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Growth Enhancers > Nighttime Sleep Formulas

GHenerate is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by LG Sciences. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.

See all 39 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Nighttime Sleep Formulas


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +217
Trust: 100%
  April 11, 2012

Hello to all who've stumbled across this review.

My Reason For Taking the Product: I wanted some better sleep, especially with my hectic college and work schedule. I got this for free since it was being discontinued in our store so I thought "what the hell, I'll give it a shot".

The Skinny On My Stats:

Weight (at the time of this review): ~150lbs.
Age: 21
Training Style: Mostly bodybuilding with a healthy dose of powerlifting and otherwise strength training. Little cardio.
Bodybuilding Phase: Bulking (2900-3500 calories per day).

Ghenerate Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 6 Sprays (Approx. 1 ml)
Servings Per Container:120

Amount Per Serving

%Daily Value*
Proprietary Blend

83 mg

Hydroxy Propyl Beta Cyclodextrin

Puerarin 98%

GHRP - Marus Alba Extract

*Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet.
" Daily Value not established.
Ghenerate Other Ingredients:Citric Acid, Soy Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate Calcium EDTA(freshness), Sodium Benzoate, Sucralose, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Purified Water, Chitosan.

My Reaction:

I'm just about done with a bottle of this stuff and I have to corroborate a lot of the things our wonderful reviewers are saying about this product. LG Sciences is a company I have often been wary of (and I think I'm justified in this statement), but like I mentioned above I had nothing to lose so I tried it. As far as muscle gains, I didn't really see too much, and what I did see was likely from an improved diet and exercise regimen. Taste-wise, this tastes really great. It's sort of a lemon tea type of flavor, however I could see why others would say it tastes a bit like berries. I looked forward to having this product before bed. After a couple weeks of not responding to Ghenerate, I doubled the dosage like another reviewer did, but unlike him I actually noticed some results. My sleep certainly improved and my recovery was a bit better. Again, due to my busy schedule my workouts were often a bit far between and when I did workout, I would workout hard which would leave me with DOMS more often than not. This product did in fact, curb that a smidgen. After a week or two of that, I started stacking this with Mucuna Pruriens and a dash or two of GABA and I've come to the conclusion that this product helps far more when stacked with other sleep and recovery aids. I have had arthroscopy for a torn meniscus and now have some minor joint problems and this did not help in that respect at all, so look elsewhere if that's your deal. Other than that, there isn't really too much to say; it's a cheap product by a cheap company that gets a solid 'meh'.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope I could help you in your decision as to whether or not to try this product!
  • Deep Sleep
  • Good Value
  • Tastes Decent
  • Stack W/ Other Gh Prods
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      February 5, 2012

    Man, I've been meaning to write about this product for like a year now.

    GOod News: This product made my flabby body harden up. my muscles were fuller and harder. (i did start doing more cardio around this time). The taste is a refreshing orange mist!

    Bad News Bears: It's made with some Amazonian Root which probably has little real effect concerning hormone production. It's a legal HGH so it's probably a waste of money. And the worst part of the product is that the liquid clumps up and clogs the sprayer, and a good portion of the mix will eventually get chunky so you'll stop using it once you realize it.

    I dont know who is saying this helps them sleep. But I fall asleep in like 5 flat. When I would take this it acted more like a stimulant and I'd lay there for half an hour. No change in sleep, no lucid dreams. Drop some X or LSD if you want lucid dreams.


    The dam stuff is cheap enough to give it a try. I picked it up for $15 with a free bottle of LG HGH-1-something or other(insert scientific name here).

    15 bucks, it worked as a mild stimulant, try it if you want to, but really try something else
    • The Rock
      Rep: +15
      Trust: 22%
        September 16, 2011

      LG Sciences has been a somehwat reputable company for about a decade plus, even though they took a big hit after the gov't passed so many laws that inhibit our beloved industry. Ive been working at a major supp store for 5 years now and have a ton of experience with supps that come and go and was always intrigued by this one. 2 years ago if bought a bottle for 1/3 the Original price of 28.99 so not pricey at all compared to others, but in this game one usualy gets what he pays for.. after 1 bottle (lasted about 2 months)I wasnt too blown away with it. Puerarin and Marus Alba are plant extracts and it has a fruity taste isnt bad but on its own this really doesn't yield major results. With GH Boosters your looking for enhanced REM sleep (the good kind) better ability to recover from those ass to heels squats and grueling deads, (extreme DOMS) and a little fat loss to boot. I cant say there was a big noticable difference in any of these areas. But the second time I got for same price i decided to go all out on a GH Stack- 8-10 sprays of Generate, 5 grams Melatonin,3 grams of GABA (gamma Amino-butyrc acid, an Amino-acid like compound) plus 5 grams of L-argnine ethyl ester all on empty stomach 30-45 min before bed- My results were much better for the 6 weeks I was on the stack compared to Generate solo. Supplements usually can be enhanced when you find the right stack to match. not many prods work 100% on their own so experiment a little and find your path to the top!
      • Good Value
      • Tastes Decent
      • Stack W/ Other Gh Prods
      • Sleep Remained The Same
      Rep: +1,058
      Trust: 100%
        July 27, 2011

      Another disappointment from a LG Sciences product.

      Here is a quick description of the product by LG Sciences which describes why this product is supposed to be so 'amazing' :
      "LG Sciences GHenerate Puerariae Radix is a plant that has one particular constituent that is set to be the next superstar. It is called puerarin. Puerarin is an amazing nutrient that shows a 520% increase in growth hormone release by stimulating the GHRH receptor. This ingredient was an amazing find but the key is the liquid "under the tongue" bioavailability which makes it biologically active. 520% increase in circulating GH is a huge increase and shows that this second pathway is very potent at releasing GH."
      Sounds great doesn't it? Will just like all their other products, it's crap.

      Value : 4/10 - I should give this a zero for value, but considering I got it for 10 bucks from TFSupplements, I guess it wasn't that big of a hit to my wallet.

      Taste : 7/10 - Actually it tasted pretty good. Just like their SubSterone product, which also sucked, it doesn't lack in the taste department. Some kind of a fruit juice taste...

      Effectiveness : 0/10 - I don't think I've ever given a product a zero for effectiveness. But I'm telling you, I saw no difference in my sleep, no difference in my body composition, nothing that I could contribute to this product. I have taken other GH potentiators that have worked with giving me better sleep and making my muscles seem fuller upon waking, such as HGHpro and HGH complete, and a product that I really like by Always Young which is an under the tongue spray.
      I used 12 sprays of GHenerate before my workouts and 12 sprays before sleeping, which is more than what the bottle recommends, but I wasn't feeling jack from the 6 sprays. I'm just about to give up on LG Sciences.

      Overall : 2/10 - I don't even know why I'm giving it a two, maybe because it was kind of a sweet tasting liquid and it was like a dessert for me. It's no wonder why this product is going for super cheap online. If it was such a great product, the supply and demand would show it. Right now I'm using GABA and l-arginine l-pyroglutamate plus lysine before sleep and getting much better results.
      • Tastes Decent
      • Useless
      • Noticed Zero Differences
      • Sleep Remained The Same
      Rep: +13
      Trust: 0%
        November 30, 2010

      Funny, I used to totally disregard LG: they either had PH's, which did not interest me, or a weird fixation with yohimbine, which they put in everything. But I recently tried their Lipotropic Protein, due to overwhelming good feedback after the reformulation, and I thought I'd try something else from them. I tend to work a ton of hours, and sometimes sleep only 5-6 hours a night for long periods, so GH/sleep aids are something I've used a lot of. I've used Somnidren GH, Bulletproof, Nocturnabol, and several others. I can say that while many work well for sleep, only Ghenerate has effects beyond that. My joints feel better, I LOOK better on low sleep (bags under my eyes are gone), I've lost fat, I wake up feeling full and tight in the morning. Add in the very low cost ($15-30 for a 2 month supply), and great taste, and there's no downside. It's not the type of thing that is going to blow you away (like some arginine heavy pump product,or stim heavy crap like 1MR). It's something you just take for the long haul, enjoy the initial improved sleep, and reap even more rewards down the hill. I'm dosing a 5 on/2 off protocol, and I recently added I-GH-1, which has only intensified the effects.

      Normally I'm an MST, AN, MAN fan, but LG is creeping onto my radar. So far, the 3 products I've tried have been very effective, and very reasonably priced.
      • Deep Sleep
      • Improved Complexion
      • Fat Loss
      • Less Joint Pain
      • Good Value

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