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Trifecta Stack is a Prohormone manufactured by LG Sciences. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

See all 30 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +9
Trust: 12%
  January 19, 2012

So even though I've taken stronger compounds,My wife hates it! so i figured id give this a try. Im almost 30 and have been lifting for 9 years. I eat 80% clean all the time so not much prep besides more protein. i take a vitamin and fish oil every day no matter on or off cycle. I started at 5'7 170 and max 275 bench and now im around 175 and 295.

first the good. I cant say i didnt have any sides but thats after this. i did get a pretty good pump but not until i was in week 4. No back pumps and no dry joints for me. I did gain about 5 pounds but that could just be added protein.

that was short now the bad. most of this is for the mmv3. ive done m1d and its realy nothing. with that said please crawl before you walk mmv3 has yohimbine and for some its bad! part of this is my fault i didnt really prep for this cycle. but my blood pressure did spike a bit at first making me feel like sh##. but at the end i was up to 6 a day,witch leads me to the next thing it taste like sh## and 6 means you tast it all day. by the end its just sweet but not worth it. O and last im a mild guy but at times i just wanted to bit someones head off and that sucks at home!! 3 kids and wife.

all in all i would say get used to mmv3 then take a high dose and more than 4 weeks. i didnt notice much strength gain,and i didnt get ripped. but i did get some size. as for formadrol ive always liked it. but for some harder stuff i would rather something eles. the trifecta wasnt a rip off but save your money for something better. i have epistane that i will do in feb. witch is still mild but im getting old im not excatly in beast mode anymore anyway lol. i hope this helps. ive picked and chosen from this site for years. but this is my first review.

  • Builds Muscle
  • Bad Taste
Rep: +11
Trust: 0%
  November 4, 2010

I guess there has been multiple versions of Trifecta ?? I don't know but the one I ran is the on that is at M1D, MMv3, Forma-D, and a free T911 (I guess this is not normally included in the kit ??). Either way, it has gotten a lot of attention on the discussion boards I frequent, so I decided to give it a go.

I like to break down my reviews into weeks. So here it goes - week 1, I noticed higher levels of aggression and libido. I was brimming with confidence and felt kind of egotistical lol.
Week 2, weights started feeling lighter. I was able to do more reps with the same weight(2-3), which resulted in upping the weights a few pounds. This continued on into week 3.
Week 3, aggression and libido got more powerful and almost unbearable. I didn't expect to get this bad but I was getting road rage and tossing weights around. I am normally a temperamental person so it didn't come as a shock to me. Endurance started to shine in this week as well. I added sprints at the end of my workouts.
Week 4-5, again high aggression, libido, endurance, strength. It continued on. With all the added cardio and an elevated endurance and sex Drive, I was having fun sex. I was going longer without getting tired. I was taking control of the entire situation. The feeling was intoxicating.
Week 6, I knew the end was near and started to lose a little focus. I was depressed over the thought that the fun was all over. I continued to push myself but knowing the end was near was somewhat demotivating.
Week 7, was the start of my PCT with FormaD. All the feelings I had experienced on cycle continued on! I was very excited that 5 days into week 7, I still felt very aggressive, still had a higher libido. Endurance increased more actually. This continued on until the last week of my PCT. In the last week, I started to tone it down, knowing a break from all the excessive training and cardio were in order.

As a note, I didn't notice any shutdown whatsoever. I very much enjoyed the effects of Trifecta and will be running it again. I'm thinking of added Free Test into my PCT next time.
  • Lg Trifeca Stack Is The Bomb
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • No Side Effects
  • Lost Fat
    Rep: +1
    Trust: 0%
      June 6, 2010

    I keep my diet in check, rarely drink (especially while trying to gain muscle on a stack like this), and strength train every other day for 1 to 1-1/2 hours. I track calories as well as rep/weight performance in the gym. I finished this stack about two months ago. It seems there are different versions of this product. This review is for the one that contains Methyl 1-D, Methyl Masterdrol, and Formadrol. The Methyl 1-D and Methyl Masterdrol were in the XL sized bottles (135 count instead of 90). From start to finish I experienced no side effects at all. In the end I was a bit leaner and a bit stronger, but the gains I experienced were just on par or maybe a little bit better than with the gains I experience while doing my usual supplementing (no Trifecta Stack). Overall, I was disappointed with the end result but not entirely surprised with all of the mixed reviews I've read about the product. I won't buy it again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
    • No Side Effects
    • Not Effective
    Rep: +14
    Trust: 25%
      May 11, 2010

    I have waited about a month after ending my cycle on the Trifecta Stack to write this review just so I could see how I react coming off of the stack and so I could look back and compare my past gains when I was trying to bulk up. I took the newest version of the stack containing Methyl 1-D , Methyl Masterdrol, and Formadrol (all with "XL Sized" on the label). While on the stack, I quit drinking for about a month and a half strait (except on St. Patty's day) and I cleaned up my diet. I sticked with my weight lifting routine and did a little bit of cardio. I keep a written log of when I lift, what exercises I do, and how many reps I do at what weight. I showed steady gains while on the stack, increasing my reps/weight on every exercise I would perform. Though I did make gains, after looking through my workout book I saw that I made pretty much the same jumps in reps/weight last summer when I was on a strict diet/exercise program. I didn't gain too much body fat, but I attribute much of that to a high protein and fiber diet. It's obvious that after growth hormones became regulated, LG Sciences was in a rush to put a bad stack together so they could sell it for $80+... it's probably why the dosing recommendations vary between the box, the pamphlet/workout guide, and the directions on the bottles. I am not biased. In the past I have given good reviews for LG sciences' E-911, but this product was a blatant attempt by LG to quickly relabel their once successful hormone stack and sell off some expensive garbage that doesn't really work. I hope this review saves someone out there some money and over a month of their life taking a supplement that doesn't work.
    • Didn't Gain Too Much Fat
    • No Side Effects
    • Not Effective
    • Over Priced
    • Formula Not The Same As Original
    • Incorrect Labels
    • Bad Taste

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