly is both the high polyphenol and EGCG content. These are essentially the two primary active compounds in green tea.

    As many may already know, polyphenols belong to a class of organic compounds characterized by their unique structure consisting of several phenol (carbolic acid aromatic units) groups. Naturally occurring polyphenols found in several plants species such as green tea, have been demonstrated to have potent anti-oxidant properties by acting as free radical scavengers. Many of these free radicals are associated with damaging inflammation and cellular degeneration. Therefore, scavenging them and deactivating their mechanisms, can greatly improve health by reducing inflammation and maintaining and promoting the production of health cells.

    EGCG is short for a compound called Epigallocatechin gallate, found mainly in green tea and other teas in smaller quantities. EGCG belongs to a group of compounds called catechins, which belong to another chemical group called flavanols. EGCG has been shown to have potent anti-oxidant properties of it's own as well as neuroprotective benefits. There are also other benefits in terms of fat burning, but I think I've covered most of the compound's primary benefits.

    Effectiveness (9): I am gauging this mainly on how it helped with my acne, but I will also go into brief detail about other benefits I experienced as well. First, I did notice a noticeable improvement in both acne and skin integrity overall. I was experiencing less frequent breakouts and, existing pimples were healing slightly quicker. Also, my overall skin appearance, tone, and elasticity felt much improved.

    In addition, occurrences of illnesses were drastically reduced. If I were to catch a slight bug of some kind, I did find myself recovering somewhat quicker with green tea supplementation. Furthermore, falling ill became extremely rare when using green tea.

    In terms of fat burning properties, during times where I was trying to reduce overall body fat, the green tea did seem to help with appetite suppression and metabolism as I felt myself feeling more energized in compliment with a pre-workout. I also slightly less hunger pangs with green tea.

    I never had, nor do I now have and heart, cholesterol, or blood pressure issues. Therefore, I can't comment on these benefits.

    Lastly, the theanine content in green tea, does help me to un-wind and relax better at night, hence my preference for taking a decaffeinated version at night.

    Value (9): Life Extension's Mega Green Tea is a little bit more expensive than some of the other green tea extracts supps on market. However, most the cheaper supps have lower polyphenol and EGCG content. This can negatively impact the extent of green tea's benefits and may call for additional dosing. For one cap a day and 100 capsules per bottle, 18-23 dollars in not a bad deal. This is especially considering the fact that you are getting a pure and highly concentrated form of green tea.

    Overall (9): This will continue to be my go to green tea product and I encourage anyone looking for something to naturally help with any of the areas I mentioned in the intro to invest in a bottle of this and see if it can potentially help.

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