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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Halo-25 is a Prohormone manufactured by LGI Supplements. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 30 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,464
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 73
  June 17, 2015

You all know me, I am the emotionally unstable but currently happy Gkeezy, and as I just finished my cycle, I would like to share my experience with the rest of you. I will describe this product on the week by week basis. Also please be advised that I did stack this with LGI Stano-200 for my test base. Although when I spread out the dosages, I was able to quickly tell the difference between the Hdrol alone and how LGI stano together made me feel and react.

Before I dove into the world of PH I have done a ton of research and read a lot of forums and opinions of my friends who did similar cycles. I finally decided to pull the trigger on this product.

I did a 5 week cycle, as I thought that warranted enough gains as if didnt really kick in until about the end of week 3 into week 4. I didnt want too many sides plus I also did not have enough bottles to go into week 6. Also didnt want to stress my liver anymore than I already have.

While on the cycle I stayed away from all alcohol and all caffeine. I did not want to add extra stress on my liver and my blood pressure. I did not take any PWO or nitrate pump products either, also did not do Creatine.

Supplement Facts - Halo - 25:

Serving Size: 1 capsule / Servings per Container: 60 Amount Per Serving: 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3-17b-diol – 25mg

Supplement Facts: LGI - Stano - 200

Serving Size: 1 Capsule / Servings Per Container: 90: Ingredient: 3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one 200mg

The Stano compound is known for increasing strength, vascularity, and hardening of muscles. Often used for pre-contest as a hardener for losing water retention as well while maintaining size and strength. This is a naturally occurring compound that is a precursor to Stanolone.

Stano-200 is non-methylated, therefore it can be used standalone or stacked with other compounds to achieve goals of lean mass or recomp.

Halodrol is a dry compound that produces lean, hard gains without any water retention. Both are good when stacked together, as one is Liver toxic and the other is not. Also Stanodrol provides strength and increased libido when Hdrol lethargy sits in.
Dosages: 10/10 - The dosages are very simple. The half-life is about 23 hours but as warranted by members I wanted to divide the dosages as to keep level plasma levels of this compound. My week 5 breakdown was as follows:

Week 1: Halo - 75mg - Stano -800
Week 2: Halo - 75mg - Stano - 800
Week 3: Halo - 75mg - Stano 800
Week 4: Halo - 100mg - Stano 800
Week 5: Halo - 100mg - Stano 1200

I would do 2 pills at 10am of Halo and 2 pills of Stano and then at 4pm I would another 1 of Halo and 2 of Stano.
When I went to 100mg I divided it up to 3 times a day. 10am, 2pm, 6pm.

My support supps at the time were as follows:

Preloaded 2 weeks of Hawthorne Berry. On cycle

LGI Damage Control
Fish Oil
Multi Vitamin
Whey Protein & Karbolyn
Effectiveness: 8/10 - I will describe the effectiveness week by week.

Week 1: Did not feel much except a major increase in hunger and food intake. Also when I was eating big meals, I did not feel full or bloated. This was new feeling for me and I loved it. No strength or aggression really. Gained about 3lbs.

Week 2: Same as week one, more hunger and eating even more food. Gained about 3lbs as well.

In weeks 1-3 my libido was through the roof, It was an amazing feeling.

Week 3: Week 3 is when I began to notice the pump. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I had all this energy through the day/ and in the gym it was crazy. I felt my muscle pumped the entire time. Sometimes I went to the gym twice, once in the morning and once at night. And the pump was always there. People kept commenting on how I was looking swole, especially in my traps and shoulder area. The downside to these pumps was I had really bad lower back pumps and shin/ankle pumps. I would take Taurine up to 10g a day but it didnt help right away. Also had Fish Oil and Glucosamine for joint support. The pain was unbearable at times. I could not even sit at work. I had to stand up and foam roll and stretch. My ankles would swell walking 7 minutes to work, like I had some bag water retention and diabetes. It was PAINFUL. Gained about 3-4lbs.

Week 4: The pump was getting better, and I finally noticed endurance and strength increase. Its not per say that the weight was increasing but the weight I was currently doing I was able to go up in reps. Before when I was struggling with 1-3 reps I was not easily banging out 8-12 reps. This was huge for me. Although my appetite during week 4 and 5 began to taper down where I wasn't as hungry before, which probably halted some of the bigger gains I had. I had to force myself to eat high calories and carbs, it was pretty darn hard. The back pain and ankle pain got much worse, even though I also increased my water intake by 3 times. No Weight Gained.

Week 5: On my last week I was able to push some big PRS which I never though I would be able to hit before. These are my current PRS:
Deadlift: 405
Bench: 285
Squat: 365

Luckily for me in week 5 the back pain was not as bad and the leg pain subsided a ton. This made the last week extremely amazing working out. Gained about 3lbs. Also in week 5 my libido pretty much was non existent.

In total gained about 13lbs and a little bit of fat. However, I was able to fill out a bit so the fat gain was not as noticeable.


I just started my PCT:

Week 1: 50 clomid / 20 Nolva / TX-3 and Rehab
Week 2: 50 clomid / 20 Nolva/ TX-3 and Rehab
Week 3: 25 clomid / 20 Nolva / TX-3 and Rehab
Week 4: 25 clomid / 20 Nolva / TX-3 and Rehab

Overall: 8/10 - This gets a solid 8. It probably would have been a 9 if it wasnt for the super painful ankle and back pumps. I mean there were times where all I wanted to do was lie on my back and not move. It was pretty bad. In terms of gains I can see why people go down the road of AAS or Injectables. It just a different mind set being on it. Its a different feeling. You want to be in the gym, you want to be there to smash the weight and you don't let anyone stand in your way of your gains. Its pretty intense and addicting. But as I learned there are a lot of downfalls of these type of products in long term use.

Gkeezy out.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Vascular
  • Strong
  • Shoulders And Traps Now Look Rediculous
  • Muscle Density And Fullness
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Joint Pain
  • Slight Lethargy
  • Takes A While To Kick In
Rep: +12
Trust: 0%
  June 21, 2012

First off this was my very first PH. I have done my research and concluded that this was a good one to start with.

Value- each bottle cost around 28 dollars and 2 bottles got me through my whole cycle which lasted 39 days a little more than 5 weeks. Cannot beat the price. Very affordable and very reliable brand.

Dosing and length. Each cap containing 25 mgs of halodrol I dosed 50/75/75/75/100
Week 1(50 mgs) 1 halodrol 10 a.m, 1 halodrol 7 p.m
Weeks 2-4(75mgs) 2 halodrol 10 a.m 1 halo 7 p.m
Week 5(100mgs) 2 halo 10 a.m, 2 halo 7 p.m
Gym time between 12 and 2 p.m Sunday, Monday Wednesday, Friday.

Support supps and others. Preloaded CEL cycle assist 2 weeks before and continued all the way through PCT
Himalaya Care Liv. 52- 1 cap a.m 1 cap p.m
Opti-Men multivitamin, whey protein, fish oil, Bulgarian tribulus, acai pills, taurine before workouts, jarrow formulas glucosamine chondroitant and msm.

Results/ effectiveness.
Week 1- placebo seemed high. Felt more aggressive in the gym. More vascularity in my arms.
Week 2- shoulders and arms became more solid and dense. Vascularity still increasing. Strength remained the same
Week 3- this is where it really started to kick in. I felt stronger in almost every single lift. Bench went from 225 7 reps to 255 8 reps. Incline Dumbells from 80's 5 reps to 95's 5 reps. Lat pull downs 200 6 reps to 230 5 reps.
My body was becoming more dense and separation between muscles was becoming more noticeable.
Week 4- strength continued to increase. I was getting bigger, and stronger, and felt amazing about it. My traps I would say was the one thing that exploded in size. My shoulders look broader, my back wider and my chest looks more sculpted and defined. A nice thing by the end of week 4 was that my recovery was amazing. I am not exaggerating when I say most days after a workout I barely felt any soreness and I went HARD.
Week 5- bumped up to 100 mgs. Effects started to taper off a little my size remained but strength went down a little from week 4. I think I wouldve had same results if I stayed at 75.

PCT: Nolvadex 20:20:10:10, pink magic, micronized creatine mono, zinc, and annabolic innovations stoked.

Side effects- one thing I noticed was that it made me very carb sensitive. If I ate a high carb meal it seemed like it would make me very bloated and definition in my abs sort of went away for the rest of the day. Also had some bad joint pain in my shoulders during my chest workout. Not sure if this was from the halo but I had to stop during my chest workout from doing presses because it hurt so bad. Libido went down slightly but nothing horrible. Tribulus and zinc should help with that.

Overall: overall I enjoyed the product. Before starting weight was at 190. At the end of 5 weeks I was up to 206. I am now 6 days off of pct and I have lost about 4 lbs, probably water weight because my abs are starting to come back. So overall a gain of 16 lbs and I kept 12, not to bad. For the lack of side effects it was well worth it. I'd have to say my best result off this was the gain in the size of my traps and the separation between them and my shoulders. I've always had good size traps but by the beginning of week 4 my traps and shoulders exploded. I wouldve liked to see my arms get bigger they got more dense and vascular but they still seem right around the same size. I also got several compliments from people at work saying I looked bigger which def helps my motivation and self esteem level. I gave it an 8 for evectiveness because I'm sure that there is stronger stuff out there, but like I said for the lack of sides that I got my gains seemed decent I am just an impatient person and just wants the best right away sometimes. I plan on taking a few months off and and December I will be starting iron mag labs super dmz, the old version which contains 10 mgs of both superdrol and dimethazine. I will be using all the same support supps
But I will be adding in Anteus Labs Aegis for top notch liver support. I would def. recommend halo for anyone as a first choice into the PH world.
  • Strong
  • Good Value
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Energy
  • Muscle Density And Fullness
  • Shoulders And Traps Now Look Rediculous
  • Vascular
  • Slight Lethargy
  • Made My Stomach Bloat
  • Joint Pain
  • Takes A While To Kick In

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