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Oxy ECA is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Lecheek Nutrition. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +2
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  May 4, 2013

First off I want to say that I am in no way shape or form affiliated with Lecheek Nutrition and the only reason why I decided to run this fat burner is because they are from my home state (Arkansas) and wanted to give them a shot. This is my 4 week review with Lecheek Nutrition OxyECA Lipolytic Matrix.

Macro Breakdown during 4 week cut:

I have included a link to show my 4 week results.

I had a nice clean diet with once a week cheat days on Saturday. Never did any cardio. My thought is the cleaner you eat the less cardio you will have to do. Because I was running low carbs 6 days a week once a week (Saturday/cheat day) I doubled or sometimes tripled my carbs to kickstart my metabolism back up.

EFFECTIVENESS 10/10:I started off at 190 w/13% bodyfat ended at 175 w/8.8% bodyfat. This stuff worked AMAZING! Far surpassed my expectations. I had constant energy with NO crash. Never got any jitters, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, nothing of the sort. Just very aware and full of energy. I did notice an increase in body temp, but that's the design of it so I was not disappointed by this. It means it was doing its job.

VALUE 10/10: I picked up a bottle from a local YTFS for very cheap. I've always been told you get what you pay for. So I almost grabbed a bottle of Cellucor's Thermal Shock because it was $79.99 opposed to Lecheek's $34.99. I immediately thought the the higher the price the better the product, but I was wrong in this case. This stuff works great, and is very cheap.
  • No Crash
  • Increased Energy
  • Solid Energy
  • Affordable
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    Rep: +1,081
    Trust: 100%
      July 29, 2012

    I had to opportunity to run the formula containing the now banned 1,3 Dimeth a few months back so I figured I'd show my appreciation for Lecheek and SSGdimsmash for making this happen. Not to mention, a solid product deserves a review!


    This is considered a thermogenic, i.e., it speeds your metabolism and in turn you burn more calories. I did experience an increase in my body temperature as I found myself sweating somewhat more than usual. However, I felt that what was so effective about this product was that it totally crushed my appetite. Anything that can slow down my endless appetite is money when it comes to me and my fat loss goals. It may have not "burned" the fat off of me, but it sure did help me control my appetite and in turn lose fat due to a proper diet.

    Dosing is simple and straightforward, the pills are easy to swallow as well. I am extremely stimulant tolerant, and I found myself getting some slight jitters when taking this. The energy it supplied was solid and noticeable, but I found it to be too much when trying to exercise (racing heart, light headedness). I lift in the mornings, so I took this after my workouts.

    At around $30, this is a good value. I've tried other products which were costlier and have less effects. Lecheek has a solid product here, and it stands toe-to-toe with anything else on the market (anything that's legal :]). If you're contemplating this, I give it the nod over OEP by USPlabs.
    • Crushed Appetite
    • Solid Energy
    • Affordable
      Rep: +3,547
      Trust: 100%
        July 3, 2012

      A big thanks to the boys at Lecheek for choosing me to log OxyECA. I apologize for the delay in the review, but I needed time to sit down and type this out.

      OxyECA is a high-stim fat burner that other's have compared to the ever popular OEP. Lecheek's formula contains 521mg of:
      1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, 2-amino-4-methylhexane,dandelion root extract (4:1), white willow bark (std. extract)(min. 15% salicin), Yerba Mate, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Green Tea Extract (4:1)(Std. 50% Catechins), Ginger Root Extract (4:1), L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine, Huperzia serrata.

      Basically all the ingredients point to fat loss in one way or another. They are basically trying to make a saf(er), legal, ECA stack with DMAA, Caffeine, and white willow bark (aspirin derivative). Dandelion root is a good diuretic and the CLA, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Ginger root, and other ingredients all point toward a solid fat loss combination.


      Not to parrot other people's ratings, but I really don't think there is a more correct rating for this and Ill explain why.

      First off, Holy energy! At first I was wondering if I should start with one a day, but I took 1 cap with each of my first two main meals so it wouldn't hit me too hard at first. The energy was high, borderline too much at first, but even on an empty stomach I didn't get jittery, just really aware and full of energy.

      Appetite suppression was good. Probably a 7.5/10. This is because my appetite was crushed through the afternoon, but toward dinner time I was ravenous because I took my last dose around 1 so I wouldn't have a problem sleeping.

      Thermogenic effect is a solid 8. I might have graded this higher, but I started running Hyper T2 right after I finished this and Hyper T2 ftw on thermo effect, but more on that later ;)

      Weight loss is a 9. I was very impressed with the weight loss on this product. Sticking with a calorie reduced diet and moderate cardio, I lost 5 lbs in the first 3 weeks. The last weeks worth of doses I didn't take straight through because I had to take a break from this product for reasons I will explain later. Im sure some of the weight loss was the diuretic effect, but I feel like I trimmed down as well.


      Anytime you can get a 30 day supply of a fat burner for under 30 bucks you have an excellent value. Again the only decent burner that can touch this is also a Lecheek product Hyper T2 is a 45 day supply so BAM. Again, more on that in the future.


      More is worse on the sides. About two weeks in I got pretty bad stim dick. Like it took a while to kick in I guess, but I started getting it real bad and it wouldn't go away. I got kind of scared because I have run some Ph cycles in the past and wasn't sure what was causing it. I went to the doctor, got bloods done, my test was through the roof because of natty test booster, but I was advised to stop taking ECA for a while. I stopped and after a day my dick worked normally, but then I finished the bottle anyway :) I don't normally get stim dick, but this product in particular seems to give it to me. My blood pressure was also quite high even though I didn't take ECA the day I went in, it was 142/92. Once I stopped taking it, it went down to the 130's over 70's again, so go figure a stim raises your BP.


      Unfortunately for me I will not take this product again because I don't want my dick to wilt like a kid left in the backseat of a car in a walmart parking lot. That being said, despite the sides that I experienced, I also experienced a very effective fat burner. I would say that this was more effective for me than OEP. On top of the effectiveness, the value is close to unbeatable. If you are looking for a solid fat burner and aren't too stim sensitive, check this one out, it will kick your butt!
      • No Crash
      • Convenient Dosing
      • Fairly Priced
        Rep: +2,618
        Trust: 100%
          April 13, 2012

        Hey everyone today I will be reviewing Lecheek Nutrition's OxyECA. Thanks to SSGdimsmash and the guys at LeCheek is in order for hooking me up with a bottle for free. OxyECA is Lecheek's thermogenic, and I got to say it will give the popular thermogenics out there a run for their money. In the past I have tried OEP, Recreate, Atro-Phex, Redline Ultra Hardcore and a few others I can't seem to remember at this point in time. With the history out of the way let's begin the review.

        Content – 9/10

        So not going to go through everything here in the ingredients, but just a few things I thought were important. So Oxy has 1,3,7 – Trimethylxanthine which is basically a caffeine derivative and 2-amino-4-methylhexane. The 2-amino-4-methyl is just an o-chem synonym for everyone's favorite stimulant 1,3, dimethylamylamine/dimethylpentylamine. Other ingredients include Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Green Tea Extract, Ginger Root, and White Willow extract along with a few other things.

        Taste/Dosing – 10/10

        So these caps have no taste whatsoever. They are white regular shaped capsules that go down easy with water. Dosing is not hard at all either; "Take 1 serving daily with a full glass of water. Do not exceed 2 capsules in a 24 hour period." I just took one cap in the morning with breakfast, and later in the day I took the second cap. You should start with one cap as this stuff is strong, but more on that in the Effectiveness section...

        Effectiveness – 9/10

        Like most of my recent reviews Effectiveness is too broad of a category so ill break it down into a few sub-sections:

        1. Energy – 8/10

        There was so much energy from these little pills. They are much stronger than OEP is crazy, there is def a reason why you shouldn't exceed two caps. So I took this with Recreate as well, and that had me bouncing off the walls, the OxyECA by itself was strong enough so I picked and chose the days when I stacked Recreate in.

        2. Focus – 9/10
        So the focus was great on this, wanted to hit the weights and nothing else.

        3.Fat Loss – 8/10
        So I was on a recomp when I ran this; I was still eating a good bit just quite a bit cleaner all around. I upped my intensity in the gym and increased my cardio which consisted of hockey/skating, swimming and running. I lost about 3lbs, which really isn't that much, but as far as a recomp goes I was happy. I looked a bit leaner around my midsection which was really the target area. Now I really wasn't fat at all, this was more to just get me to lean out a bit more and it did its job well.

        4.Appetite Suppression – 10/10
        Appetite Suppression is a big factor when determining the quality of thermogenics. Usually thermogenics lose their appetite suppression effects after the second week of use with me. With OxyECA all the way to the last day my appetite was suppressed; seeing as I was running a recomp some days I would have trouble reaching my target calorie range of 2500-2750. OEP tends to lose its appetite suppression effect after a few weeks, but this kept on going strong and this is def one of the major selling points of this product.

        Side Effects – 5/10

        So there was only one side effect, and that was sluggishness. It is almost like a slight crash; when running this product working out in the morning/day is probably the best way to go. You just don't have the energy for those night time workouts. Day time workouts are great, lots of energy and focus, but night time workouts and a drag. On days when I stacked it Recreate the crash was horrendous if the Recreate wasn't timed right.

        Value – 9/10

        The value on this product is pretty good. I just googled OxyECA and clicked on the first link to and found a bottle of this for $28.95. Now this is a strong product and chances are you are going to start out with 1 pill for a few days or so, so this will last you more than a month. A similar supply of OEP will run you $37.95, clearly OxyECA of better value.

        Overall – 9/10

        Overall this was an excellent thermogenic. It helped suppress my appetite, lean me out, fat loss was there; it covers all the necessary elements needed to make it an effective product. From a value perspective this product is cheap, and drastically undercuts the price set for the competition.

        OEP is the most popular thermo out there today.....well here is my final thoughts – OxyECA is not only a cheaper alternative, but it is also more effective than OEP. Yea seems like a crazy thing to say but yea, other than the sluggishness this beats out OEP is every category.
        • Convenient Dosing
        • Fairly Priced
        • Increased Energy
        • Easy To Remember Dosing
        • Luv The Ingredient Pro
        • Crash
        Rep: +7
        Trust: 0%
          April 10, 2012

        Energy: 10/10 first pill i took made me go crazy on the treadmill. after the first day i decided to take it morning i woke up instead of preworkout around noon and i literally had energy throughout the whole day until 8pm and the best part was no crash. good clean non-jittery energy

        Stamina: 10/10 this sh** makes you stay on the treadmill for as long as possible and when u get off, u wanna get back on. like i mentioned on my first few doses(on only one pill), i felt like pickin a fight with the guy next to me on the treadmill. all i imagined while running was myself stranded in a desert in a race to the death with 10 other guys. this stuff makes u feel like forest gump runnin across the US but more aggressive.

        Fatloss: 9/10 i dont expect anything like clen but this surely beats ephedra any day. after the first week i dropped 2 lbs and leaned out more around my whole body. veins were shootin out different places and luv handles were def shrinking. went down a size in pants after the cycle and this was with eatin kinda trashy during the last week and still trying to build muscle so coulda easily lost more if wanted but i am extremely happy with this. luv handles are one of my main hard places to lose fat and this did it.

        hunger control: 10/10 if u have problems eating, this will fix it. i had some problems eating at night and had a hard time preventing myself from hittin the fridge after a meal but Oxy fixed that. i cant eat how i used to at all like i cant even finish a meal. after i had my post protein shake, i didnt even wanna look at food or anything.

        Sides: 10/10 no sides at all except when i jumped to 3 pills during last week, the crash started to come but it came during the night when i wanted to sleep so perfect timing.

        Overall: 9.7/10 this is an honest opinion, this is my current favorite fat burner and bought 2 more bottles last week. the feeling and this euphoric rage it gives you is amazing. ephedra doesnt even hit me like this stuff does. its doesnt give u a jittery feeling but a drive that makes u wanna train for a marathon and just keep going which i luv so much. im one of those people that dont really get used to cardio and just get bored but with this, time flies and the legs just keep moving. if your looking for a new fatloss/energy supp, look no further cuz Lecheek snapped with this product.

        • Luv The Ingredient Pro
        • No Crash
        • No Immunity
        • Convenient Dosing
        • Fairly Priced
        • Increased Energy
        • Easy To Remember Dosing
          Rep: +328
          Trust: 100%
            March 28, 2012

          First off i would like to thank SSGdimsmash and lecheek nutrition for allowing me to log this product on my ever continuing journey to attempt to get "Ripped"

          i of course ran this while cutting. eating under maintenance at around 2500 calories a day. previous fat burners ive supplemented with are Oxyelite pro. and a few things on their own such as randoms yohimbe, green tea, cla.

          So what is in this? well caffeine (1,3,7,trimeth) and 2-amino-4-Methylhexane. and before taking i researched the ingredients i found that a few of them were basically natural substances that simulate ephedrine caffeine and aspirin. as well as CLA.

          dosing- simple 1 pill a day. i took it in the morning a few minutes before breakfast

          effectiveness-feeling- well i cant say this was to effective for me. i didnt notice any leaning or significant enough fat loss for it to be noticeable. and there was never any energy. it also touts that it will crush appetite. i found myself starving while using this. even after eating a fairly large sized breakfast. i did have a handful of times that i felt the stimulants kick in and it left me energized and ready to conquerthe day. which i found odd having been off stimulants about 2 months. it never made me feel jacked out or awake in the morning. and i still had a hardcore crash at around 2pm. so maybe it just didnt work well for me.

          cost-this is $50 for 60 days. thats a pretty good deal compared to Oxyelite pro, making this in my mind a good product to try if you are looking for a new fatburner.

          would i recommend it? maybe, i think this has the possibility of being a great product for other people if it works for them.

          i think lecheek is a great growing company and after looking at the ingredients in this and other products of theirs, i cant wait to try some of the stuff theyve released. as for this, i wouldnt mind trying it again to see if it was just a problem with my diet. but the pricetag is to high for me, so itll be a while.
          • Easy To Remember Dosing
            Rep: +1,465
            Trust: 100%
              January 30, 2012

            FINALLY! My review for OxyECA is in! First and foremost, I would like to personally thank SSGdimsmash and everyone at LeCheek Nutrition for allowing me to run this product for a full month free of charge. I am deeply appreciative and hope this review reflects favorably on all the reasons why you chose me to run and log this. Also, welcome home Dim, glad to have you stateside!

            SECONDLY: This product is NOT a SciFit product, this is a LeCheek product like I stated earlier. IDK why it's in the SciFit category, maybe Tom can fix this.

            Anyways, onward to the goods!

            Value: I gave a 9, not only because I was able to get a full month for free but for the price on the open market. A quick google search and I found this for around $26/bottle. Even though it's $50 on LeCheek's site, it can be had for less, especially if any deals are running on sites like Lockout or Supplement Warehouse. Therefore, 9 seems fair for a supp that equates to less than $.50 a serving (60 servings, ~$30).

            Profile/Dosing: Couldn't be easier to dose. Like most thermos, it's recommended one upon waking and one 6-8 hours later. I did this pretty much every time without fail and found it a breeze to do. 1 with 2 C20 pills (stacked them) on waking, then 1 preworkout about 6 hours later. No weird burps from the pills either. For the profile, I dig it. From Lecheek's Site:

            1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, 2-amino-4-methylhexane,dandelion root extract (4:1), white willow bark (std. extract)(min. 15% salicin), Yerba Mate, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Green Tea Extract (4:1)(Std. 50% Catechins), Ginger Root Extract (4:1), L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine, Huperzia serrata

            In laymen terms: Caffeine and 1,3-Di up top on the list, followed up with a prop blend including CLA and Green Tea Extract. The jury's out on CLA, but I like the idea of "covering your bases" and making a comprehensive thermo with stim AND non stim additives. A little fuzzy on the other ingredients than the ones I mentioned, but it's obvious that the 1,3-Di and the Caffeine are the most potent additives, and they do the trick.

            Effectiveness/Sides: Here I give it an 9, meaning this is on par for me with OxyElite Pro. If you saw my C20 review, you'd notice that I was sick for a good chunk of this cycle, and honestly OxyECA was one of the only reasons I had enough energy to force myself to get at least a weight session in on any given day. I feel like if I wasn't sick the whole time, OxyECA would've worked better with extra cardio. But no going back now. Anyways, the Caffeine + 1,3-Di proved to be very potent but not overly strong in this pill. The energy I got from the sample I received prompted me to ask Dim what was in the product in the first place, and as one thing led to another, that's how I ended up running the product. There was no point were I got immune to the stim combo in ECA, which is a plus. This was also the only stim I was taking in at the time (none dietary and no supps), so I feel I got the full effect of this product in that respect. Smooth energy was definitely a plus, and only taking one pill to do it is even better. The preworkout dose was my personal favorite, and I noticed the more water I drank at the time of taking it the quicker it hit me. The energy lasted all workout and no crashes whatsoever. The only problem I can point out from this supp is the week or so after when your system is riding itself of the 1,3-Di. 1,3 has been known to cause some dependency, and I think I had a little "relapse" session in the week following the cycle. But after about 5 days my body readjusted, so no big deal. Also I was half expecting that to happen, so i just rolled with the punches there.

            All in all, I'd say this is a very effective thermogenic, on par with OxyElite Pro from USP Labs. If you're looking for a change up from OxyElite, try this for sure. People who saw my log might point out "hey you only lost 3 lbs". Let me remind you: I was more recomping than cutting. I was still taking in +2500 calories a day, a large amount of dextrose postworkout, had multiple holiday meals to account for, and slacked on cardio because of my sickness. Safe to say on a specifically tailored cutting diet with no holiday meals and no sinus-infections would lead to much greater weight loss.

            So there you have it. OxyECA gets the thumbs up in my book, props to LeCheek for making a formidable, convenient thermo.
            • No Crash
            • No Immunity
            • Convenient Dosing
            • Fairly Priced
            • Increased Energy
            • 3-di elapse Coming Off Cycle (was Expected)

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