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Formadrol Extreme Reviews

By: LG Sciences

  November 13, 2011

  • No Side Effects
  • Not Sure If Effective.
  • Waste Of Money
I got a bottle of Formadrol with the Natabolic Stack months ago. This was advertised as a PCT for the Natadrol cycle, but since Natadrol had no effects on me I left the Formadrol in my drawer.

I found the bottle again when I was moving. Since it is supposed to have anti-estrogen like effects I decided to try it out rather than throw it in the bin.

During my Formadrol cycle I was bulking up, consuming around +500kcal over maintenance. My diet was clean and workouts were good as usual - with a 4 day split.

I dosed it 4 capsules per day, which was the maximum recommended on the bottle. The pills were red, tasteless and easy to swallow. However if I took them without a meal or after a meal, they caused very unpleasant sour herb-tasting burps.

I did NOT notice ANY EFFECTS on this 1-month cycle. It was a complete waste of money. It had no positive effects or negative effects on me.

This review stays short since there are no effects to describe. I don't recommend this product to anyone as it was useless just like Natadrol was. Do not waste your money.


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