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T-X3 Questions

By: Lecheek Nutrition

Rep: +226

Can I stack this with another booster?

September 14, 2014

So... I want to pull the trigger on this one and give it a try. Most test boosters are a miss until the last week, so i was looking at stacking this with another one. Any suggestions?


Rep: +5,387
Posted September 14, 2014

Though not technically a booster, I think most people have had good luck stacking this with Mass HGH of the same brand. As far as another great test booster goes, I really liked the results I got from RCSS Testogen. Not sure there would be much benefit in stacking it though. Perhaps try an 8-12 week run instead of just 4.
Rep: +1,095
Posted September 15, 2014

Never tried this one, but like Ron said, most test boosters kick in at week 3-4. I'd just add another bottle, and Mass HGH
Rep: +3,851
Posted September 15, 2014

If you want to add another test booster, I would add a non DAA based one like endosurge.
Rep: +8,113
Posted September 15, 2014

All good suggestions, but I personally would recommend using CTD' new Noxitest along side TX-3.
Rep: +226
Posted September 15, 2014

Thanks fellas. I def was going to run it at least 8 weeks. I was a non-responder to D-Pol, but I'd consider giving DAA another try. I was considering Stak or IsaTest, but I'll look into Noxitest and HGH. Thanks, fellas.
Rep: +1,197
Posted September 16, 2014

Mass HGH with TX3 for 8 weeks will be awesome!!!
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