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Will Natadrol have effects on hormone levels?

May 19, 2012

Not much info about this in the internet so here goes my third question about Natadrol:

I've nearly finished my first bottle now. Today I had bloodwork done due to unrelated gynecomastia (testosterone, dht, estrogen, prolactin etc are getting checked).

I'm wondering if Natadrol has an effect on those hormones in my body. I'll see the results in 3 weeks. Do you think the doctor will notice anything weird in those results due to Natadrol?


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Posted May 19, 2012

Natadrol should not affect your blood work since its not a test booster and its not hormonal.
You should be fine as far as the blood tests go. If anything is off with the tests, chances are it was not from the Natadrol especially since its just herbs and extracts.
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