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Mass HGH is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by Lecheek Nutrition. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  February 9, 2015

Back again SR with a review of Lecheek's Mass HGH lets jump right in

Ingredient Profile -

Again its a prop blend but anymore its almost expected:

MASS HGH® Blend:

2,300 mg **
Chlorophytum Borivilianum - according to my research mainly an aphrodisiac

Velvet Bean - "The Velvet Bean has many traditional and medicinal usages including treating pain, cholera, diabetes, infertility, scorpion bites, snakebites, toothaches, increases testosterone, reduces inflammation, increases libido, kills some parasites, reduces spasms, calms nerves, lowers blood sugar, reduces fever, lowers cholesterol, blood purifier and the list goes on. Different countries use it for different ailments. For instance, Germany uses Velvet Bean for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, intestinal gas, muscle pain, rheumatism, worms. Brazil uses it for as an aphrodisiac, diuretic, and nerve tonic, and for edema, intestinal worms. India uses it for cancer, catarrh, cholera, cough, debility, delirium, diabetes, diarrhea, diuretic, dysentery, edema, fertility,gout, impotency, kidney stones, menstrual disorders, nervousness, scorpion sting, snakebite, sterility, tuberculosis, worms, and as an aphrodisiac and uterine stimulant. So, as you can see this is a very helpful and versatile herbal remedy." copy/paste from herbalhealer

4-aminobutanic acid - quick search didnt show a lot about this

Centella Asiatica - primarily a nootropic

Glycyrrhiza Glabra - this one worried me because I read the following "One of the most important compounds in Licorice appears to be Glycyrrhizin, which is the sugar-bound form of Glycyrrhetic Acid (there exists both an alpha and beta isomer, with the latter 18β-Hydroxyglycyrrhetic acid being referred to frequently). This compound is highly relevant when consuming pure licorice extracts due to its good absorption and relatively high content, but also underlies a fairly reliable reduction in Testosterone and a highly reliable increase in circulating cortisol after consumption. Both of these effects are dose-dependent and not associated with any toxicological effects (and reversed upon cessation of Licorice), but many persons may want to avoid Glycyrrhizin and Glycyrrhetic Acid due to these reasons." copied from examine

Catharanthus Rosus - "Indian Ayurvedic medicine and other traditional herbal systems use Catharanthus roseus for the treatment of diabetes. Insect stings are relieved using a juice from the leaves. Herbal use in the Caribbean includes using extracts from the flowers as an eyewash for infants. The flowers are also used for treating asthma and excess gas. Other traditional herbal treatments include using the plant for painful menstruation, tuberculosis and rheumatism." wisegeek

4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl - "Ferulic acid, like many natural phenols, is an antioxidant in vitro in the sense that it is reactive toward free radicals such as reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS and free radicals are implicated in DNA damage, cancer, and accelerated cell aging. Animal studies and in vitro studies suggest that ferulic acid may have direct antitumor activity against breast cancer and liver cancer. Ferulic acid may have pro-apoptotic effects in cancer cells, thereby leading to their destruction. Ferulic acid may be effective at preventing cancer induced by exposure to the carcinogenic compounds benzopyrene and 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide. Note that these are not randomized controlled trials done with human participants, and therefore, the results of these studies may not be directly applicable to human use.

If added to a topical preparation of ascorbic acid and vitamin E, ferulic acid may reduce oxidative stress and formation of thymine dimers in skin. There is also a small amount of research showing oral supplements of ferulic acid can inhibit melanin production in the process of skin whitening." wikipedia

Valerian Root -"Valerian is most often used to treat insomnia. It can be considered an alternative treatment for hypnotic drugs. It is also sometimes used as an alternative for sedatives, such as benzodiazepines in the treatment of certain anxiety disorders. Whether or not valerian is an efficacious treatment for insomnia is still a very open question. Multiple recent systematic reviews of the medical research literature and meta-analyses have produced conflicting conclusions regarding its efficacy. One systematic review and meta-analysis published in 2006 in the American Journal of Medicine concluded, "The available evidence suggests that valerian might improve sleep quality without producing side effects." An article in the Medical Science Monitor states that, "...based on cellular and animal studies as well as human clinical trials the literature supports a role for these preparations [including valerian root] as useful alternatives in the management of the stress and anxiety of everyday life." However, another systematic review, published in 2007 in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews, concluded valerian was safe but not clinically efficacious for insomnia." wikipedia

Withania Somnifera - This looked very promising "Withania somnifera, commonly known as ashwagandha......

Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen. It is supplemented primarily for its ability to prevent anxiety. Ashwagandha’s anti-anxiety effect is even synergistic with alcohol. It also shows promise for relieving insomnia and stress-induced depression. Ashwagandha can significantly reduce cortisol concentrations and the immunosuppressive effect of stress.

Beyond reducing stress levels, ashwagandha can improve physical performance in both sedentary people and athletes, as well as reduce Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Ashwagandha can improve the formation of memories, and may be able to treat Alzheimer’s disease, though more human evidence is needed before supplementation can be recommended specifically for Alzheimer’s.

More research is needed to determine ashwagandha's main mechanism.

Ashwagandha is traditionally recommended for cancer patients. It is important to note that there is no human evidence for ashwagandha’s ability to treat cancer. It is, however, a great supplement to reduce immunosuppression. It can also ease the pain of chemotherapy treatment by greatly reducing stress and fatigue. Ashwagandha should not be used for cancer treatment, but it makes a great adjuvant therapy, meaning it can and should be taken alongside other treatments." examine

This was my first night time sleep formula that I have taken that didnt contain normal stuff like melatonin and the likes so I was a bit skeptical but this isnt just a "sleep well" product.

Taste/Mixability/Dosing -

3 caps 30min prior to bed

I found with this I had a window if I took the 3 caps and waited it would some times have an opposite effect where I found it hard to get to sleep. So I took this and went right to bed.

Effectiveness -

As a sleep aid I give this an 8/10 as long as I took it as said above. Here is what it is labeled as being able to do

Promote Testosterone and GH
Enhance Insulin Sensitivity
Increase Protein Synthesis
Support Growth Factors Including IGF-1
Boost Nitric Oxide Production
Crush Cortisol
Reduce Myostatin

Its hard to confirm nor deny any of these really if you are taking much of anything else stacked with it, IGF-1 and GH increase has been shown to be meh in most oral products. NO boost can come from almost any pre-workout you take which I took before almost every workout. My workout at the time of finishing my first bottle was a 5-3-1 which didnt produce much in the way of cortisol or pump to begin with. As a sleep aid which provides reduced recovery this seemed to work very well. On several occasions I would wake up before my alarm feeling refreshed and ready for the day without any terrible groggyness, as you get with some sleep aids, even on nights with less than 6 hours of sleep.

Value - 7/10

This one is a bit pricy coming in at 43.00 in my typical online stores for a 30 day/night supply which is 1.43 per night before shipping. I got this in a stack so it was much more wallet friendly coming in at about half that price.

Side Effects - 8.5/10

Most sleep aid's I worry about being bombed the next morning with this product I found that as long as I got 6-6.5 hours of sleep I was good to go. On the nights where I got less I woke up the next morning feeling a little groggy but nothing a cup of coffee wouldnt take care of. All in all though nothing negative to report, just good solid sleep and I would wake up feeling really good in the mornings.

All in all I give this product an 8/10 with its only real issue being price unless you catch it on sale.
  • Better Sleep
  • Helps Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Can Be Pricy If You Don't Catch It On A Deal
  • Some Ingredients Not Widely Known For Particular Benefits
Rep: +296
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  October 9, 2014

Hey ya'll, this will be my review on Mass HGH

First off, I'm won't spend much time on ingredients and profile, as you may see I'm very new at this. BUT, I did get some sick results and am stoked to share. Check out the other reviews on the product also: it's what got me to give Mass HGH a shot.

Dosing - 10
Says three pills a night, half-an-hour before bed. Easy.

Taste - NA
Pill form. No stank nasty burps. Easy.

Sleep - ?
Sleep and recovery-wise, I didn't notice anything significant, so I'll leave that alone. I did see that most users are noting refreshing sleep and energy the following day.

Effectiveness - 9
I've noticed that a lot of reviewers on SP don't like giving out 10's easy, which I appreciate. Also this is my first supplement use aside from your standard protein, creatine and so forth. But I've gotta give a solid 9. Before starting my cycle with Triazole, I was at 150 lbs. I'm a pretty lean guy. By the end of the cycle I put on 15 lbs of lean mass, plus 25 lbs increase in lifts! This oddly took some time off the cycle, but I haven't used anything else since. My vascularity was nuts I'll also note; it took maybe mid-way through the cycle for me to actually notice, but the pump was ridiculous.

Value - 8
When shopping around for this kind of supplement, I was definitely expecting a high price. But to my surprise, $35 really isn't bad at all! Folks are saying it's a bit steep, but for the results, it's worth it for sure.

Overall - 8
Basically, my first experience with more serious supplementation was awesome. Not terribly expensive for the cycle and got solid gains from just one. 15lbs of mass, upwards of 25 lbs for each of my lifts. Decision to give it a run? Easy.
Rep: +71
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  November 27, 2013

Hello Supp review community. It's been a while since I've dropped a review. I enjoyed Mass HGH so much it gave me the itch to share. I've got 1 day left in the bottle and I'm going to be sad to see it go!

I ran this with AD-3. I picked it up as a combo in the Lean Mass stack from Nutriplanet and ran them together at one bottle each. My goal with this was to gain a bit of weight in the form of muscle (of course).

My dosing was:
AD-3 - Morning
Mass HGH - before bed

Other supps:
Green Mag
Modern BCAA+

I held a diet about 200 calories over maintenance throughout the 30 days. I also cut back from four to two 30 minute sessions a week of low to mid range cardio.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I'll break it down into different catagories in true supp review style.

Dosing - 10/10
It doesn't get much easier than this. 3 pills 30 minutes before bed, then go to sleep. Can't make it any simpler.

Effectiveness - 9/10
I wanted to break this up into sub-catagories as I noticed tings in different areas.
*Sleep - 10/10
As I mentioned in the title, Mass HGH is the weaver of dreams. I would knock out and stay out for the whole night. The effects upon weren't intense or anything, I caught myself still awake after 90 minutes a couple nights. But once the lights were out and my head hit the pillow, it was game over. I felt a bit of brain fog when waking up, but nothing a cup of coffee couldn't fix.
*Recovery - 9/10
I noticed a decrease in muscle soreness while taking Mass HGH. I had increased my volume in the gym during this run and was always ready to go the next day. I even started hitting chest and back twice a week about 15 days in and still managed to feel fresh by the time I was to hit them again. Not sure if the included Bio-Gro contributed to this, but felt it may have been a combo effect.
*Mood - 8/10
During my run of Mass HGH I had a general feeling of well being on most days. After the brain fog was taken care of alaways felt well rested and refreshed. There were a few days where I got aggro at little things. Not sure if it was due to a test increase, but it's always a possibility. Being almost 34 I do react to this area of supp positively.

Sides - 8/10
Positive: One thing I enjoyed during this was the massive pumps I would get during workouts. Arm day in paticular was interesting as I super-set bi's and tris together. It was definitely noticeable.
Negative: The only things I noticed during this run was the morning brain fog mentioned earlier and a couple weird zits. I've got a big one right in the middle of eyebrow right now, not usual for me. It hurts like a mofo. I didn't notice any atrophy as mentioned in other reviews, but I took the advice given in other reviews and added AD-3 throughout the 30 days, to prevent this.

Value - 7/10
Got this for $48.99 with AD-3 included, most places standalone are $29-$32. Not a bad deal, but not something I'd include as a regular. This is the type of supp I would tend to throw in occasionally with a specific goal in mind.

Overall - 8/10
Over the 30 days I kept track of my weight and went from 200.2lbs to currently 203.6lbs as of this morning. Bodyfat didn't rise significantly with my weight when measured by calipers. I may contribute a bit of the weight gain to creatine water retention, but who knows. I feel the Mass HGH allowed me to up calories and still keep bodyfat in the 15% range while gaining weight. Also was moving up in weight in the gym. I started at the 75lb dumbbells for reps on flat bench press, and ended with the 85lbs as an example. All in all, this lived up to the expectations I have for all Lecheeck products.

Mass HGH is what other natural muscle builders want to be when they grow up.

Thanks Lecheeck for another solid product!
  • Better Sleep
  • Helps Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Acne In Wierd Places
Rep: +111
Trust: 100%
  November 26, 2013

Hey guys this is my first hgh/sleep aid supplement I have taken and I believe it was good and effective. Here is a quick overview of what happened, I had crohns disease for 4-5 months and at its worse I finally went to the hospital. The first week in the hospital I barely ate and walked so I lost 16lbs. The last week I was eating like crazy and gained 4lbs of fat but at least I was good. I came out of the hospital and I wanted to do a clean bulk but the cortico-steroid and Versa-1 made my hunger uncontrollable so it turned into a EXTREMELY dirty bulk, here are my stats:

Before: 154lbs
Approximately 12-14 bf%

Now: 174-180lbs
Approximately 17-20 bf%

*I know 20-26lbs is unreal but most of it is fat and I was eating everything in front of me.

Dosing 10/10: 3 pills before going to sleep so dosing was simple

Effectiveness 9/10:

Week 1-2: I felt like it helped me sleep which I think it was placebo but placebo is better then nothing. Recovery was not there yet but in week 2 I was waking up pumped up.

Week 3-4: This is where it started to shine, I started to have vivid dream and I woke up feeling refreshed. Recovery was there but I still had a little DOMs. My sleep was amazing even when I woke up in the middle of the night.

Sides: 4/10 (lower better): Week 3-4 I noticed my testicles atrophy and I felt like I was in 5th grade again lol. My sex drive was lower but now it is crazy more then usual.

Value 8/10: For me I bought it off my friend for 25$ but I still believe that the price is right online for the recovery and sleep I got.

Overall 9/10: I had a great run with this but I believe I would need to run two bottles to get the full effectiveness of the product. I would like to used this on a cut for muscle preserving and/or muscle build if your diet is right.
  • Better Sleep
  • Helps Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Increase Muscle Density
  • Muscle Fullness
  • All Day Pump Look
    Rep: +1,191
    Trust: 100%
      October 8, 2013

    First time writing a review on a supplement. This product delivers what it promise, after using others hgh products like deer antler spray, humagro etc, Mass HGH stands from the crowd.

    Effectiveness 9/10
    Sleep: You are going to have the best craziest dreams ever, many time I woke up in the middle of night saying wao! what a dream. Its going to gives you a good night sleep waking up relax and with great mood even if you don't have full night sleep. ( I can tell you I'm not a morning person).
    Recovery: Waking up feeling refreshed from the previous workout is an A+ meaning that you can hit the gym more often during the week, thanks to the combination of Chlorophytum Borivilianum and Velvet Bean that increases the serum growth hormone.
    Test: You can notice more aggressiveness in the gym, a higher sex libido, better mood during the day, strength gains.

    Dosing 10/10
    Nothing easier than 3 pills 30 min before bed.

    Value 10/10
    For a product that delivers what it promise $30 to $40 range is perfect.

    Overall 9/10
    Honestly this product could get a perfect 10, but there's not magic pills that can gives you results with out hard work and dedication. While using Mass HGH I really notice strength gains, lean muscle gains ( 6 lbs and almost 2% less in bf in a 6 weeks run), faster recovery. This is those kind of products that delivers what it promise. You can build a recomp, bulking or cut stak around this product and expect great results from it.
    • Better Sleep
    • Helps Recovery
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Increase Muscle Density
    • Reduce Belly Fat
    • Muscle Fullness
    • Some Ingredients Not Widely Known For Particular Benefits
    Rep: +791
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 25
      August 4, 2013

    Hi Guys,

    Well my natty cycle is now complete and I reckon I should give something back to the community by doing some reviews on the products I used. For reference this was my stack:

    Week 1-4 – Green Mag + Dpol
    Week 5-8 – Green Mag + Dpol + AD-3 + Mass HGH

    For more info on the stack and figures/results, see the below link:

    I wont be doing reviews on the Green Mag and Dpol because there is a million of them out there already, and I know both these products work for me.

    Today i'll be writing the review for LeCheek's HGH-boosting product, Mass HGH. This is the first time i've used a GH-boosting sleep-aid type product, so I was as interested as anyone to see how it would affect me. I feel this was a missing piece in my routine, as I am a very light sleeper, I wake up multiple times through the night, every night, and I don't feel like I get that super-deep sleep very often, unless I am dead tired. Because you do your bulk recovery and muscle-growth/GH release at night during those deep sleeps, I thought this might be what I was missing. I believe I was right.

    PROFILE - 7/10:

    Mass HGH Prop Blend 2300mg - (Chlorophytum Borivilianum, Velvet Bean, 4-aminobutanic acid, Centella Asiatica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Catharanthus Rosus, 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl, Valarian Root, Withania Somnifera).

    This is an interesting profile, but the ingredients all well thought-out and probably the most looked at ingredients for this sort of product. Not knowing how much of each is per serving is a bit of a bummer, but not something anyone really cares about if the product works, right? I give it 7/10 because it's a prop blend and that's a -1 for any product I review.


    I had 1 serving (3 pills) 30mins before bed.

    EFFECTIVESS – 8.5/10:

    It took at least a week to kick in once I started. After about a week I would feel a little drowsy (but not too much) soon after ingesting the pills, and then I felt like it was bed time. What gives this a good rating IMO is the ease of which I was able to go to sleep, especially the day after leg and back workouts. Normally I get a bit twitchy, especially through my quads when they are full of DOMS. It's irritating and keeps me up. Well I didn't get any of that for the whole 4 weeks and I was destroying legs every week. Big tick here.

    I had deep sleep once this started working, that didn't diminish through the month. I feel I should have bought another bottle, or started this earlier in my 8 week stack and run 1.5 or 2 bottles. Something to think about next time. I usually get up twice to go to the can, that was reduced to once and I didn't wake up nearly as much as I usually do. I also felt I was in deeper sleep, which is excellent. I felt less dreams, and not many spooky ones, but I felt in such a deep sleep, like past dreaming stage most nights. Big tick.

    The only downer, which isn't really a downer, is that when my alarm would go off I would be groggy as all hell, even after 8 hours (my standard) sleep. But what made this stand out from something like G8 was that if I gave myself 15mins lying in bed everything in my body seemed to switch back on and I was awake and refreshed. Half an hour later I felt like I had the best sleep ever.

    Recovery was better when I was on Mass HGH. I've run multiple DAA + Arimistane type natty stacks before, so I had a bit of background as to how sore I would be, and I feel with the deeper/better sleep with Mass HGH that my DOMS was reduced.

    I cant report on libido increases because I feel the changes to that were due to a combination of the products in the stack I was taking, and it would be unfair to attribute that to 1 product.

    My final point on effectiveness would be that I had an increased appetite whilst on Mass HGH/AD-3, but I feel it was either a combination of the 2 or more the AD-3 that was contributing to this.

    VALUE – 9.5/10:

    Cant beat the value at the moment with this and AD-3 for under $50 on nutraplanet in a stack. Usually it goes for a bit more than this but you can usually find a combo deal with it included and I would encourage you to pick it up when those combo deals come around.

    OVERALL – 8.5/10:

    I really enjoyed Mass HGH, so much so that i've ordered it (along with AD-3) for my next stack. That says it all pretty much. I got great sleep, which is very important to me seeing i'm such a light sleeper, and better recovery/less DOMS from using Mass HGH combined in my stack. From my previous natty stacks using Dpol + Erase/Arimistane products I would have to say that the Mass HGH was a beneficial addition to my stack arsenal .
    • Better Sleep
    • Helps Recovery
    • Good Value
    • Can Be Hard To Wake Up
    Rep: +3,139
    Trust: 100%
      July 14, 2013

    What uppppppppppppppp my fellow sup review brethen its been a good while since I kicked out a review. before I start this review big thanks to my man ssgdimsmash and Marms for hooking me up with Mass Hgh and throwing in a tub of my favorite pre workout Speed x3.

    Mass Hgh is marketed as a product that will Radically increase GH and testosterone,Optimize insulin sensitivity, Maximize protein synthesis, Up-regulate IGF-1 and other growth factors, Enhance Nitric Oxide Production, Decrease cortisol and, Suppress myostatin. I can honestly say I felt the effects of Mass hgh by the end of the first week of usage. So that I can better explain this I'm going to break the effectiveness down into 4 categories.

    Sleep:10/10 the sleep on Mass hgh was just beautiful I would take 3 caps 30 minutes before bed and before I knew it I was out cold. what amazed me so much about the sleep from this product was I would be sleep for 2 hours and wake up to use the little girls room and it felt like I had a full nights sleep. there was never a morning were I woke up groggy I always woke up well rested and energized. Heck my sleep was so deep on this stuff I had a dream I was in the bathroom urinating in a stall and as I got ready to let it flow my subconscious mind kicked in, and I woke up to go potty. Talk about a close call 26 year old man almost wetting the bed!

    Testosterone boost:6/10 I am still fairly young so for me to see a huge jump in testosterone levels is just unlikely but I do know while using mass hgh my little friends production rate went up. My bedtime activities went from two times a day to 3 or 4 times a day. So that's always a positive I also noticed a slight increase in strength but nothing worth saying Mass hgh was the cause.

    Nitric Oxide Production:8/10
    Another aspect that blew my mind about Mass hgh is the pumps and muscle hardness I noticed on this stuff. My pumps while working out were no different than usual but it seemed like throughout random times during the day I would have a rush of blood to the body part I worked the day prior. Its like I would be just chilling and all of a sudden my veins were rocking hard like crazy and I would have a huge pump sensation throughout my body. It became annoying to have so so pumps in the gym while working out and then crazy pumps while I'm covered all up in my uniform.

    It has been proven that muscle growth and recovery Happens while you are sleep and resting, so from the deepness of sleep I received while on Mass hgh I think its safe to say it delivers in the recovery department. I cannot justify giving Mass hgh a 10 in recovery simply because my recovery from DOMS didn't change, which doesn't mean it failed.

    Mass hgh is a solid product but for me Its a little on the high price side. I know I have said value is based on results not price but paying more than $1 a day for a good nights sleep just isn't a must for me. I have seen Mass hgh go from $30-$40 per bottle sometimes nutraplanet has great deals on Lecheek products so you might be able to acquire Mass hgh and some other leckeek goodies for a reasonable price, Just shop around.

    Mass hgh is a quality supplement that I'm glad I got the opportunity to try. I can definitely see myself purchasing this product in likes for a contest prep. Granted the product is a little pricey I think if you are looking for a good gh supplement this should be the one you grab. So far I haven't met a Lecheek product that didn't live up to the label thanks again to the boys over at lecheek for being a part SR community.

    • Better Sleep
    • Muscle Fullness
    • All Day Pump Look
    • Price Ranges
    Rep: +2,000
    Trust: 100%

      April 28, 2013

    Lecheek Nutrition's MassHGH is a highly effective product that functions on multiple levels to improve results. It is one of those rare products you can actually FEEL working!

    For many years I have been a "˜mainstream' supplement user and Lecheek Nutrition was honestly well under my radar. I began hearing great things about the company and products from the community members here at and had the chance to look further into their offerings. The dedicated and knowledgeable Lecheek reps make themselves available to answer questions, provide guidance and, in the case of me trying MassHGH, offer up opportunities for members to trial their products. Thank you folks for this opportunity – you've earned the company a loyal customer with this product!

    Lecheek defines MassHGH on their website as "The first product ever developed that addresses every physiological mechanism associated with hypertrophy..." While the ingredient profile does lend itself in this direction based on the research associated with each component, it can be hard for a user to say for certain what is and isn't working. This product does have some consistent effects that I think clearly show it IS working.

    Formula Overview

    Each 3 capsules of MassHGH contains 2,300mg of the following proprietary MassHGH Blend:

    Chlorophytum Borivilianum
    Velvet Bean
    4-aminobutanic acid
    Centella Asiatica
    Glycyrrhiza Glabra
    Catharanthus Rosus
    Valarian Root
    Withania Somnifera

    I won't break down each ingredient here however, I encourage you to research the various components to learn more if you're inclined to see how MassHGH is able to be so effective.

    Dosing is very simple – one 3 capsule serving 30-60mins prior to bed

    Effectiveness: 9/10
    There's no other way to put it other than this stuff works. One of the most prominent effects one should feel from MassHGH is the sleep aid aspect. I normally have trouble getting a good nights sleep and have tried numerous sleep aids (Controlled Labs REDuctionPM, NoxitropinPM, Nocturnabol, etc) and have to say that MassHGH has trumped everything I've tried so far. The consistency I experienced with quality sleep was top notch.
    The second strongest and consistent effect I had from this was associated with increased testosterone. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was stacking this with a testosterone booster (PES AnaBeta Elite) and an Aromatase Inhibitor (PES Erase Pro) but what I experienced seemed to be more tied to my body's circadian rhythms fostered by the quality sleep I was getting. Every morning I would wake up with consistent morning wood. I've found that at 39 years old this isn't always the case but when MassHGH was added to the repertoire, it certainly was!
    The third strongest and most noticeable effect I experienced was more prominent vascularity upon waking. Since my diet at the time of taking this was more in line with maintaining and recomping, I felt this was attributable to MassHGH since I wasn't stripping fat off.
    I experienced no negative side effects that I would attribute to this product. Also, my recovery seemed to improve because of the quality of sleep I was getting. Not necessarily quantity, because there were several nights where I got very little sleep, but I was still able to wake up refreshed and WITHOUT a sleep hangover. This is absolutely key for me because many products I've tried will leave me groggy for hours the following day which is unacceptable in my world.

    Value: 9/10
    This isn't the cheapest product out there - when compared to other sleep aids – but it's not just another sleep aid. MassHGH excels in this area but for me, it did a lot more as well. For around $30 you can get yourself a solid 30 nights worth of quality sleep and a kick in the old testosterone to boot. Like anything else, we all want to pay for quality and results and Lecheek provides just that. I look at MassHGH as being a product I will cycle into my supplementation multiple times throughout the year. I think it's good to take a break from various types of products during the year, but I can honestly say that when the last few capsules poured out into my hand I was already convincing myself that I should be taking this year round. Personally, I plan to use MassHGH a minimum of one month per quarter.

    Overall: 9/10
    The only reason why this isn't getting a 10 from me is because I was stacking it with other products that may have contributed to some of the positive effects and there were a few nights where I didn't stay asleep all night long. I know, I'm a harsh critic, but believe me, you won't be disappointed.

    Thank you Lecheek Nutrition for putting together a high quality, effective product. Also, thank you to the reps here at for making these kinds of opportunities available to the community at large. Your commitment and dedication to fostering a quality brand is commendable and Lecheek should be proud of the work you do.

    • Better Sleep
    • Helps Recovery
    • Good Value
    • Muscle Fullness
    • Some Ingredients Not Widely Known For Particular Benefits
    Rep: +466
    Trust: 100%
      April 8, 2013

    BOOM. Back 2 back reviews for Mr. Daniel today.

    I got some spare free time to throw this up, so enjoy!

    Mass HGH. Wow.

    Dosing: 10/10

    Simple. 2-3 caps pre-bed. Pills were easy to swallow as well, no crazy Animal-Pak sized tablets.

    Ingredient Profile: 8/10

    Prop blend 2300mg, but good quality ingredients. Nothing I haven't seen before.

    Effectiveness: 10/10

    A 10? This product deserves a 10. A solid 10 at that. This is the best sleep I've ever experienced on a product. I've taken REM PM, PowerFull, ZMA, you name it. This was perfect. No matter how little sleep I had, I always felt refreshed in the morning. No grogginess either. I had some rather.. Interesting dreams on this though.

    Recovery was another great aspect I felt needs to be mentioned on this product. I always felt near 90% the morning after a workout. Most leg days are dreadful the next day but not too shabby on MHGH.

    Muscle hardness. A few reviews stated this, and I def saw this. I always woke up seemingly more vascular and "hard" if that makes sense. My skin felt tighter and tighter every where. It was a rather pleasing experience.

    Side effects: 10/10

    Zero neg side effects on this product. ZMA always made me flare up in acne. This just helped me sleep, perform, and recover better.

    Value: 8/10

    Solid 8 here. I could very well buy this again for the $30-$35 range. Very well worth it.

    Overall: 9/10

    Well deserved 9 here. Lecheek did a great job on this product. No bad sides, great sleep, muscle density, recovery, everything. I will def be purchasing this again.

    Enjoy. Live the lift life.


    • Better Sleep
    • Helps Recovery
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Increase Muscle Density
    • Muscle Fullness
    • All Day Pump Look
    • Some Ingredients Not Widely Known For Particular Benefits
    Rep: +5,440
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 70
      March 24, 2013

    Time for some more reviewing goodness by the machine!!!

    Today we talk about another one of Lecheek's sweet weapons; Mass hgh. I would like to extend yet another thanks to Matty and the boys at Lecheek Nutrition for allowing me to log this bombshell product and introducing me to some new levels of sleepy time goodness LOL.

    As a quick insight, mass hgh is a specially formulated supplement designed to increase both testosterone and growth hormone while also aiding in Nitric oxide production, insulin sensitivity, and protein synthesis. All of these benefits as many would know are essential to overall muscular hypertrophy and recovery. Let's take a closer look as mass hgh in the ever so popular subcategories:

    Taste (N/A): The capsules are easy to swallow and tasteless. No real complaints or further info here.

    Usage (10): Very simple; just pop three capsules 30 minutes before hitting the sack and you're good to go (or sleep in this case).

    Ingredient Profile (9): Once again, not a fan of unspecified dosage "blends" but at 2,300 mg per serving, I'll give Mass hgh the benefit of the doubt. In addition, I was unable to really find the main purpose of a couple of the ingredients. Here is the overall ingredient list:

    Serving Size: capsules
    Servings per Container: 30

    Amount Per Serving
    MASS HGH® Blend:

    2,300 mg **
    Chlorophytum Borivilianum, Velvet Bean, 4-aminobutanic acid, Centella Asiatica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Catharanthus Rosus, 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl, Valarian Root, Withania Somnifera

    I believe that we are all familiar with velvet bean and Chlorophytum Boriviliam. They both are standardized to provide L-Dopa which helps to increase endogenous testosterone and support growth hormone output. I'll go ahead and explain some of the more unfamiliar ingredients to those who benefit from analysis:

    4-aminobutanic acid: This is the chemical name for GABA: GABA is a regulatory inhibition neurotransmitter which helps to calm the central nervous system and allow for a more relaxed, restful state of being. GABA also as a role in the toning of muscle fibers through motor neuron regulation.

    Centella Asiatica: An extract from a plant native to some tropical regions. This plant is said to have benefits which include improved circulation, anti-inflammatory effects, and improve a state of tranquility by exhibiting mild anti-anxiety effects. Clearly this would help with sleep.

    Glycyrrhiza Glabra: This is the genus name for licorice. Flavonoids from this plant are said to aid in fat reduction. Since gh and test are raised during sleep, this can help increase nocturnal lipolysis.

    Catharanthus Rosus: A plant native to Madagascar that has been demonstrated to have some anti-cancer effects. I don't really know it's role in this supplement.

    4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyphenyl: A phenol with anti-oxidant properties. This compound is said to exhibit benefits including the reduction of oxidative stress-induced damage and anti-tumor influence. Clearly this compound would help with the recovery aspect of Mass hgh.

    Valarian Root: Aww yes, something more familiar to us; this plant has been shown to improve sleep quality and act as a muscle relaxant and anxiety reducer. This is very favorable for helping to improve sleep quality.

    Withania Somnifera: Extracts from this plant are said to have anti-stress, neuroprotective, and stress reduction characteristics. This obviously would cater to the recovery an sleep quality aspect of mass hgh.

    As I have detailed, most of these ingredients do in fact have recovery supporting benefits, while a couple have unknown roles for a supplement of this nature.

    Effectiveness (10): Rather than going on into a continuous rave about my experience and results, I'd like to break it down in terms of specific benefits.

    Sleep quality (10) This was the most immediate benefit that I experienced. By the third day of use, I was sleeping more soundly and deeply. I would wake-up feeling more refreshed and have a more "ready to take on the day" attitude as opposed to a "Why the Foo did the sun have to rise today" kind of attitude.

    Muscle Fullness (8) My overall body musculature did feel more full and re-vitalized, but being that I was also using the supplements in my log more targeted at this purpose, I wouldn't equate this primarily to mass hgh. Still, it did help with the overall experience of this particular benefit.

    Recovery (10) Overall recovery was much improved since I was able to sleep more deeply and soundly.

    Test/Gh increase (7) I will equate the gh increase to Mass hgh mainly because of the improved sleep quality and recovery. Furthermore, I did experience an increase in vivid dreams and libido and a reduction of belly fat overtime. However, being that I was also using animal test for testosterone support, I wouldn't contribute all points to mass hgh in this category. I will give the brunt of the points to mass hgh for the gh increase though since mass hgh was the only gh supporting supplement I was using (unless you consider the mucuna pruriens in the AD-3 pct, but AD-3 is primarily an anti-estrogen supplement).

    Mass/Strength Gain (5): Being that this product more so in the recovery area and considering the other products I was taken that were more targeted at muscle strength and mass gain, I can't give too many points here. However, since recovery is important to overall mass and strength development, I will give mass hgh some points here. In addition, I did experience overall gain in strength and mass from my stack so, I'll vouch that mass hgh definitely provided its helping hand here.

    To sum this up, I experienced a high degree of benefits from mass hgh where some were more pronounced than others.

    Value (7): The price range for mass hgh is about 34-40 dollars from what I found on websites. For the results I got, I would say this is a bit more on the pricey side considering you'd have to run two bottles for a complete cycle. Still, not the most expensive product out there. Plus, Lecheek often has mass hgh with combo deals, so that can save you a couple of pennies if you capitalize.

    Overall (8): I will give Mass hgh an 8 out of 10 overall. It helped significantly in recovery and muscle development when combined with my stack and training. The price is a bit much and the fact the purpose of some of the ingredients are not widely known, do bring the product's score down somewhat. Still, I would surely recommend giving mass hgh a try if you can get it for a good deal.

    • Better Sleep
    • Helps Recovery
    • Increased Energy
    • Increase Muscle Density
    • Reduce Belly Fat
    • Muscle Fullness
    • Price Ranges
    • Some Ingredients Not Widely Known For Particular Benefits

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