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Amino Test has been reported as discontinued.

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Amino Test Reviews

By: Lecheek Nutrition

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Amino Test is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Lecheek Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

Amino Test has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

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  September 14, 2016

  • Excellent Profile
  • Effective Ingredients
  • Clinically Dosed
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    Good evening SR community, today I will be reviewing a product that has been sitting in my cupboard for a while, because I bought it thinking the profile was nice, but not really knowing where to slot it into my supplement regime. The product in question of course is Lecheek Nutrition Amino Test, which, the best way I can describe is a recovery/BCAA product with the addition of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) which therefore turns it into a test booster too. It sounds a lot jammed back into one product, and as per usual for a reputable company like Lecheek, the ingredients have been well-dosed and are proven effective. Let's get into it.


    I decided to run Amino Test in the first 4 weeks of a test-boosting stack. I ran Amino Test alongside BPS Endosurge Turbo, as DAA + Endosurge Turbo is without doubt the best combination natural test booster that i've ever taken. I also ran BioGro at 4 scoops/day during this period, because to be honest nothing helps me with recovery and DOMS like BioGro does. I know it has its knockers (so does DAA - read on) but for me it works and I dont care what anyone else thinks. My workouts for the most part were a combination of Smolov (6x6, 7x5, 8x4, 10x3 compound lifts) and 5x5 along with some more hypertrophy stuff towards the end.


    The profile is pretty much spot on for a recovery + BCAA + DAA product. 20g of essentially Dextrose for post-workout fuel, 6g of BCAA's dosed at 2:1:1 is a little on the low side for me personally, but pretty standard for BCAA profiles, and 3g of DAA is the recommended dose (well 3.2g but I feel 3g is close enough). Very low level of dyes, which is excellent. I should point out that the flavour additives they used made my pee stink like the product, I dont know if this is just my body or if it's something that's common, but it was weird to have my pee smell like the product I just drunk. IDK.

    TASTE - 8/10

    I had the grape flavour. It's not out of this world amazing, but it's also not disgusting and undrinkable. 8/10 is about right, not offensive, but could be improved. It was drinkable all the way through the tub.

    MIXABILITY - 7.5/10

    With DAA you're always going to have issues with mixability, and this rings true for Amino Test. Constant swirling of the shaker cup is required to get all the DAA bits out of the bottom. Not too much of an issue, but in this day and age of perfectly mixing supplements, there's a higher standard and I know you can get DAA that mixes in well.


    I dosed Amino Test at 1 scoop post-workout. I did dose it a few times as 1 scoop intra, but I have a bad side effect when I have too much sugars/dextrose intra-workout, as in my head feels like it's going to explode from the sugar rush. This might just be my own side-effect, so I am not going to mark it down for that, but I could not take it as an intra, which was fine for my supplement regime. The scoop was spot on in terms of getting out 1 serving (30.9g).


    I'll break effectiveness down into the different categories that the product offers:

    Post-workout fuel - 8/10

    It gets you that sugar into the muscles quick, but because it's flavoured, adding in protein isnt an option. It would be good to have either more BCAA in there, or some protein. I usually drop in 50-60g protein pretty quickly after a workout, and needing to drink 600ml of this, then putting down protein took a little while. Not that it really affected my recovery (see below) but I like to get the protein in to help with the healing and DOMS as soon as I can. There's nothing special about 20g of dextrose, hence the standard score.

    Recovery - 8.5/10

    The dextrose and 6g of BCAA's seemed to help with my recovery. I wouldnt say out of this world, but definitely they did have an effect. Previously PES Amino IV had 15g of BCAA per serving, that was out of this world, I dont expect every product to have that, but I reckon 10g of BCAA per serving in Amino Test would be magic.

    Test Boosting - 9/10

    I know, I know, it's really hard to determine test boosting properties, but I have done enough natty stacks I like to think I know how to pick out the effectiveness (without doing blood work). By week 3 I was feeling the traditional test boosting properties, a little more aggressive and short-tempered, more alpha feeling and a more fullness to my muscles along with increased libido, indicating the test boosting supps were working. For that Amino Test gets a solid score here. People used to say DAA was the bomb, then they said it's rubbish, but if it works for you then it doesnt matter, and DAA works for me (other test boosters dont, that's life).

    Overall Effectiveness - 9/10

    Amino Test has a solid profile and when the individual functions of the ingredients are combined, the results speak for themselves. You get the fuel, the recovery and the test boosting all from the one place, that's hard to beat. Importantly, the ingredients are well-dosed at levels that make them actually worthwhile to take, and there is minimal filler and crap thrown in because it sounds cool or purely just to fill out the product.

    VALUE - 11/10 if you buy right now, 10/10 any other time

    Seriously people. 10/10. 11/10 you gotta be kidding me right? Well read on. You get 30 servings in a tub. Most places literally give this away to you for $30-40 a tub. If you go to Nutraplanet right now you can buy it for $20.99. Yes. That deserves 11/10 for value. You get a month's supply of flavoured DAA, plus you get a months supply of BCAA's, and on top of that you get some dextrose, all in a tub that doesnt taste like a dogs anus. Normally a quality BCAA product that costs you around $1/serving is considered good value, well, if you are thinking about running a test booster stack containing DAA and want some recovery, I cannot see why you would look at any other product out there. The value is that good.

    SIDE EFFECTS - 1/10

    One point here because it made me pee stink like the product. Strange stuff.

    OVERALL - 9/10

    Lecheek have hit the nail on the head with Amino Test. The ingredient profile in terms of a recovery product is very standard, but no rubbish and really it has everything anyone is looking for in a BCAA profile these days. When you add in DAA for test-boosting properties, I cant see a reason not to look at this product for your recovery + DAA needs for a month of your stack. When you factor in incredible value, you get a product that you really cant go past. Multi-functional, effective doses, great value = Amino Test. Would I buy this product again with my own money? Absolutely, if I was running another DAA stack I really wouldnt even need to look elsewhere. Would I recommend this product? Yes. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to run DAA and wanting a recovery product. Instead of buying 2 products you can get it in one.
    • Grape: 8/10

    COMMENTS (1)

    • MarsheS
      Rep: +1,532
      September 14, 2016

      That's definitely a very good profile, will add it to my list of products to try! :D

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