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T-X3 Reviews

By: Lecheek Nutrition

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  February 1, 2014

  • Increased Libido
  • Some Muscle
  • No Acne
  • Increased Confidence
  • Libido Through The Roof
  • Great Value
  • Boosts Mood
  • Feel More Driven
  • No Leaning Effect In Mid-section
  • No Consistent Pump
  • No Sustainable Strength Gains
Huge thanks to SSGdimsmash and the folks over at Lecheek for the opportunity to log this product for 30 days.

A non-supplement review note, on Lecheek as a company:

Lecheek goes over and above on a customer service level. I won Ripped C-tail via a contest and was sent a bottle of Mass HGH in error. I told SSG I would send it back asap, in turn they told me to keep it, sent me the Ripped C-Tail and another bottle of TX3. That is fantastic customer service....

Dosage/Timing: 10/10

6 caps each day for 30 days. I found no added benefit in splitting up the doses or taking them at the same time each day. The caps are small in size, not horse pills, so they are easy to put down in one shot. Zero inconvenience.

I ran two bottles of TX3 back to back. Just finished the 2nd bottle this morning.

Also, I did run this with MassHGH (for my next review). So to be fair, the below results were in combination with the above product as a stack.

My Experience with natty t-boosters:

Currently, I am at the ripe old age of 39, I'd be lying if I told you my energy, libido and mood were the same as in my 20's.

I always utlize natty t-boosters several times a year on and off, as they benefit me greatly. Plus, PH's scare me.

Prior, I have used various clinical doses of straight DAA powder, some non-clinical doses of DAA and DAA blends. The clinical doses of DAA were the most effective ones by far.

Effectiveness: 9.5/10

Compared to every other DAA product, straight DAA powder or not, TX3 kicked in one week faster. I started feeling the effects on day 13.

Libido significantly increased that day. Shortly after I started feeling the positive effects on my mood/energy. Libido was absolutely through the roof with this product.

I really didn't notice any leaning effects other than my face/neck, but it appears I put on some size, as evident by the below and the mirror. My mid-section stayed the same, no bloating or distended stomach.

There were several days in which my strength felt increased a bit, the weights felt lighter. It just wasn't a build of strength that was consistent.

Beginning weight 220.8 lbs

After two bottle's, with no change in diet/food,increase/decrease in water, salt intake, lifting strategy etc.

This mornings weight 225.9

If my abacus is correct thats a +5.1 lb gain in 60 days.

Could be a combination of some overall muscle and some water retention. There is no visible water retention in my mid-section.

Effects that I didn't experience compared to other DAA products (some not necessarily negative):

Increased hunger
more of a leaning effect
consistent pump
over aggression
some days the weights felt lighter

Side Effects:

Side effects were minimal, there were maybe 3-4 days I can remember out of the 60 day run, in which I experienced irritability and some road rage.

Ingredients: 9/10

Not going to duplicate what was already said in detail by prior reviewers, they did a great job.

Clinical dose of DAA
fenugreek-first time I have had this in a product I believe

Value: 9/10

I have seen this anywhere from the $25-$40 range, if you can get it for closer to $25-$30, thats very solid value.

Overall: 9/10

The most evident effects I noticed were on my libido, weight gain, noticeable leaning in my face/neck area and increased mood/energy.

Libido 10/10- absolutely sky high, I cannot strees this enough

Weight gain 10/10- a gain of +5 lbs in 60 days with no change in diet/water/lifting

Leaning in face/neck 7/10- not really where I would like the leaning (pref mid-section) but I will take that

Mood/Energy 9/10- Each day I felt really great moodwise and energy wise. I cannot even remember when I last had a 2pm crash of energy and the blah feeling at the office during the day. The mood was a laid back/confident feeling as well, taking everything in stride.

Great product and this is at the top of my personal list of natty t-boosters.


  • WarMachine
    Rep: +8,113
    February 1, 2014

    Nice review as always Frankie!!!

    On a side note, how is it that Lava was able to rep you twice?

  • Frankiemusc
    Rep: +3,789
    February 1, 2014

    Thanks war ....he has that type of power in now

  • February 1, 2014

    I think lava broke it. The option to check yes or no isn't even there for me. Lol

    Btw... nice review!

    Lol'd at abacus.

  • SSGdimsmash
    Rep: +815
    February 1, 2014

    Awesome review Frankie. Glad to hear the stack worked so well for you.

  • irondude
    Rep: +1,197
    February 1, 2014

    nice review, I got mine sitting on the shelf with mass hgh for my next natty run. funny now lava's reps counts by two!!! i have to access your review trough your profile.

  • SSGdimsmash
    Rep: +815
    February 1, 2014

    Your review was linked to Lecheek FB page just to let you know.

  • lava135
    Rep: +7,017
    February 1, 2014

    Possible explanation 1: It's just that good of a review.

    Possible explanation 2: The power lies within
    each of us....

    Possible explanation 3: *** happens

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