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In: Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

T-X3 is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Lecheek Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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  September 11, 2014

So it's finally time for me to get around to reviewing Lecheeks' TX-3, which I have run multiple times now in different stacks. I must preface this review by saying Lecheek have proven themselves to produce excellent supplements, with the right ingredients at the right prices. Some of their products are my absolute go-to products in their respective categories (PWO = SX3, Sleep/GH = Mass HGH) and up until now the AD-3+Mass HGH was one of my go-to second half of my natty stack supplements. Well, TX-3 has added to that. So let's go...

Profile - 10/10

I dont normally give out 10/10 for anything, but this product has the clinically proven doses of the ingredients you need, and none of the bullshit you dont. You want some DAA? You want some AI? Well, you get them, and you get them at the proven dosages. With some Fenugreek chucked in for libido support again at a good dosage, you cant beat this. I know some people have commented that the Arimistane is only at 50mg and not 75mg, but personally I dont feel a difference between the AD-3 quantity and this. I think with Arimistane, if it works for you then it works, but each to their own.


As mentioned above, I like to use DAA + AI in a couple of stacks.

Stack 1 - 2nd 4 weeks of an 8 week DAA/Natty based run. I'll run without an AI for the first 4 weeks and usually use Dpol along with another natural booster (Animal stak, Endosurge Turbo etc) and then in the second 4 weeks i'll switch to Dpol + AD-3. Well with TX-3 I only need to switch to 1 product that does both the test boosting and the aromatase inhibiting. You cant beat that.

Stack 2 - I like to run this as a bit of PCT after a run of Osta. Normally i'll run dpol for 4 weeks, then 4 weeks of TX-3.

In both stacks, the value of TX-3 makes it a super choice. I also dose as per instructions on the bottle, there's no real need to deviate from them.

Effectiveness - 9/10

I'll keep this short. If you respond to DAA, this will work. If you respond to Arimistane, this will work. There's not much else to it really. The DAA keeps me going test boosting-wise, and the Arimistane works to dry me out a little bit, but luckily for me I dont get the sore joints some people do get from it. It's a really good way to finish off a natty stack.

Value - 9.5/10

Seriously. If you dont think this product is good value you need to re-evaluate your thinking. Dpol is ~$20 and AD-3/Erase is ~$30 and you can get this for $40 or under on sales. That makes more sense than CT Fletcher. One of the best value supplements available today.

Conclusion - 9.5/10

I just cant give this perfect 10s across the board, as much as I would like to. Because I need to leave that room open for when someone develops an even better supplement in this area. But for the moment, TX-3 is the best DAA+AI combo that I have used and I would highly recommend it.
  • Great Ingredient Profile
  • Facilitates Strength Gains
  • Boosts Mood
  • Great Value
  • Daa In Pill Form
  • Built In Ai
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      March 30, 2014

    There are some supplements that do not need a whole lot of ingredients in order to be effective and give you the desired and expected results. We know that in this industry, a lot of supplements are just filled with B.S. with ridiculous promises of steroid-like gains, quick results, ground-breaking, etc.

    Fortunately, T-X3 by Lecheek is not one of them. Its a simple combination of a proven AI, with a proven dosage of a test booster with a little extra just to help your little friend, in case you have been hit by the almighty post-cycle shut down.

    Profile (8/10):
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) 50 mg *
    Fenugreek Seed Extract 300 mg **
    D-Aspartic Acid 3,200 mg **

    Just look at how simple this profile is, but the knowledgeable individuals will know that this is about as much as you need from a test booster in order for you to feel its effects. Of course they can always have more of other good ingredients, but does it really need it? In my honest opinion, No. TX-3 has good dosage of arimistane, good enough to reduce test conversion to estrogen, but not too high to make your joints achy. It has the clinical study dosage of DAA and it contains fenugreek extract which also helps to boost test levels (apparently), but most people report an increase in sex drive more than anything else.

    It does not get the perfect 10 because the label does not tell me the percentage of the Fenugreek extract, also known as Testofen, which is important to know to have an idea if this addition is really worth it or it is just a gimmick to make it seem better. In addition, the study performed on testofen (fenugreek extract) was on a dosage of 600mg, not 300mg.

    Effectiveness (9/10): this supplement definitely helped my recovery after last year's Ultradrol cycle which was a complete waste of time. I saw no significant gains and I was shut down like I was on Superdrol. However, I started feeling the effects of this supplement close to the end of the bottle and I decided to continue using this with another bottle and I noticed that my sex drive significantly improved and I started getting acne on my back and oily skin, which usually happens to me when I get on test boosters.

    I did not see any improvements on strength, performance (only sexual) or anything related to fitness, but I really do not expect that from this type of supplements anymore. However, it improved my overall sense of wellbeing and energy levels in the morning.

    Dosage (6/10): although I don't have a problems with taking a lot of pills, T-X3 dosage of 6 pills is quite ridiculous. I know that DAA does take up a lot because of its 3200 mg minimum, but they could have at least put this in 4 capsules.

    Sides (8/10): no side effects from this at all. I had not digestion issues or any other type of problems. I did have some acne on my back, but nothing to cry about. However, if you have serious acne problems and is something that may affect how you feel, I would avoid this supplement. In my teens, I suffered from terrible acne and this would have been on my no-no list because even though the acne I developed while on this was insignificant, perhaps when the acne issue is of concern, this may exacerbate the problem.

    Value (6/10): WOAH Lecheek, what the hell is up with the prices of your supplements nowadays? everything you guys have is now on the high end of pricing compared to similarly effective products. $42 for a DAA test booster is ridiculous in my opinion. I don't give this supplement a lower score for value because it works really good; therefore, value is present, but not at this price.

    Overall (7.4/10): a great supplement with a simple approach to its purpose, no dumb gimmicks and versatile in its usage. I got the results I expected and I was not disappointed. It delivered results so it is worth a shot, but the price of this DAA based test booster is really what brings the product from a possible 8.5/10 to a 7.4. I don't understand the reason why this supplement is so expensive. Could it be the Fenugreek extract? but this is obviously not the patented Testofen version, so is the price tag so high? I truly enjoyed this product and if you get it, I know you will see results. Having different ingredients at correct dosages in one supplement is a great benefit, but it is not worth $42.00 + s&h
    • Great Ingredient Profile
    • Increased Libido
    • Feel More Driven
    • Boosts Mood
    • A Little Pricey
    • Possible Slight Acne
    • 6 Pills
    Rep: +3,330
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 67
      February 1, 2014

    Huge thanks to SSGdimsmash and the folks over at Lecheek for the opportunity to log this product for 30 days.

    A non-supplement review note, on Lecheek as a company:

    Lecheek goes over and above on a customer service level. I won Ripped C-tail via a contest and was sent a bottle of Mass HGH in error. I told SSG I would send it back asap, in turn they told me to keep it, sent me the Ripped C-Tail and another bottle of TX3. That is fantastic customer service....

    Dosage/Timing: 10/10

    6 caps each day for 30 days. I found no added benefit in splitting up the doses or taking them at the same time each day. The caps are small in size, not horse pills, so they are easy to put down in one shot. Zero inconvenience.

    I ran two bottles of TX3 back to back. Just finished the 2nd bottle this morning.

    Also, I did run this with MassHGH (for my next review). So to be fair, the below results were in combination with the above product as a stack.

    My Experience with natty t-boosters:

    Currently, I am at the ripe old age of 39, I'd be lying if I told you my energy, libido and mood were the same as in my 20's.

    I always utlize natty t-boosters several times a year on and off, as they benefit me greatly. Plus, PH's scare me.

    Prior, I have used various clinical doses of straight DAA powder, some non-clinical doses of DAA and DAA blends. The clinical doses of DAA were the most effective ones by far.

    Effectiveness: 9.5/10

    Compared to every other DAA product, straight DAA powder or not, TX3 kicked in one week faster. I started feeling the effects on day 13.

    Libido significantly increased that day. Shortly after I started feeling the positive effects on my mood/energy. Libido was absolutely through the roof with this product.

    I really didn't notice any leaning effects other than my face/neck, but it appears I put on some size, as evident by the below and the mirror. My mid-section stayed the same, no bloating or distended stomach.

    There were several days in which my strength felt increased a bit, the weights felt lighter. It just wasn't a build of strength that was consistent.

    Beginning weight 220.8 lbs

    After two bottle's, with no change in diet/food,increase/decrease in water, salt intake, lifting strategy etc.

    This mornings weight 225.9

    If my abacus is correct thats a +5.1 lb gain in 60 days.

    Could be a combination of some overall muscle and some water retention. There is no visible water retention in my mid-section.

    Effects that I didn't experience compared to other DAA products (some not necessarily negative):

    Increased hunger
    more of a leaning effect
    consistent pump
    over aggression
    some days the weights felt lighter

    Side Effects:

    Side effects were minimal, there were maybe 3-4 days I can remember out of the 60 day run, in which I experienced irritability and some road rage.

    Ingredients: 9/10

    Not going to duplicate what was already said in detail by prior reviewers, they did a great job.

    Clinical dose of DAA
    fenugreek-first time I have had this in a product I believe

    Value: 9/10

    I have seen this anywhere from the $25-$40 range, if you can get it for closer to $25-$30, thats very solid value.

    Overall: 9/10

    The most evident effects I noticed were on my libido, weight gain, noticeable leaning in my face/neck area and increased mood/energy.

    Libido 10/10- absolutely sky high, I cannot strees this enough

    Weight gain 10/10- a gain of +5 lbs in 60 days with no change in diet/water/lifting

    Leaning in face/neck 7/10- not really where I would like the leaning (pref mid-section) but I will take that

    Mood/Energy 9/10- Each day I felt really great moodwise and energy wise. I cannot even remember when I last had a 2pm crash of energy and the blah feeling at the office during the day. The mood was a laid back/confident feeling as well, taking everything in stride.

    Great product and this is at the top of my personal list of natty t-boosters.
    • Increased Libido
    • Some Muscle
    • No Acne
    • Increased Confidence
    • Libido Through The Roof
    • Great Value
    • Boosts Mood
    • Feel More Driven
    • No Leaning Effect In Mid-section
    • No Consistent Pump
    • No Sustainable Strength Gains
    Rep: +4,007
    Trust: 100%

      November 27, 2013

    A big thank you to Lecheek for hooking this up with our Expert Reviewer team. I don't really run a lot of test boosters but seeing that I'm climbing in my 20s, I figured I may get a small benefit from something like this.

    Application of the product:
    I used this during my off-season when I was on the Wendler 5/3/1 program. I was increasing calories in a slow linear fashion in hopes to keep my gains lean and permanent. I also practice flexible dieting and Intermittent Fasting. My bodyweight fluctuated from the high 170s-180 lb during the use of this.

    Profile: 8/10
    Lecheek brought a good profile to the table here. The clinical dose of DAA, some Fenugreek, and Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione (also known as a metabolite of 7-KETO DHEA or "Arimistane".) DAA is coming up in the market drastically and for good reason. Blood work is certainly in the ingredient's favor, so I was happy to see this in here.

    The Fenugreek, widely used in testosterone supplements, was cool too. It doesn't have quite the research backing it up that I would like to see but it has it's place here.

    This ingredient is commonly seen in some popular products on the market (PES Erase Pro, just to name one). People usually just refer to it as Arimistane for it's anti-cortisol and Armoatase inhibiting properties. I personally haven't seen peer review for this, but every time I have taken it, I certainly feel like a drying/leaning effect takes place. Joints tend to get slightly achy as well (although that was not experienced with this product). This could be placebo effect, but DHEA and it's metabolites certainly have their place in the industry as well.

    Effectiveness: 8/10
    The way my program was set up on the Wendler 5/3/1, coupled with my dedication, slow, progressive gains were almost a given. But after my first week on TX3, I certainly noticed a bit of a hardening effect and increased endurance in the gym. My PRs I was breaking on a weekly basis seemed a little bit easier. I also noticed my libido was significantly increased. I definitely felt something going on here, whether it was from the DAA or it's neighboring ingredients in the profile.

    As far as side-effects go, I didn't experience much besides some mood swings. I would go from depressed to angry near the end of the bottle, notably more than usual. It didn't help that I had so much on my plate with school, work, and life in general. I think this really depends on your life situations. A product that actually boosts testosterone may increase the risk of mood swings more but I don't believe they will stem directly from the product itself.

    Value: 6/10
    It doesn't seem a whole lot of places carry Lecheek right now. I believe the lowest I've seen it for is ~40+ dollars (after shipping). I think this is priced a little high for what you get. I actually had better results with Purus Lab's D-POL powder, which is significantly cheaper than TX3. If they could get more retailers to carry them and lower the price a little bit, I would give it a higher rating here.

    Overall: 7/10
    With the value score given, this brings the overall down for me by one notch. I really like the profile and the benefits the product seemed to yield. Lecheek has a bunch of great people working for them too. They are all very helpful and friendly and I was sent a shirt a while back too, which was awesome of them. I recommend the product if you have some extra cash. This is definitely up there with the top DAA products and it helped me grit through some PRs during my time on the product. I only recommend this if you are 21 years of age or older though. Most people below and even at that age don't need natural test boosters. Thanks again, to Lecheek for the opportunity!
    • Great Ingredient Profile
    • Increased Libido
    • Feel More Driven
    • Daa In Pill Form
    • Libido Through The Roof
    • Increased Endurance
    • Increased Muscle Hardness
    • Slight Increased Mood Swings
    • Price Is A Little High
    Rep: +4,722
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 59

      November 4, 2013

    What's good SR nation, today I want to lay down a review for one of my favorite new products on the market TX-3 from Lecheek Nutrition. SSG, Dustin and Grandmaster Petey got this out to me pretty quickly and I'm glad they did since I was running a natty test stack. Pretty much i came up with an idea to run 2 different types of DAA derived products and compared them. Week1-4 we ran 360cuts test booster week 4-8 we ran TX-3 and week 8-12 d-pol powder. Through this self proclaimed test booster trial this one shinned the most for me. Let's take a look at what makes this product so damn good shall we?


    Dosage/Timing 7/10


    Not bad but not great either. This product requires 6pills per serving to get 1 full dose of the compounds. I tried different ways to consume all the pills at once in the am, at once in the afternoon and at once in the evening before bed and there was days I just said this sucks! My personal favorite way was a 3 and 3 split protocol I would simply take 3 with breakfast and then the other 3 with lunch it made life a bit easier and it was also easier on my stomach. I noticed if I took all 6 on an empty stomach it felt like I had heart burn and I was burping up the all natural stinkers.


    Effectiveness 9/10


    Hands down the best test booster on the market right now, the reason I say this is simple it is not a kitchen sink concept with compounds for pump or this and that. This product contains a simple suicide inhibitor as its A.I to help utilize you newly risen natural test it also has a small amount of libido help with the fenugreek and a clinical amount of DAA. Yup it is that simple I noticed my libido was better then it was on d-pol but slightly less then on 360 cuts product. My aggression was slightly more on this then the other two and the vascular and muscle density was much more pronounced on this one over the other two d-pol and 360cut. This product was slightly better then testogen by
    Rcss but didn't taste as good.


    Ingredients 9.5/10


    Almost perfect there are no blends there is a great stack of compounds that work hand in hand to optimize your natural test production this is a simple three ingredient compound which contains 2 highly and sought after compounds and one helper compound. Lets take a look at why this is the hulks favorite T-booster to date.

    Serving size 6 caps (worst part)

    Arimisatne (androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) 50mg
    Think of the main compound in erase my only complaint here is I wish it was 75mg and not 50mg

    Fenugreek seed extract-300mg
    Great for libido support and dosed correctly
    D-Aspartic Acid-3200mg
    Proven to help increase natural test levels up to 42% in as little as 12days.

    This is the whole content no blends no hidden ingredients just a simple concept that works.


    Value 8.0/10


    For this product 30-35.00 a bottle is not too bad. Normally I base all my values on how well it performs to a cost ratio, at first this had a low value placed on it since I already knew what a DAA based t-booster will do what I didn't realize was this was going to be the best DAA based product I have used. This far beat my expectations out of the water and it also blocked a fair amount of estrogen to allow your testosterone to be fully utilized with out estrogen interruption. This also had a libido booster in it as well since some people have libido issues with DAA based products. Value wise this was a top notch product that blew my expectations away so I would say it is worth the larger price tag.

    Overall this is a pain in the ass since there are so many pills in one serving but once you find a dosage protocol that works for your schedule you will be G2G. this has to be the most effective natural test booster I have ever used to date I had the best vascular and dense look while on this product my strength was slightly better and my endurance was improved. A simple and yet potent ingredient list which is derived from three compounds where 2 of 3 are spot on correct and one just slightly under dosed. The price is slightly higher then some would like but as for effectiveness to cost this is an amazing buy for a product that truly out performs what it says it will do. I will gladly place a full hulk seal on this and strongly recommend it to any one.

    • Great Ingredient Profile
    • Increased Libido
    • Good Value
    • Daa In Pill Form
    • No Blends
    • A Little Pricey
    • Possible Slight Acne
    • 6 Pills
    Rep: +4,289
    Trust: 100%
      October 10, 2013

    Big thanks to LeCheek and SSG for hooking this one up, and my apologies for taking my sweet ass time with it, but I wanted to give it a fair run by itself. As we all know, LeCheek is a standup company, with great reps, a pretty solid arsenal of products, and T-X3 definitely fits the bill alongside the rest of their stuff.

    Profile: 9.5/10

    D-Aspartic Acid- 3200mg
    Arimistane- 50mg
    Fenugreek Seed Extract-300mg

    3 proven effective ingredients, all in seemingly appropriate dosages. Simple as can be, just how I like it. There really is no need for a mile long list of exotic ingredients, and LeCheek did a great job reinforcing that point with T-X3. Not much else to say, LeCheek did an exceptional job thinking this one through. The only reason I knocked it down a bit is I feel as though making the Arimistane at 75mg may have increased the effectiveness, however it also may have increased sides like joint pain. So all in all, great profile and no real complaints here.

    Effectiveness: 9/10
    Going to keep this short and to the point. T-X3 works and works pretty damn well.
    I got some nice leaning and dryness from the Arimistane(as expected because I respond great to arimistane), a pleasant raise in libido from the fenugreek and DAA, and all the telltale signs of an effective test booster appeared eventually.
    As with me and most natural test boosters I did not experience any tangible strength or muscle gains, but I felt great and looked nice and lean during this run. All in all, I felt as though T-X3 did exactly what it was suppose to do, and for that it gets two thumbs up in the effectiveness department.

    6 caps a day in the morning, pretty easy if you ask me...

    Value: 9/10
    Ive seen it range pretty greatly online, although it does go on sale pretty often. Generally speaking, for an effective test booster this is a pretty outstanding value. It covers all your bases in one simple bottle, so to me that is pretty good value.
    • Great Ingredient Profile
    • Increased Libido
    • Boosts Mood
    • Good Value
      Rep: +4,691
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 58

        September 29, 2013

      Shout out to SSGDimsmash & Lecheek for hooking it up for the ERs, once again.

      Let's jump right on into this...

      PROFILE: A

      The profile is simple, but exactly what you look for in my opinion. The DAA is dosed correctly (problem with predecessor Testadrol X9), the addition of Arimistane® is welcome, & the fenugreek doesn't hurt matters at all.

      As I noted, T-X3's predecessor had some issues with dosing. The DAA was apparently under-dosed, & thrown in to a giant proprietary blend along with everything else they could think of. T-X3 couldn't be more different in my opinion. There are only three ingredients, & all of the doses are accounted for on the label.

      T-X3's ingredient profile is a nice step in the right direction.


      Only caveat here would be when I used T-X3. I used it 4-5 weeks after the conclusion of my cycle of Epidexx.

      I managed to maintain my strength gains quite well, & where my bench is concerned I was able to eek out another 5lbs & put up a shaky 330 in training. My squat didn't change much, & I smashed 551 for a meet PR earlier this September.

      My weight leveled off at the 246 range, but I do believe I leaned out some. The day after my meet I met up with Chef to get some training in & keep moving, & he commented on how I looked a bit leaner than I had been.

      I didn't experience any real side effects, except the headache (figurative) that came with gulping down six pills everyday.

      Overall, good stuff.

      VALUE: A

      T-X3 ranges in price from $35-$40, depending on where you shop. One bottle contains 30 servings, enough for a one month supply.

      If I was to leave it alone at that price, the value isn't too bad. However, one of the most practices is stacking a DAA-based testosterone booster with an over-the-counter aromatase inhibitor (AI). In that case, an AI may cost another $30 or so. With T-X3, you get a rather effective AI dosed well along with your DAA. Enter the vaunted 2-in1 product. A lot of products make attempts at this, but so many of them fail in my opinion. They woefully under-dose one ingredient or the other, & they also charge an arm & a leg. However, T-X3 has both key components dosed out correctly, & at a rather affordable price.

      OVERALL: A

      I don't have much if any complaints with T-X3. I do feel that if I had used T-X3 farther away from my cycle I may have rated it better in terms of effectiveness, but despite that I do feel like T-X3 was a success for the most part. The label disclosure is awesome, the ingredients work, & the price is very agreeable. Hell, I even love the white print on the black bottle.
      • Great Ingredient Profile
      • Facilitates Strength Gains
      • Great Value
      • Possible Slight Acne
      • 6 Pills
      • Not Ideal For Start Of Pct
      Rep: +1,251
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 38
        September 11, 2013

      I received this product via the Lecheek Stanley Cup contest hosted by SSG and the CheekCrew and they got this bad boy out to me right away, so I apologize for the delay as the puck is about to drop on a new NHL season and I haven't reviewed this up yet.

      The Ingredient Nitty:

      I am always a big advocate of complete disclosure and Lecheek has nailed it with this product. Short, sweet and simple, this product contains three ingredients.

      D-Aspartic Acid - 3200 mg - Test Booster. Clinical dose, nailed it on the head. Boom!

      Arimistane - 50 mg - Estrogren Blocker. Essentially what is equivalent to 2 Caps of Erase. Gets the job done.

      Fenugreek - 300 mg - Gives it that ole Maple syrupy goodness. Kind of a jack of all trades herb that has been speculated to be benefical for hormonal support. I'm a bit skeptical on it myself, but what can ya do?!

      Dosing: 6 Caps a day, whenever, whereever. - Blehhhhhhhh, I am probably a woman, but I HATE taking caps/pills. Never been a fan, never will. This was a minor pain in my bum bum having to get 180 of these bad boys down. I would have prefered if the caps were a little larger and cut down to 3-5 a day.

      Effectiveness: 9/10
      With this product, I did feel the benefits in terms of strength gains. I wasn't logging while using this product, so I don't have concrete numbers, but I was lifting heavy and did add a bit of mass. Strength is the reason most of us would use this product, so it very much did what it was intended to do. It did also kick in within the first five days.

      Did not get a leaning aspect as others have and like I did for a little while while running MassFX. Not a big deal to me, but it woulda been a nice bonus!

      No changes in mood to report both negative or positive. Wasn't mad more, wasn't sad more. Little bit of an increase in bacne, nothing anywhere else.

      Libido was up as well with this product. More gillhammers and was always ready for action.

      I have run AI Sports DAA, USPLabs Test Powder, DPol and lolAX MassFX for test boosting comparisons and I would put this product right up there with Test Powder in terms of effectiveness for me, as it does everything it was advertised to do. Both products are all-you-can-test-boost products that cover all of the bases for a good test cycle. Test Powder gets the slight edge for me in that it's in yummy drinkable form and not gag me with six mapley pills, but both are proven.

      I've seen this STUFF anywhere from $30-40. I think it's a "good" deal, but not maui wowie good. Being an all-you-can-boost formula, you don't have to mix and match other products such as an AI and worry about timing and blehhh. So, I say it is "good" because of the convenience factor, which is rather big to me.

      However, if you do buy the stuff seperate you will save yourself some dough on the stuff. Oh and you may get some flavors of stuff if you buy the stuff seperately and flavors of stuff are better than pills to me.

      It's a very solid, very simple and very honest product for natty test boosting. Its a large leap ahead of products like MassFX and very much on par with Test Powder.

      For me, Test Powder gets the slight edge for drinkability and the addition of a pump ingredient, HOWEVER, if you are a pill popper and can swallow like a pro, this is a very, very good supplement that I would certainly recommend.
      • Great Ingredient Profile
      • Increased Libido
      • Facilitates Strength Gains
      • 6 Pills
      Rep: +6,974
      Trust: 100%

        September 9, 2013

      Thanks to the guys over at Lecheek for giving some of us a chance to try their newest test booster via the ER program. Lecheek is one of my favorite companies and their involvement here on SR is second to none; SSG is truly one of the best reps that I've seen on any board that I participate in.

      I will say that I am not the a biggest fan of natty test cycles and as such I tend to rate these products rather low as a whole. I'll even go as far as saying that I'm usually a bit incredulous at the reported gains that people make on them since even a 42% increase in test is still far below what I consider "anabolic". However, I did find this to provide an improvement to my training. So from that aspect, anything that helps me lift more – whether physical, mental or emotional in nature, is a big plus to me, personally.

      Profile: 10/10
      I love that this is a simple, straightforward formula using proven ingredients in effective amounts. No gimmicks, no sketchy promises, no novel compounds; I like that. I like that A LOT!

      D-Aspartic Acid- 3200mg
      Arimistane- 50mg
      Fenugreek Seed Extract-300mg

      Really it can't any more simple or effective – DAA and fenugreek to boost test and arimistane to control estrogen. What more can you want (or say about about it)?

      6 caps with breakfast. Doesn't get easier than that.

      Effectiveness: 8/10
      As I have said before, I am not a huge fan of natty test boosters in general (especially since I went over to the Darkside...) That being said, I found that the inclusion of the AI into this formula really added an additional level of effectiveness that I usually need to add an additional AI to achieve. Libido went up and I saw a leaning affect as estrogen went down. Now I used this at the tail end of a Halocor cycle so I didn't get any strength increases, but I can say that I didn't lose strength, either. So that's really golden. I didn't add this in until week 3 due to the AI, so for PCT, the inclusion of an AI could be considered a minus if you want to run this from the start of PCT. However, if I were to run a standalone natty test stack again, I would absolutely use only this. I got solid results with no real sides.

      Value: 9/10
      I'm rating this very high for value as I think the inclusion of the arimistane basically saves you from having to spend another 20 bucks or so on an AI. And since I've never run a natty test booster without an AI, that equates to better than average value when comparing it to just straight test boosters. You can get this online for around $25.00 a bottle which means 30 servings for .85 each. Not too shabby if you want to consider trying a natty test booster.

      Overall: 8/10
      Like I said, I don't see another natty test cycle in my future as the results just pale when compared to something like a PH or AAS and as such I tend to rate these products pretty low these days. However, if you want to give a batty cycle a shot then by all means give this a try. It combines the best of what you are looking for in a single product instead of two and delivers quality results and better than average value.
      • Great Ingredient Profile
      • Increased Libido
      • Great Value
      • Built In Ai
      • Single Dose
      • Not Ideal For Start Of Pct
      Rep: +3,120
      Trust: 100%
        August 23, 2013

      First off, thank you to Lecheek for letting me try this product out. I was very anxious to try out a combo Daa/ai product, since its the type of test boosting combo that I've found works the best.

      I was fortunate that there was a bit of a mix up on the shipping and I got 2 bottles instead of one by accident. SSG and Lecheek were good sports about it, and let me keep the second bottle, so extra props for being a classy company.

      Since I got the extra bottle, I had a little more flexibility in how I dosed it. Since daa takes a bit to kick in, I front loaded it for the first 10 days and doubled the dosage (12 tabs/day instead of 6) in order to speed up the results.

      There were a few variables that no doubt factor into my results. First off, I tore up my shoulders after a couple heavy bench days followed by jumping over the net to block a shot in volleyball. Many sessions with a Chiropractor, and 6 weeks later, I'm still not 100% healed. I was still able to push on with my back/deadlift days and my leg days, but my "push" days (bench press) had to be put aside. Also, this product was taken when I was trying to cut back a bit, so I didn't expect quite the same strength gains I normally experienced on a daa product.

      Taste: This product is in capsule form, I wish all daa products were, so this is a nice added bonus.

      Value: 8/10: $40 for a daa/fenugreek/arimistane isn't a bad deal. To buy all these products separately would in most cases be a lot more than $40.

      Ingredient profile: 8/10

      In theory, this product has the perfect ingredient profile, in practice, it was decent.

      I felt the daa effects: ball swelling/strength gain (in the beginning). I have had mixed feelings on the daa quality in other products, with this product I felt the quality was there.

      On the fenugreek, I'm a little biased against it. All my runs with it, I've seen a bit of added acne along with an appetite increase-2 effects I don't need. Unfortunately I've never gotten anything positive from it in the strength/muscle gain dept and I didn't feel like it added anything extra.

      On the arimistane, others commented that it was a little underdosed and I would agree that 75mg would have been better. I say that slightly reluctantly as I know it would produce better results, but arimistane is also a libido killer for me at higher doses. With this product, libido was not down, and I did not feel the joint issues that I normaly feel with other ai's. While this may seem like a positive, it also made me question how strong the anti estrogen effect really was.

      Effectiveness: 8/10

      From start to finish, I was down 13 pounds, so this factors in greatly to what I could reasonably expect.

      Around 2 weeks in, I hit a pr on my deadlift, brought it from 500 to 505. As I hit around day 50, my numbers were back down and I missed on 495 (yikes). While this may seem like a big negative, daa products for me typicaly lose all effectiveness at around the 6 week mark, and this one was no different.

      I did feel overall that I was mostly able to keep my strength despite the cut back, so in that sense this product was still a good one. Being able to keep your strength while losing at a pace of 2 pounds a week would have to be considered reasonably successful by most people's standards.

      Overall: 8/10

      I applaud the Lecheek people for putting out a product that was aimed at a multiple test boosting approach combined with an ai. I feel that a perfect product is really just a few small tweaks away from this one. I personally would have preferred a different test booster than fenugreek/testofen: maybe a Divanil or a Fadogia (T force).

      Still, this is a high quality DAA product, and you know exactly what you're getting. Everyone responds a little differently to different test boosters, so this one is definitely worth a look
      • Good Value
      • Daa In Pill Form
      • Lots Of Acne

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