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Rep: +60

Is this necessary side effects?

August 1, 2013

Hey all I ran to bottles of D-pol in Febuary and March. I keep over hearing how this is a must post Daa use.

Bottom line is this needed?


Rep: +1,187
Posted August 1, 2013

DAA can cause increase in prolactin causing some swelling I. The chest. This would help prevent that. I wouldn't say an AI is needed but makes the effects of DAA that much better
Rep: +494
Posted August 1, 2013

no you don't need to take the ad-3 pct after finishing with DAA, it would be best taken during a DAA run actually, because of the prolactin issue as stated above
Rep: +60
Posted August 1, 2013

At ZB you answered that like a boss.

New question based on ISplisgardt

I have a minor Miniscus tear in my left knee will this product help reduce the " swelling" he was refering to?

Surgery is not needed or really an option. All I can do ice and heat and then pt in 6 weeks. Obviously seen a doctor.

Rep: +1,187
Posted August 1, 2013

No by swelling I was talking about in the chest around the nipples. For your knee just take some aniti inflammatory like ibuprofen
Rep: +3,142
Posted August 1, 2013

Daa does not cause any form of gyno
Rep: +60
Posted August 1, 2013

Damn, Now I just feel old!

I can not run or train legs for at least 16 weeks. Even then I will have to ease back into leg training and cardio.

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