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Volume Pills Reviews

By: Leading Edge Health

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Volume Pills is a Sexual Health Product manufactured by Leading Edge Health. It helps improve libido, stamina and performance.

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  May 22, 2015

  • Mild Increase In Semen Volume
  • Slightly Stronger Orgasm
  • Subscription Site
  • Wtf Is The Real Price


ok, so a bunch of male enhancement products came through the ER and we each decided to take one for the team and check out if these products lived up to their claims. This particular product makes some pretty bold claims:

"Finish Like a Porn Star"
"Shoot Massive Loads of Cum"
"Unlimited Sex"
"Bigger, harder erections"
"Mind blowing orgasms"
"Increase distance and arc in ejaculate"
"Double the volume (up to 500% over 3 months)"

"With Volume Pills™ we guarantee you'll experience orgasms that measure at the TOP of the richter scale -- earthshaking orgasms of seismic proportions that will rock your world in ways you've never experienced before.

Yeah, you'll enjoy the ego boost that comes when she's begging for more.

Because when you man up with erections that are rock hard... and when you're filling her with cum and letting her ride the wave of your orgasms, she'll be eager to please and play... again and again."

Pretty bold claims - how did it do? Well......

Ingredient Profile

The ingredients are all natural and herbal based. The main ingredients are:

Zinc: enhances sperm quantity and testosterone production.
Amla: (Indian Gooseberry) is packed with Vitamin C; enhances blood flow and claims harder erections.
Apigenin: A bioflavanoid that some claim enhances erection.
Cordyceps: A mushroom that adds to the production of testosterone and improves libido as well as a natural aphrodisiac.
Drillizen: NO type ingredient to increase blood flow
Solidilin: Impacts dopamine.

Like many other "health" type supplements, there are just so many variables such as where they source their raws from or manufacturing standards that you simply have no way to comment on anything other than brief comments. It's even a crap-shoot as to whether or not what's on the label is what's in the pill. That's just the nature of the beast - not saying that about this product specifically, only commenting on this particular segment of the industry. Without any regulation, it can get shady.


The pills are a bit on the large size and you take 2 tabs daily. And additional 2 tabs can be taken prior to "activity". Max of 6 per day. Must be taken daily with max effectiveness over time. It's recommended that best results occur after 45 days, so I couldn't test that as I only had 1 box/ 30 servings.


ok, so all BS aside, how'd they do? Now it's important to note that for best results they advise you refrain from sex/masturbation for a least 7 days. Now I've just got to say, that if I refrain from sex for 7 days, I don't need pills to explode like an Old Faithful. So, like WTF? No way that was ever going to happen so I can only comment on my experience which was pretty much that I just started taking them without the 7 day "I'll just play my XBox" kick start.

I'll cut to the chase - at no point in the first 30 days did I ever think of myself as Peter North. I didn't worry about drowning my gf in a pool of semen, nor did I ever attempt to drive a six inch nail through a 2 x 4 with my penis. So I've got to say that (and no surprise here) the outlandish claims fell far short. However, what I did receive was slightly more powerful orgasms, not earthshaking, but certainly stronger and a minor increase in fluid volume. So I've got to think that the NO claims weren't all fabricated and I did see an improvement from the normal baseline. Kinda cool. Now it's important to say that like that line from Eddie Murphy "I get hard when the wind blows" so I can't comment on wanting to have sex more frequently or getting hard more often - that's natural for me anyway. But I certainly didn't see any less frequency. I saw no change to distance or arc of ejaculate and certainly couldn't attempt to paint my name on my gf's rack with my jizz.


I am almost embarrassed to say that I could not find a damn price for these things without actually starting the "sign up for your trial now" process, something that even for SR, I refuse to subject myself to. Even all the "unbiased" review sites only contained referrer links to the trial website. So again, WTF, man. These trial subscription sites are the bane of the supplement industry and I despise them. I found some site in the UK where they sold for around $60 dollars, and many similar product are in the $45-65 range so I guess I'll go with that. If the price is available and I'm just too challenged to find it, I apologize. It does offer a 67 day money back guarantee. Seriously, 67? Why not go with 69; at least that would be funny.


Look, I got some results so that was a plus, but I can not ever recommend buying supplements through one of these subscription service sites. Historically they are a royal pain to deal with and you have almost no recourse if you try and get money back, 67 day guarantee or not. Sorry, but I've got to advise you look elsewhere due to the outlandish claims and subscription service.


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